Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trinity Styles Tattoo Tights Review [Sponsored]

So, I've been obsessing over tattoo tights so much but still haven't owned a real pair of legitimate tattoo stockings!
Well, a visit to Trinity Styles solved that problem not only were they affordable, but they have a huge selection of styles to chose from! Since I couldn't make a decision I left the choice to Trinity Styles to send me a cute pair to review~ 
 I can't even articulate how excited I was to get the package in the mail SO quickly from them~
So excited that I opened the package while I was driving and put the stockings on in the middle of my friend's drive way before she came out to the car, ahhaha<3

 Seriously, the details on them are amazing~ something that DIY tights just can't replicate!
Just look at the kitten's face!

 Also, the quality of the nylon is very nice and sturdy! I'm horrible with delicate fabrics as I have talons for nails but I think I've only got one run and I've worn them thrice so far~
 I love how they fit well with any type of outfit I've had on so far~
And I have gotten so many compliments on them<3

 Also, I like how the nylons are very very transparent so it makes the design really pop and it will blend to most skin tones~
There's also a lot of give to them so someone larger than my 5'3" frame can easily wear them without worrying!

My puppy's not to fond that I'm sporting a cat on my calf~

I highly recommend checking them out!
Oh, and they are even available internationally now!

I also have a new discount code for their store which comes with a 5% discount and a free gift!
All you have to do is enter the code:

Check them out at

or their facebook at

Not only do they have a awesome collection of tattoo tights but other cute and elegant clothing pieces, accessories, and jewelry!



  1. Ahhhh, so pretty! <3 They look great :3 Sexay, sexay legs <333

    1. <3<3<3<3
      Thank goodness~
      I feel like they are my best feature ;;;;

  2. Love those stockings! I need to buy a pair :)

    1. I'm pretty obsessed with them to be honest~<3

  3. These are so pretty! I like the stars on them :D

    1. I agree~
      They even have a pair that's just stars that look magical!

  4. I been loving tattoo tights and now it's great that you showed a website that sells a great amount of them thanks!!

  5. Lovely! I have a special post from this tights ^^. Great shop.