Monday, April 13, 2015

Small Magazine Haul~ Spring Q-Pot and Nail Up Disney Mook

 I went to my local Japanese book store to try finding the latest May Larme magazine, but sadly they're sold out currently. So instead of feeling like I wasted my time I ended up buying the Spring Q-Pot Mook and the Disney Girls Nail Collection Mook by Nail Up.
 The Q-Pot magazine I bought purely for the tote it came with, it was too cute to pass up~ It folds up into a convenient smaller size that looks like a shell, and when you need to use it it's a big canvas bag that will be very useful for groceries or outdoor activities like a picnic or an outing to the beach.
The bag is decorated in some of Q-pot's beach themed jewelry line. To add to it's draw, it even has a decent sized pocket inside which is extremely helpful. Hands down the magazine was completely worth buying just for the gift it came with.
The issue did show case it's beach themed collection and it's Disney collection. It also displayed their new Sailor moon line and food items they sell at their cafe. The magazine also covers special seasonal meals, tea services, a few recipes and the special secret tea room service. Also featured was a few pictures and blurbs about the special Q-pot collaboration rooms at the Tokyo Bay Maihama hotel.

My next mook is the Disney Girl's Nail Collection, which was put out by Nail Up. I don't know if I've ever talked about my love of Nail Up magazine on my blog, but I have posted a few misc scans on some of my social media every so often. A lot of the time I'll get inspiration for my nail sets from Nail Up so I'm always happy to read new issues. This magazine special is totally one of the two Disney nail magazines I've been wanting to get my hands onto, so I'm happy to have spotted it, especially since it came out a few weeks ago. I'm putting a few more pictures of this because it's just too pretty to not share~
 In the contents, there are nail looks for:
Princess~Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White, Belle and Aroura [there's Frozen looks too]
Lovely Characters~ Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Alice, Tinker Bell and Marie
Villains~ Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella and the Queen of Hearts
Motif Design~ Sweets, Stars and hearts, Fashion items and Various scenes

Some of the designs I'm not a fan of, but I will show off the pages that I found gorgeous.
 In the magazine, they do a spread with the more attention grabbing looks and include key themes for each look, like colour, patterns and iconic peices.
[I like to use magazines to practice my reading, as limited as it is] So, I'll lightly translate as an example of what's talked about in the issue. 
I do want to apologize though, my Japanese skills are still beginner, but I want to try my best.  
The blurb under the princess' seem to be blurbs about their story. 
Under Colour it goes~ The key colours are yellow to blue with inserts of pink, and that clear stones are most compatible with the looks.
Pattern section says something similar to~ Smaller dots are perfect for an elegant Cinderella. Stripes give a cute adult impression with pink and blue together.
Within the icon section~ 
Glass shoes~ Key item, sparkling glass shoes that inherit the fate of the prince
Coach~ Pumpkin carriage to take me to the ball. The rest of the section, I don't understand.
Cinderella's Castle~ Meeting place of the prince. Delicately decorated.
The following page is other design examples with how to create key features of the nail looks.
I'll just showcase the looks and pages I like without comment now.

I hope you were able to enjoy a look at the items I bought, if you are curious to any specific parts, I maybe didn't take a photo of or didn't cover, please feel free to ask me on twitter or tumblr and I don't mind taking a few shots of other pages for you to enjoy.



  1. Seeing all of these nail designs makes me want to go get my nails done now! I'm in love with Disney Princess things, especially Jasmine and anything Frozen. These pictures are so cool! Too many ideas in my head now ^_^


  2. All those designs are to die for *3*