Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fillers and recent gets~

Apparently I am falling behind on stuff, but my life is kind of uninteresting this week....
I need to buy supplies for one bloggy entry, I am waiting for pictures from my friend for my San Fran entry, and kind of just blah and basically doing the same thing every week which is boba, shopping and hanging out and eating~
Though I did just buy a new face primer and foundation, so I could do a review on that after a few more wears...
But so that this post isn't just a wall of text... I bought a giant teddy bear so here's some pictures<3

 Also, I tried painting some 2ne1 inspired nails~

ANNNND I am now the owner of a Jeremy Scott dress and a Blackmilkcothing dress~

Basically, that's it!
I promise, I'll be better at updating or doing something interesting....



  1. Lol...your so cute!...Cute dresses

  2. The photos with the bear are so cute ^^ The first dress looks pretty awesome too!

    1. <3
      The top dress has been my favorite dress to throw on because it's so comfy and the weather's so hot~
      Thank you~~

  3. Like the top dresses! and that's such a BIG bear xP

  4. I have the same bear in dark brown. :)
    He really compliments the color of your room.

    PS. Your'e very lovely.

    1. They're pretty epic.. Though I'm having issues sleeping in my bed now ahhaa<3
      Thank you so so much!~~

    2. Hehhh, I had that problem too so he sits on the floor now. .