Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY tattoo tights~

Oooh la la, I'm loving this trend right now but I wondered how to make some custom pairs for myself... Well, I figured it out and want to share how to make your ouwn custom DIY tattoo stockings!

 What you will need:
Card board
Stockings [I preffer nude]
Fabric markers
An idea
 Step 1. Take the card board and roll it into a decent sized cylinder and tape it well

 Step 2. Draw a design onto the cardboard OR print out a picture or design and tape it on the cardboard.

 [optional if the pair is for you] put the stockings on and mark on them where you want the design to go then remove them.

Step 3. Gently roll the stocking leg onto the cylinder into place and with the fabric marker trace and colour the design on the stocking

 Step 4. Let sit for at least an hour the using a hair dryer, heat the design well to set it but be careful not to melt the nylons.

That's it~ Super easy and unique way to accessorize your outfit!

Don't forget to have fun and to be creative with it!



  1. hahaha omg i did this as well!! but i didn't use a cylinder; killed myself with my own leg... lesson learnt!!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!
      That's kind of actually pretty priceless<3
      Anywho, yeah the cylinder was a big help!

  2. I absolutely love the DIY idea! Never thought of it *___* thanks for sharing lol XD and love your own tights!!

    1. Wah, thank you!

      Now go make some so I can oogle how you use them in a coordinate!

  3. :O Thanks so much for the tutorial, I was just looking at your other posts about tattoo tights! :D

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  5. Can you use Puffy Paint instead of Fabric Markers?