Thursday, February 16, 2012

Disney's Aristocats, Marie Nails

Ooh la la, I have some fancy kitty perched on my nails. If you're interested in recreating this, than look no further.

What you'll need:
Black, pink, white nail polish and a top coat.
Optional: Glitter polish

Now, let's get started!
I'll be doing this a bit differently than my other nail tutorials. I will be creating them 'upside down' like, if you were to be staring at the back of your hand and painting them, which is how I did mine...
To start it off, create a medium sized circle in the middle of your nail bed and fill it in.
On the sides of the circle you'll be making 2 downward curved triangles followed by 3 or 4 slanted lines at the very bottom of the circle.
It looks like a funky bird doesn't it?
Now, this is where it starts taking shape. above the triangles, make 3lines coming out of the circle, you can curve them slightly downward, it's at you're discretion.
After that, you will make a swooped line from the left side of the circle to the left side edge of you're nail.
On the other side of the nail, you will do the same thing but stop 2/3 of the way down. From there you will need to make a hump, similar to a 'heart' shape, to create the cat's thigh.
Now you get to fill in the cat with white! Can you see it take shape now?
Now where her hair is, draw a line with pink and make a small triangle on one side and a thicker line on the other, to create a depth to the bow she wears on her head.
Around her neck, create one large triangle connected to another and dot the center. This will make her bow around her neck.
Here is the tricky part, start outlining the bow and her head in black polish. I try to use short fast strokes so that my shaking fingers won't mess up my work.
Then, you will need to outline her bow followed by her body.
When you come to her thigh, I use 3 short curved strokes going inward to give it some shape. Please note the example I drew on the picture.
The final step is to draw in her tail, which is quite similar to how I drew her thigh, using 3 short stokes which finish off at the bottom of the nail.
Voila! Marie the cat is perched on your nail!
Now, after it's dry, you can apply your top coat.
And if you're like me and love glitter, you can add some to the nail for a little extra oomph.

Now, if you want a complete set you can do the following...
I used:

Now, to finish off the nails, I like to vary my nail decoration.

I made a french tip following the curve of my nail bed with the pink 'rite stripe' polish and filled it in followed by going in with the black 'rite stripe' polish and making 2 large dots and 4 small dots above them respectively. I followed that with glitter applied in a 'c' shape around the side of my nail.

I did a plain shimmering pink nail with 'seashell' coated with the iridescent 'fifty four' and tipped with just one coat of the 'sally girl' pink glitter applied to the upper half of the nail.

You can also make a lovely gradient starting off with a coat of 'fifty four' and a very light light application of 'seashell' and just patiently layering 'seashell' again a few more times to turn it into a lovely haze up the nail. I then made paw prints with the black 'rite stripe' and took the white glitter from 'sally girl' and did one stripe across the nail.
I hope you enjoyed my Marie from Disney's Aristocats themed nails.



  1. OMGOMGOMGOGM WTF SO NICE!!!!!! You are so talented, and thank you for tutorial <33

  2. omg! cute nails!! ur good! @o@ which brush are you using?

    1. Haha, uhm just the brush that comes with the polish... I don't have any fancy shamncy things..;3