Sunday, July 22, 2012

San Francisco Japan Town haul~

 My friends and I made the drive up to San Francisco this weekend to visit my friend and get shown around Japan Town~
I ended up with a few goodies and a good dent in my wallet.
 I ended up getting a KATY magazine and Vivi magazine too. I also went on a spree at Daiso and bought a lot of beauty knickknacks and stationary and even a face roller and bunny body sponge~
 My friend also found a bunny necklace which I gladly bought~
 My most expensive purchase is this lovely Shappo from Sentimental Circus plush~ I can't get over how cute he is and just how well made and soft he is!
I also did purikura with my friends and then snuck off to take a solo session for kicks...

I'm just waiting for my friend to send pictures from the trip to blog about it, but UGH, I had such a great time with my best friends!
That's basically it for now~


  1. I really wanna go to San Francisco too! I am crazy to see the stores there.
    Do you mind telling me if the prices are, like, outrageous? I wanna get a Rilakkuma plush but I only find fakes online.
    Btw, I love Sentimental Circus too! :)

    1. The stores are so worth it!
      But yeah... San-X plushes are kind of pricey I paid $100+ for my Shappo....
      But UGH, the quality is SO worth it!

  2. Do you remember what store you got Shappo from? She is my fav and this plush would look awesome on my bed. (So many pillows��)