Saturday, August 3, 2013

Its seems like all my friends and I do is eat~

Went to Class 302 with friends that just came back to Cali and ate to our hearts content~

They served our lunch specials in bento boxes~

On another note~ I need to bump up my exercise schedule again and start picking healthier foods.... I gained back the 5lbs I went down ahha.....

My eating is going to be so bad for the end of summer because so many people are coming down to visit me and all my friends love food...
Ugh~  Yet Im the one that has to watch my intake and exercise... so unfair sometimes....

But whatever~ hahaha;;



  1. wow! i want to eat that kind of food .. my luck! xD , and im also in the same page as you i need to eath healthier stuff and hey ! i´ve been losing weight since i started with the gym ( not as much as i want) but it makes me feel good to be there wasting energy instead of sitting xD ... you were my inspiration YOU ARE my inspiration . have a good day :) FROM YULI mexico

  2. Psh, what is wrong with eating? I love food @~@ The foods look amazinngggg!

    1. HAHA! I just eat a LOOOOOOT hahahhaha;;
      The food is really good though!

  3. It's all I do with my friends too. We just eat eat eat. I have a love/hate relationship with food, soo good but omg, stop making me fat XD