Monday, February 13, 2012

Deck out Women Crystal Eyelid Patch Review

I received the 'Deck out Women Crystal Eyelid Patch' from pinkyparadise with my purchase when you use a coupon code which I find here.
According to the package, the patches
  • Powerful reduces dark circles
  • Powerful reduces puffiness
  • enriched with moisturizers
  • prevent & refine aging
  • Anti- wrinkle
  • Refirming
Well, after 2 days without sleeping, I looked quite zombie like and decided it might be the best time to try out the eye patches.
According to the directions, you are to peel them from the plastic liner and immediately apply them onto you're under eye and smooth them to the skin to ensure a good contact with the skin.
The instructions also said to wear them for at least 30 minutes or while sleeping but not to exceed 12 hours.

Within the first 15 minutes I had to keep readjusting them because they kept slipping off and after the first 30 minutes, they were quite comfortable and stayed in place quite well. Near the end of the 2nd hour, they were pretty died out and kept falling off which is when I decided to just remove them and see how well it worked.
After the patches, my eyes felt a lot better and were very moist and supple. I really loved how they felt rejuvenated. Now, for how it looked. I really felt my left side was noticeably improved because my eye bags were less severe than my right side's under eye. I also noticed that the dark colorization lifted slightly too. Also, the puffiness under my eye dramatically decreased.

I really do like the product, I'm not sure if I would pay for it and am glad that I got a free sample of it and if given it again I will happily use it.
If I had heavy under eye bags [without lack of sleep] I would probably invest in them though because they do make a noticeable difference but take what you may from my example.



  1. I've always just chucked them away because the packaging looks so sketch :\ with no origin/production date

    Great to know that they're safe to use and are effective !

    1. Oh my gosh, I know right?! This was the first time I even decided to try it after receiving them time after time for 2 years...

      I was seriously like, someone has to brave it eventually...

      Also, I noticed it was water based with grape seed oil, aloe vera, nut extract and green tea extract... So, I mean, it couldn't be that bad..


  2. Thanks!! I just bought it and i needed a review! xx from PerĂº!

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