Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fay 3 Tone Violet, EOS Circle Lenses [Sponsored]

 So, this really awesome circle lens site called Maple Lens contacted me and asked me to do a review for them and after checking them out and talking to one of the staff, I knew they were really quality and really sweet and just the perfect fit for me. So, a little more than a week later and deciding on a pair of lenses, I got this pretty little package in the post!
I also got this really adorable 'Thank you' card from them, they're too kind. Also note that everything is in lavender! I was so happy with that small little touch. I also received a little special something via email from them too, but I will share that later~ 
 Also, look how well packaged everything is! It's sealed shut and it made me feel very secure that my lenses were in good care while being shipped to me.
 All of the lavender goodness! I think the elephant cases are too cute, and I keep playing with them.
Now to the good part~

The lenses!
So, I ordered the Fay 3 Tone Violet Lenses

SKU: Fay Violet
Brand: ( E.O.S )
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Weight : 0.100 kgs
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

 I really like them, and I think they look magical! This is actually my first unnatural coloured lens I've owned, and I'm so happy that I chose violet because it really goes well with my features.
I think I like these more than my Gossip Aqua lenses that I have not to mention they're way more comfortable than them, and I can wear them for well over 10 hours without discomfort.
With these lenses, I find that they actually feel better after the 3 hour mark and they don't slide around my eye and I actually forget they're there.
Now, for the design, I think they have a very natural look despite the bright colouring and it blends well into my eye. My friends have told me that they look like they are my real eye colour from afar, even as close as 3 feet from my face. Alas, from really up close they are slightly pixelated [which my be the only downside], but who really gets that close except for myself when I'm fixing my makeup?
The colour may look quite bright, but I assure you that in real life, it gives the impression of clarity like lighter eyes tend to have so I find that effect really awesome and pretty~
The enlargement it just perfect for me, as I've stated before that I love lenses that are 14.5 because they are bigger than my natural iris and make my eyes look larger, but not too much that they take over my whole eye.

My rating:
is a 4/5 [just because of the pixelated look near the center of the lenses]
They really do look pretty from a bit farther back~
 Now, as for the special email. They told me that from here on out, if you guys order from them with my code 'carisseiris' you get :

+15% discount coupon 
+mystery gift

I am so excited to finally have something awesome an applicable for you guys~~
And I wouldn't send you off into some really shady place, trust me.



  1. Great pictures! And I looooove them on you! They really do look fairly natural. The pattern and opaqueness is really great :3 <3 WEEEE!

  2. It's really cute with your hair :o

  3. Your photo is so pretty! (nice room omg)