Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mini Doughnut Hair~ Twin Buns Tutorial~

So, maybe a year ago, my friend was sleeping over and we got really into the anime Please tell me Galko-chan, and as a joke midway though watching the series, I quickly figured out how to recreate Galko's hair and surprised my friend with a small in person demonstration of how easy her hairstyle is to wear.

Well, I ended up falling in love with how cute and extremely easy the mini doughnnut hair is to do, after that, and have been wearing it quite often this past year!

The way to wear mini donuts, is so quick and simple that I felt a small pictorial would be the most convenient way to explain how to recreate the look.

Items needed:
2 socks (I used some thin ankle socks)
Comb, to part hair cleanly

Alligator clips, for hair separation

The first step is to make a sock doughnut~ easily done by cutting off the toe of the sock and rolling it into a doughnut.

The smaller the sock, the more petite the buns are. I personally like thin fabric ankle socks because the buns come out cute and compact. Larger, thicker socks will make buns that look large and plump, like a big fluffy yeast doughnut.

So, to start, separate the top 1/3 of hair, roughly an inch above the ear line.
To keep the hair easily organized, I like to use alligator clips but tying the bottom section of hair into an elastic is just as convenient too. 

Next, split the top section of hair down the middle and arrange the face framing pieces of hair as desired.

Taking one side of the parted area, pull hair though one sock roll.

Slowly and neatly working from the end of the hair down, tuck the hair over the sock roll and start rolling the doughnut down the hair. Making sure to keep the hair evenly spaced and keeping the rolling process neat will make the bun look cleaner AND will keep extra frustration at bay when it comes time to fixing up the doughnuts after.

After completing the roll, pull and fluff out any hairs where necessary to make the doughnut look nice and round.

Repeat the process on the second section of hair.

Then finally, style the rest of the hair as desired. I personally love how the doughnuts look perched on loose waves.

Some practice might be necessary (especially with long hair), but after getting the hang of it, the hair style is so quick to master!

I love wearing mini doughnut hair when I'm in a rush for classes but still want to look like I put in effort to look good, or days I just want to look cute and playful, but the most common scenario for me is when I have slightly dirty hair that needs to sorted out.

For fans of Galko-chan, or those who might get frustrated with trying to make even doughnuts, the style even  looks cute with one side doughnut-ed and the other section put into a ponytail.

So, from your local, off an on again gaijin-gyaru, I hope that this pictorial was helpful and that rocking mini doughnut hair might become something fun and new for my readers to try out, maybe come to love as I have!

Maybe if I ever have more time to watch cartoons, I can find more 2d hair inspiration to showcase here too? I'll have to wait till winter break for that though;;