Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 So, I went to Easter Vigil at LMU campus on Saturday evening. It was a really lovely service with amazing lighting and music. So, to be appropriate, I decided it would be best to go sans the wig. It was actually my first time styling my natural hair and I'm so glad that heat curling it didn't ruin my hard work of healing my super damaged hair. Also, the biotin pills really helped with growing my hair out quickly!

What I wore:
Pink vintage linen blazer
Urban Outfitters button chiffon dress
Top Shop thin floral clasp belt
JC Litas [nothing new there...]
RED sachel
 Oh yeah, I forgot how much I love my Pink hoop earrings from MetroPark.
I also painted a cute Easter Nail set for myself~

Well, after the vigil, our group was super hungry. Thank goodness that the campus is in La, so only a 12 mile drive to Little Tokyo for some AMAZING ramen. It was my first time to go to  'Shin- Sen- Gumi' unlike the rest of the group and oh my gosh, it was just so amazing and delicious!

 A few rounds of beer and a few shots of sake for everyone!

 Honestly, it was really fun cheering and toasting in Japanese with the rest of the cooks and waiters. Not to mention I felt like we were from a drama because we were all in what look like 'business attire'. It was just a really nice atmosphere.

In all honestly, I have no clue what I got. I asked someone to order for me, seeing as I've never been there. What ever it was was just amazingly delicious!
It was also the first time that I decimated just the broth! Like, I ended up giving some of my noodles to my friend and downing the soup base because it was just so yummy~

Oh yes, we also ordered really delicious takoyaki <3

I really can't wait for the next time I have the opportunity to bring some my my friends for ramen! I'm sure they'll enjoy it too!
I also think it was the best Easter I've had in a really long time!

If you guys are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  1. I just wanted to say that I really admire your sense of style and how you manage to stay positive! You are such a kindhearted person; don't think that your kindness goes unnoticed, because it doesn't! :) I also think it's crazy when I found out that we sort of live in the same area after seeing how you mention of all of these SoCal cities in your blog.

    Oh, and I've also had a similar experience being that one newbie to shinsengumi in my group of friends. :P

    Anywayyy, I hope you're having a nice day! :D


    1. Tee hee hee, thank you~ I do try my best <3<3<3
      Wah, really?!That's so freaking cool, I knew there were awesome people living near me, I tend to bump into not so favorable characters around these parts - 3 -;;...