Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Updated Room Tour~ picture heavy

 I don't feel I took HD quality photos of my new couch and canopy as well as my new bed.
Some new additions to my room are some plants, a shamrock and a.. well, I'm not sure what the little purple guy is, but he has really pretty flowers. I've also been putting fresh bouquets in my room ever week, it really brightens up my place and makes the room smell fantastic.
I've also taken to displaying my Larme magazines because they are just gorgeous to see sprawled out
My couch is from The Bella Cottage and my canopy is ikea curtains threaded though an embroidery loop, one day I'll get around to doing a tutorial on the steps to making one.
 I also have a new shelf in my room from Ikea, cute, simple and affordable.
 I just recently bought some shelf covers at Daiso, so I can easily clean my vanity just by disposing of the cover when it gets gunk on it.
 On top of my shelf, under my vanity I have my Princess artwork that my mum bought me for Christmas displayed, as well as my Cinderella makeup, I felt it was pretty enough to get it's own special placement. To the side are my perfumes, my polaroid and some artwork by Megan Carrigan and Liana He, both are on Etsy if anyone is looking for some cute Disney prints.
My less interesting wall, not pictured is my bathroom but it's a mess and I'm not showing that off ahah. 
A peek into my walk in closet, it's seriously over stuffed and doesn't look cute, so don't expect a full shot down to the end. 
But, here's a peek into my wardrobe. 
 My new bed, it's a four poster, but I removed the end posts because they somehow scare my puppy? So, I just don't want to deal with her being nervous around my bed. I don't remember where I bought the bed, but I had it sent over from the other house because I felt it would fit my bedroom at my current place better.
 I also turned my little desk into a hair station and put all my little knickknacks onto it for easy access.
 My Sony Vaio laptop, phone and earphones~ That all magically fit my room's colour scheme. 
And that's basically it, my updated room tour. I hope my room transforms over time in a more mature and delicate way. So far, looking at how far it's come, I'm extremely satisfied how my tastes have improved.



  1. It looks absolutely fantastic. ♡
    I hope that I can get my room to someday look like I imagine it, too..
    But it's a long way to go....

  2. Gorgeoussssss. I love what you've done with it! I've been meaning to do a room "tour" since November but I can't get myself organized lol.

  3. your room is so pretty!


  4. I love how cosy and feminine your room is. I also have the same larger tsum tsums as you :D


  5. What a lovely room! ^^


  6. Such a cute room! I love seeing your updates on your room - it just gets cuter and cuter over time.