Monday, August 27, 2012

2ne1 New Evolution concert~ Nokia

 So, my friends and I went to see 2ne1 at the Nokia in La on Friday!
 My chosen outfit consisted of:
Blackmilk cherry blossom dress
Nastygal mint moto jacket
Jeffery Campbell saddleback nightwalks
Louis Vuitton clutch
and DIY tattoo stockings~
 Close up of my tights<3 [I'll put up a how to entry this week, they're fairly easy and fun to make!]

Any who, fun story we all really needed to use the restroom after leaving the car but all the bathrooms were broken except the one inside the theater and I'm pretty sure the funniest part of the evening was before hand running around looking for a toilet~
Any ways we finally decided to settle into line to get into the venue.

To be honest, I'm kind of pissed that I didn't bring another camera lens to zoom in... I wanted to play it safe because multiple times I've been denied entry because of my camera lense because it extends too far and this time, they didn't even check out my camera...
Oh well.. I'm using my new 35mm standard lens so, I mean you basically see what we saw~ We were near the front tier of the lodge seating  and exact center so it wan't bad at all!
 Well, before starting they played a few music videos to set the mood and even played Psy's Gangnam Style and everyone stood up to dance the dace, which was really entertaining... [I might have joined in too...]

 Anyways, my makeup was very dark and CL inspired. [and I realize that I'm not a fan of very heavy makeup on myself thus the lack of selcas from that night...]
 My boring nails and new double ring~

 I also purchased and used one of those three pronged hair tongs that I've been seeing a lot of lately that make your hair into waves... My verdict is that I'm not that fond of it.. but we'll see if that changes...

 Oh, also beer was flipping expensive!

Now time for excessive pictures of the concert~~~ 'a go go go!'

 [Also, this lens flare is pretty epic]

 Mother flipping joined for the last song, and my friend and I started freaking out!
It was really cool!

Well, my take on the concert was that it was well executed and a great experience~
I had fun the whole time and I loved how loud they cranked the volume!
Also the crowd made the night even better, they were fun and hilarious and their joy was so dynamic!
I am a bigger fan of 2ne1 now and I can't wait to see what the future brings them, and to go to another concert of theirs when I get another chance~

Here, have some after concert food porn:

Yum yum yum~
If you're ever in Down Town or Little Tokyo, I suggest going to Shin Sen Gumi for absolutely bombtastic ramen!

But that's it for now~
Please keep an eye out for a tattoo stockings tutorial and sponsored tattoo stockings review!

<3Carisse Iris


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I'll for sure try to do it when I have time (= v =)

    AAAAAH 2NE1? Lucky lucky! When are they coming to Canada? (; n ;)

    I'm glad you had fun at their concert :D

    1. Nooo problemo<3
      Wah, I have no clue but I think they're still continuously adding dates so keep your eyes peeled!


  2. omgg love 2ne1
    hope they come to london ^^

    1. <3<3<3
      I hope they go there too!
      It's such a worth it concert!

  3. OMG your so lucky to go see 2NE1!!!! (:

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