Sunday, September 23, 2018

Casual + Cute Glasses Makeup

I recently had to update my glasses prescription which meant I needed to get some new glasses.
So, I bought two new pairs from Tijn Eyewear (not sponsored), one with my new prescription and another pair that I use for school that has blue light protection since I use my tablet for note taking and homework. I recently have gotten a bit paranoid about blue light eye damage so I've been eyeing protective eye wear for awhile.

With wearing glasses everyday, I've had to modify my makeup to avoid some new annoying realities that come with constant eye wear.

The thing I like to avoid most is foundation or concealer getting smudged on the bottom edge of my glasses! It bothers my peripheral vision and it makes me feel sloppy.

So, to get around that I've completely nixed foundation and liquid concealer from my daily routine. Also, since I tend to start my day straight from the gym, I wear less makeup than I used too~ just enough to look rested and polished.

I always start the day off with clean and moisturized skin, since I forgo foundation, I want any visible skin to look as fresh as it can~

My next step is applying a pore minimizing primer that has UV protection. I like Hera's lavender primer as my skin has been getting quite tan and my concealers are now a bit pale for me, the lightly tinted primer helps to blend the colour of my makeup to my skin without extra coverage.

To help my under eyes look less sallow, I use Tatcha's Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment, in Moonlight, to add some brightness back into my skin, not only does it add a bit of colour but it also helps to reduce discolouration and fine lines with prolonged use.

A small secret product I've constantly had in my life for the past 10 years is La Bella Donna's Loose Mineral Foundation,  in Nicoletta. La Bella Donna's mineral foundation was created and used for use in post facial surgery offices, safe to use on healing and sensitive skin. It also was created to cover healing and textured skin too~ I've usually kept a stash of this foundation for emergency days when I had horrible break outs. Recently though, I've been using it to spot conceal areas and to keep my skin looking makeup free but covering up areas of hyperpigmentation. 

Also, since it's a powder, any pigment that might be under my glasses don't get picked up by my frames, keeping my glasses looking clear and clean!

^With applied concealer and brows~

I also like my brows to be low maintenance, and smudge free. I've recently been using PMELtete's Tint Dual Eyebrow. The formula of the pen is similar to a stain and lasts all day! (I've accidentally got it on my hands before and it is a pain to try washing off completely). The pen has a brow gel on it's opposite end and it's pretty good... Not my favourite, but it does it's job. It's just conveniently there, and I can't complain.

To finish off my makeup, I draw a very thin winged eyeliner with my favourite Jill Stuart liquid eyeliner in brown, and tap on some of my go to YSL Lip Stain, in 220 Nude Steam, on my cheeks and on my lips (it's the exact colour my cheeks flush after the gym so it looks amazingly natural on me!). Then finish off with a spritz of Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin mist, which helps to meld everything seamlessly into my skin and give me a believably real dewy finish that makes any makeup look like it is my real complexion.

If I want a bit more oomph, I tap a bit of YSL's Touche Eclat Glow Shot onto any high points on my face I want to emphasize.

A quick and simple look for every day~ and it only takes me a few minutes to do so I have more time for studying and getting tasks done!

With my prescription lenses, there's a polished and casual feel!

If I want to dress up the look more, I can easily add some light but eye catching additions.

Since I will be adding eyeshadow, I want to fully conceal my under eye bags. I keep going back to Hera's liquid concealer since it's the perfect in-between shade, close to my skin tone and slightly lighter to brighten up my under eyes.

For the sake of staying compact and simple, I am using my Jill Stuart Pajama Party palette. Also, because I always use the pink shade from this compact as it's the only pink that doesn't give me an allergic reaction. (I have a precious review on this palette here).

In addition, I absolutely adore Etude House's Wonder Fun Park pigment, and use it to make the look more sparkly.

I use the Jill Stuart palette on my crease, lash line and under eye. Then, I tap the Etude House pigment onto the center of my lid, and applied on the inner corners under my eye.

Admittedly, the look isn't for everyone, but I really love the simple and slightly distressed feeling this style of makeup gives. The look falls perfectly into step with the makeup the models I admire seem to wear on the daily. I may still be heavily influenced by Larme styles!

To finish off the eye looks, I use brown false bottom and top lashes.

The Romantic Minnie and Daisy series lashes from Shobi, that I love, now come in a brown shade! So, I have a ton in my collection now!

Brown false lashes, give the volume of false lashes, but give a softer look to the face. I absolutely adore how they give a glam yet youthful appearance, nothing too intense but still alluring!

I am also trying  new contour, Mochi Pact by 16 Brand~ It's something quite interesting, it's something in between a cream and a powder, the pouf it comes with has a soft mochi texture that feels great on the skin and leaves a thin film of the colour where applied.

I've been playing around with different types of contour since I've been leaving my skin looking bare~ so far this contour looks the best since it's so sheer and buildable. Plus, it doesn't leave any trace of product, only leaving behind a slight pigmentation so it lets my skin show though, keeping it looking natural.

I apply a bit of my YSL Tint-in-Balm to my lips, and the look is finished! 

A Soft cute natural look! 

Topped off with my blue light protection lenses, and the look is nicely complimented~ The touch of shimmer peeks through the lenses and my eyes can stand out past the unique frames.

I know the natural looks are very different from my usual makeup, but it's been fun to play around with what I can do with bare looking skin. Also, figuring out how to happily wear glasses after decades of resenting them has been it's own mini adventure!

Hope this week has been treating you kindly! It's been stressful for me, but I'm trying to take my stresses in stride and to learn from my mistakes and improve myself~ turning my negatives into some type of positive! Phew~ but, I'm very satisfied that I've been managing to keep up with my blogging!

<3CarisseIris !!

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