Thursday, April 16, 2015

Radiant Copper Waves , What my hair colour says about me.

As most of you all are aware of, I made the switch from pastel pink hair to a more toned down copper hair shade. At first it was a hard transition back to a more natural selection, but lately I've learned to adore and embrace this change. 

Not only does this colour require less up keep, like wow, I can wash my hair more often now! Also, I have a bit more contrast when I wear my light coloured clothing, which is always a great thing. 

The shade I picked out with my stylist is a natural red colour, indoors and in the shade it's quite toned down, sometimes it can verge on a light brown, but with the help of a gloss on my hair, it becomes a vivid copper waterfall when the light its it just right. A similar product to achieve the colour I have is to use a hair gloss like Madison Reed's Canella hair gloss, If you haven't heard about Madison Reed, they are a hair care company that specializes in hair dyeTheir at home dye is a healthier salon-quality alternative. The thing with gloss is it's not a dye but revives shine to the hair and creates an extra colour boost to your hair. Like an extra coating of colour to your hair shaft. My hair wouldn't be as vivid as it is currently without some kind of gloss added on top of the colour. It also goes quite well with my skin tone. The thing with reds is that they can fit most people, but you just need to find the right tone that can really compliment your features, and for me that's a more copper colouring rather than a more mahogany/red shading. 
I can't stray too far from bright shining hair colours, my personality is quite loud as it is, always chatty and easy to a uncontrolled smile, and having a colour that can reflect that pleases me greatly. Red hair is just one of those things that just stand out in a crowd without extra fuss, and I love that type of draw. Not to mention, I'm such a nerd for Disney films and almost all my favorite characters are red heads and it just makes me feel even more like the center of attention, like I'm some kind of heroine in a magical fairy tale. 
Even though, I had to neutralize my pastel mermaid realness, doesn't mean natural hair colours can't give off similar magical vibes. I'm quite happy with my hair shade as it is now, and I think it reflects all the positive changes I'm making for myself and my life. It's a good colour and I can feel good things coming my way with this look.



  1. You have gorgeous hair, that's for sure!!! :D

    Three years ago I used to have all kinds of color on my hair, but decided to go black.
    The horror of my transition! But afterwards I learned to love black hair
    and actually, now, I feel most stylish and at home w/ this color.

  2. I loved the color of the second picture!!!

    NICE HAIR! <3

  3. The hair color looks really great and I think it suits you so much and it's even greater to read how much you embrace it yourself. It's always good when we chose a change and it actually turns out to be a really good decision.
    I still try to get my pink hair bag and make it stay longer because I just feel so much more like myself with it (though it's super hard to keep)

  4. Wow your hair is so beautiful (and so are you!). I love your blog, gonna follow ^_^

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