Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gyu-Kaku, Japanese BBQ

For Easter, my mum and I weren't able to get our schedules to match up to catch up, so a few days before we decided to drive out to Gyu-Kaku to try some Japanese BBQ. My mum's coworker highly recommended it to her, so she was really excited. For those who are used to KBBQ, it's pretty similar but the meat quality is a higher grade and the price is a bit steeper.
The menu was awesome actually, there's a lot to pick from and even vegetarian options. If you have a larger group you can order value courses, rather than a la cart items. 
My mum got red wine mixed with lemonade and I ended up with peach champagne with actual peaches in it. 
My mum and I settled for the Gyu-Kaku course, which had a pretty good selection that we both agreed would be tasty. 

Delicious appetizers, I really loved the fried tofu and spicy tuna.
 With the service, they tell you the precise times for each item, and bring them out one at a time so you're not overloaded, which was great. My fave pieces of our courses were the mushrooms and the shabu shabu.

I was also super excited that they took advantage of having an open flame and have smores available for dessert. They even give complimentary hot tea after you are finished.  It was the perfect end to a perfect meal. 

On top of it all, they have an app you can use to scan your receipt and earn points. Just by this meal I'm already earned enough points for a free dessert my next visit.
 They have a good amount of locations around the US [store locations], and I highly recommend it for a satisfyingly delicious meal, that has you leaving with a smile on your face.



  1. This looks really delicious and I miss Japanese BBQ a lot, though it was one of my least favorite meals in Japan - weird enough that I liked it, when I can't stand local BBQ at all. I'm actually really sad I'm not in the US and wealthy enough to get a course for 60bucks. ;;

  2. We have two Gyu-kaku restaurants in Hawaii and they're both really popular!

  3. I am really hungry at the moment and now I've come across this blog. This is just not fair! Looks so delicious in pictures. Would love to try this.