Thursday, February 23, 2012

My favorite store, Red Apparel and Outfit of the Day

I have a local boutique near me that I want to share with you all, seeing as a few people ask where I purchase a majority of my wardrobe.Most of my items, if not from American Apparel or ebay or shipped from abroad, come from Red Apparel. [Just so you know, this is in not was sponsored. I just want to share this lovely place with you guys.]

Honestly, I really loath forever 21 and like stores, with super cheap clothing that fits oddly and has very odd prints and odder cuts and shapes. Not only that, but you know that a hundreds of thousands of people have the same clothing as you and that's just something that kind of irks me. Also how there's just something always 'off' about the clothing there, or that's just me...
I really enjoy Red because their inventory always switches like every other week and the clothing ranges from high fashion, to formal wear to every day wear. [I even found some Miu Miu inspired dresses this time around]
I also love that I can find a lot of current 'gyaru' trends and inspired clothing. There was a really sweet polka dot dress that looked straight out of a Dazzlin' catalog.
This blazer is so in trend and I kept seeing tan blazers in the February ViVi magazine.
This top also reminded me of Snidel's embroidery striped tops, like almost spot on and it took so a lot of will power not to just snatch it up.
Oh, another thing with Red, is that if you see something you like, you should pick it up right then and there, because rarely do they restock items and the really nice pieces tend to be gone the following week. I had to learn that the tough way, I let so many gorgeous clothing items escape me and I regret it so much.
Oh yeah, another note, in store pictures aren't allowed. My bad.

[I was outfit shopping for a wedding this weekend and ended up straying and just picking up things for my daily wear, oops.]
I couldn't help but snap a few outfit pictures to show you.
I really love this dress and I want to purchase it next time I go there. I really want to pair it with a daisy crown.
Kind of inspired by this picture from tumblr. [under]
Cute right?
It also reminds me a bit of Liz Lisa dresses with the lace and frills.
Also, this outfit is super cute. I bought the top of it actually. It's a super cute chiffon collared top. So in trend. Also the skirt reminds me of Dazzlin, probably because of the pastel coral colour and the polka dots. Note the small belt that comes with the skirt. It totally matched the colour of my litas.
I drew on some ruffle socks, because that would make the outfit cuter.
I also think some small round sun glasses or cat's eye sunglasses would look really cute with it.

Note that you aren't supposed to take pictures, but I honestly couldn't resist.
This is what the top looks like. Ugh, the little gold buttons are such a lovely detail.
If any of my followers are near the Long Beach area, you should check it out. <3
5531 Stearns St.
Suite B
Long Beach Ca
The girls that work there are super friendly and are absolute sweet hearts and have great fashion sense. Just so you know.
Oh yeah. This was my outfit today. I really don't know what I wanted to accomplish with the look. The consensus on my other blog was 'whimsical with an edge'.
Lace raglan top from eBay
Layered maxi skirt from eBay
Jeffery Campbell Litas
Oh, all my accessories today are from Red all bought sometime this past summer.
I should do an accessories post one day, but all in due time...
Actually, the satchel I use all the time I got there too...
I think I've illustrated my point that a lot of my items come from there.. Haha.
I also forgot to post my outfit from the other day.
I have in my hair a peach bow from American Apparel
Vintage Guess jean jacket
Dazzlin' Tiger Sweater
American Apparel leggings
Jeffery Campbell Litas



  1. Looks like a really nice shop! I wish there was one like that around here. And I take pictures too >>" I'm really feelin' the polka dot skirt!

    1. Oh my goodness, when I go back and if it's there, do you want it?
      I'm so down to send you a care package.

  2. OMG! I just found your blog and I love all the pictures and the colors and the nails. (oops too much and LOL) <33

    I'm going to bookmark it noww :)

    Keep on posting cute outfits! Its inspiring ^^