Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh me, oh my! I was tagged~

Oh dear, I think I'm just horrible at getting to things, because I was tagged a good while ago, but at least I'm doing it now!

First, the rules of the tag:
1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

Eleven things about myself...
  1. I have a really bad hair twirling addiction... It makes me look super ditsy.
  2. I am a really bad judge of person and I tend to get into really bad situations because I tend to trust everyone.
  3. I have a lot of bald patches in my hair because I have Alopecia Areata, yet I still dye it. Honestly, it doesn't really bother me if I loose my hair because I love wigs so much!
  4. I was one of the first groups of invirto babies born into this world.
  5. For a large chunk of my young adulthood, I was a groupie and roadie and went up and down the coast and to other states following bands.
  6. I am super deathly afraid of heights and have passed out because of it.
  7. When I'm at home, I don't talk and try not to make noises to stay as quiet as possible, I don't know why, but I do... Though, if I'm out with friends, I am crazy loud and super chatty.
  8. I dance and sing loudly when I drive my car, with or without passengers.
  9. I am really insecure about my looks, but it's okay because I'm really good at faking confidence.
  10. I have really bad commitment issues and when things start going really good in relationships, I tend to bail out really quickly.
  11. I sometimes want to have a 'baby daddy' just so I can get whatever I want and shizz, and have a type of relationship that's not straight up romantic. And sometimes I feel like that's the best option for me...
Eleven questions from April Fool Romance...

1. What do you think of when you look up at clouds and/or stars?
When I see clouds, I name their scientific name for their formation and when I see stars, I always look for constellations and if I'm with other people, I will tell the story of the constellation from mythology, if it has one...

2. If you could have a pet of any kind (real or not, extinct or not), what would it be?
Hmm, I would want a digimon, but that's not really a pet though.... Haha, uhm yeah, I wouldn't even care who just as long as I had one...

3. Let's say you meet this mystical being and they know how you're going to die and what age. They offer to tell you, would you accept their offer?
HECK NO. Knowing me, I would just await my impending doom and just live in fear the rest of my days...

4. Be honest, how well do you think you would do in a zombie out break?
Sadly, pretty well... I'm the type of person that wishes would die immediately and painlessly, but I'm too scared to die so I would run and hide, which is something I'm really good at. [At Halloween scare events, I'm always so surprised how quick my reactions are at running at slight noises or trying to duck into bushes or under things]

5. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Or lead female character?
I really have a soft spot for Roxanne from 'A Goofy Movie', just because I tend to have the same idiosyncrasies as her, so her character is very comforting and familiar to me. Plus I tend to always get compared to her...

6. What helps make you calm when you're stressed out?
Bubble baths and acoustic music...

7. Have you ever been bullied?
Not really... I was usually in the 'popular' cliques in school or had a ton of friends around me.. Though I did have someone dislike me for being too nice and happy and someone because we 'looked similar', and it was apparently and insult to her... I mean, other than that Disneyland episode from a few months back, there's been no bullying in my life...

8. Who is one person that has changed your life or thinking in some way? And how?
Hmm, I'm have to say, that taking people out of my life has changed me for the better and that I'm not as bitter and my heart and soul feel lighter without them around and I feel more 'in my skin' than ever before, so I guess that influenced me? Honestly, I don't get super effected by one person or at least in an extreme way.

9. When I was young, I thought we had two pipes that went down our throats. One for liquids, one for solids. It just made sense to me. I had a friend that told me when she was young, she thought the world revolved around her like it was her world. When you were young, what was one of your kid logics?
I used to think that If you rotated your ankles back and forth, you could fly and I spent years thinking that and believing that... Idk, or that like, I would always say loudly after entering a house 'You are not allowed to enter!', because I read Dracula at a young age and since they [vampires]can only enter a household if they're invited, I thought that if I said that, that I would be safe from them entering the household?? 

10. What made you start liking makeup or fashion?
This boy I liked, liked girly girls, and since I was like, punk or something? I decided to change myself 180 degrees to get him to like me and after I changed myself, I started liking taking care of myself and trying to look better.. Yeah, it's a pretty shallow reason.

11. If you met your 10 year old self, what would you say to her? And what do you think she would think of you?
Oh my gosh, she would hate me! Like from age 10-18, I was so rebellious and anti-everything and was more interested in theater and being unique to the point of ridiculousness. Yeah. I'm pretty much the thing I used to hate most... Though, I would tell her to stop being so one track minded and to take better care of herself and to be more conscious of rules and regulations and to stop 'fighting the man' and stuff...

Eleven people to tag!

Weh, I am like super awkward and shizz, and like asdfghjk, and I don't know people on here that well or at least I feel creepy just tagging you and you'll be all like, "Who is this girl tagging me, I don't know her!"
If you're reading this, than you're tagged!
Like, legitimately, pretend that this is some chain letter and you have to do it or I'll appear at your window with like something horrible and stuff if you don't do it... 

Yeah. So, go on!

Eleven questions I want the ones I tagged to answer...

1. If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass on to your children, what would it be?
2. If you could fill a pool with anything, what would it be?
3. What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
4. If you could only play one song on repeat for the rest of your life, there is no choice, what song would it be?
5. You're skydiving and you realize your parachute isn't opening. You're definitely going to die when you hit the ground.
What would you think about/do for the last 5 minutes?
6.Would you change your name if you could, and to what and why?
7. What is the scariest experience you've ever had.
8. Do you tend to ask for female or male doctors, which are you more comfortable with?
9. If you had to live in any childhood cartoon world, which show would it be, and what would be the first thing you do?
10. What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
11. What is within reaching distance of you, and please write about it in haiku form.

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