Sunday, February 5, 2012

My makeup routine and a trip to Downtown Disney

So, I made a video of my whole makeup process this morning.
Gosh.. It's so much work to look natural....

Here's a list of the products I use:

Clinique ‘Dramatically Different’ moisturizer

Urban Decay Primer

Clinique BB Cream in ‘Shade 02’

Missha ‘Prefect Cover’ BB Cream in No.31

Clinique concealer in Medium Beige

Missha concealer

Missha ‘Signature Radiance’ 2 way powder

Beautique ‘Blonde’ Eyeliner [for brows]

Some Japanese Eyebrow pencil/mascara2 in one thing [the name rubbed off] in ‘New Born’ ~ a blonde colour.

Urban Decay eyeliner in ‘Bourbon’

Dolly wink eye shadow in ‘01’ pretty much used for the whole eye

Sephora Brand eye shadow in ‘Universal Beige’ for highlighting

Make Up For Ever eye shadow [also for highlight] ~some shimmery beige [the name rubbed off]

M.U.D black cake eyeliner [I LOVE cake liner, but it really takes practice because you mix it with water till the right consistency and use a brush to apply]

Fresh mascara [I love it. It’s actually made my real lashes longer and thicker]

Maybelline ‘Colossal Volume’ waterproof mascara

Jumily false lashes in ‘#4’

Dramatic Cosmetics [Japanese brand] pen liquid liner in black to draw on my bottom lashes

M.U.D blush in ‘Soft Peach’, ‘Rose Beige’, and ‘Rose Petal’[which I use just on the apples of my cheek]

Make Up For Ever eye shadow ~once again the name rubbed off, but it’s a taupe/cork/light brown matte colour [I use for contouring]

M.U.D lip pencil in ‘Natural’ [the best natural colour lip pencil I’ve owned]

Mentha Lip Shine in ‘Vanillamint’ ~ it’s the lip gloss at Bath and Bodyworks..

Anywho, this was my outfit today... My sweater is just too lovely and I have a compulsion to wear it as much as possible. This time I paired it with my maxi length American Apparel chiffon skirt... It was SO static-y today and my chiffon kept sizzling [?]. Then I put on some foux glasses and a pair of super over sized oxfords [they're 2 whole sizes too large on me but I love them]

Any whosits, I went to DTD to by my Disneyland pass for the 29th,which I'm super excited for!
I couldn't resist the urge to window shop though.
I'm in love with this Sebastian plush because he's the correct size and he stayed on my shoulder until I left the store [it's a good thing I remembered to return him because I almost forgot he was on my shoulder].
I also passed by the Vinylmation* store in hopes that I could find the 'Disney Afternoon' collection toys. Alas, they weren't there. BUT, there was this super cute Donald from 'Fantasia 2000' and I kind of want him because he's just super duper cute and I loved the Noah's Ark scene from that movie..
Also, I love these hats... Too bad the Animal one is a collectors edition and $50 something... Which kind of makes it not worth it...
My friend and I decided to hit up Cha for Tea. Freaking nommers.
I love the Peach Green Milk tea and the Chicken steamed dumplings..
Yeah.... That's pretty much it. Haha.



  1. That's..a lot..of makeup O.O But that sweater looks so snuggly XD

  2. Haha... Probably... I use less when I travel but when I'm at home I tend to go a bit crazy with mixing products. ;]

    ~the sweater is seriously the most perfect sweater in existence. Just saying.. haha...

  3. Wow! No wonder you look flawless all the time xD
    I don't have that many products to work with so my makeup is still pretty basic xD
    I'll be getting Missha BB cream soon in #27 :3 I'm purty excited! My tinted moisturizer is almost out and so is my foundation so I think it's a good time to buy one!

    You look so cute in the beginning of the video x] I wish we could do a sleep over! I don't know anyone who likes makeup and getting cute as mucha as me around here xD

    1. Haha.. I just have a ton of stuff from doing makeup artistry. ;P
      [plus having certification gives me pretty good discounts on makeup in bulk]

      ~Missha BB cream is AMAZING, like I will never go back to foundation again after it.

      Ugh, I wish we could have a sleep over. I LOVE sleep overs because I love building blanket forts when ever I host one. My friends weren't the type to wear makeup but I've been teaching them application and doing makeovers on them whenever I get the chance ahha... I'm sneaky like that and I'm turning them into my little dolls.

      Seriously, one day Lorina, we will met up. Yessirreebob.Haha. ;P

  4. Totally scrolled down without looking at the makeup TEEHEEE so long, effort!

    I love the sweater, I'd wear it 24/77 too if I even had one and if it wasn't summer in aus =_=

    1. I know EXACTLY how you feel.. Ugh, I could barely edit the darn video [I never want to make another one, though I'll probably have too one day] and I tried to watch it and ended up napping.. ;_____;

      Waaaaah Australia ~~~ So cool, It's one of the countries I haven't been to yet!!! Eh, it's winter here but California weather refuses to let it feel so [I stepped out and the sweater was a dumb idea.. Eh, but who said fashion is comfortable! Tee hee hee... ;P

  5. Love your sweater ;)
    Have a similar one in yellow!