Sunday, August 18, 2013

La Adventure~ August Heat [picture heavy]

 Woo~ BoHo came down from Oxnard and we nomed it up Saturday!

 We started the day with brunch at Cafe Gratitude [La location] I believe their specialties are organic, raw and vegan friendly. The atmosphere was so cheerful and happy, we had a blast!
 Boho's pretty braids~
 My friend's kale smoothie.
 I had no clue what Boho got;;; Some other smoothie.
My other friend got a spiced juice that tasted like fall weather.

 I of course got a pink drink, rose lemonade.
 All the items on the menu were self affirmations like; I am beautiful, I am magical, I am healthy, I am insightful... Stuff like that~
Above my friend got a lasagna that was cold and wonderfully delicious! I have no clue what was in it;;
 BoHo got curry over brown rice, and was the only hot dish on the table and was so nummy! I stole a few bites...
 My other friend got a falaffel *sp wrap and boy was it goo, I think it had the best sauce I've ever tasted!
 I settled for a kale noodle and pesto dish, it was so surprisingly filling I could only finish 1/4 of it~

Afterwards we drove to 'The Last Bookstore' which is this cool and trendy used bookstore in LA, and on the second floor they have a book labyrinth where books are organized in artistic ways, like colour and stuff like that...

 There's also art studios inside and art works displayed~ A lot of curiosities and oddities.

 After wandering around Downtown LA we made a pit stop at The Pie Hole, which specializes in unique and lovely sweet and/or savory pies and drinks.

 Boxed water anyone?
 My friend and I split an early grey pie, while my other friends got a mexican chocolate pie.
 After stuffing our faces, we went to my house and chilled, watched some tv and rested our bellies.
 Later in the evening, we went to my fave place, Class 302

 We're hard pressed for some reason ahhaha.....
 Nom nom nom~ All the teas!
 Sweet potato fries that are so good!!!
 And our group fave, the Honey Boba ! It tastes like milk tea ice cream! And it comes with boba on the side and grass jelly and purin inside!
Mmm.. We all had the most intense food comas afterwards...



  1. The book store looks amazing! and the food looks really really yummy. ^.^

  2. Oh my gosh all the food looks so good *salivates*