Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mini brow tutorial~ My brows and the basics...

To start, you'll need:
Brow pencil that matches or complements your hair colour.
[A universal brow colour is taupe~ you may want to use 2 different colours and blend them for a better matching colour] I use blonde to match the tips of my hair. I use Dolly Wink in 'Honey Brown'
Spoolie brush [for blending and combing hairs]
Optional~ Brow gel or mascara. I use Dolly Wink in 'Milk Tea'

First, you will want to map out your eyebrow~

[please look straight ahead into a mirror]

You will be measuring from your nostril straight up, that will mark the start of your brow.
Then a straight line starting at your brow and skimming the edge of your iris, will show you where to place your brow arch.
Finally, from your nostril and lining up with the edge of your eye will guide you to where the tail of your brow will end.
Please look at the graphs I've shown on myself and under.
I like to mark the points with my brow pencil as a guide.
Now it's time to fill in your brows~
It all depends on how thick or thin you want your brow.. If you have a more petite or thinner face you can get away with thinner eyebrows, a more voluptuous face and features you may look better with more defined and thicker brows. Or you can just fill them in with your desired preference... I like mine a bit more natural and bushy.

The brow shape may differ but it all has the same straight vertical start, continues to the arch with a same even width, then at the arch tapering down at the tail.

 When filling in the brow, I like my pencil to be sharp and I fill it in with short and light brush strokes mimicking the way my eyebrow hairs grow~ To exemplify, please bring your attention back to the drawn graph and the bottom pictures. The eyebrow hair grown vertically near the start then slowly angles and when at the eyebrow arch starts growing in more horizontally.

If you are using two colours, I would go in first with the lighter colour then sporadically placing the darker colour in light strokes to give it a more natural look.
I then follow the process by brushing my hairs into place.

If you feel like you've gone a bit heavy in a place, brush that spot into and against the hair growth to blend it in.

As my makeup teacher told us.. Brows are not symmetrical, they're like twins and might be a little different but with similarities... So try your best to make them as even as possible but they don't have to be carbon copies of each other...
[One of my natural eyebrow arches is higher than the other one and I have to slightly over compensate to make them look similar]
 The optional step is to use brow gel or brow mascara to set your brows into place or to colour the hairs. Just like normal mascara, brush the mascara/gel into your brows in the direction of the growth. With brow mascara, I like to go over it a second time to make sure all of the hairs are coloured.
 That's it!
I recommend to experiment with it and practice to get the technique and feel down.
But that is the basics and a little overview on how I create my eyebrows~

I hope it was helpful!
[By the way, sorry for the lack of makeup... It's sweltering here and I was sweating SO much... I really didn't want to cake my face in makeup....]



  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I've been wanting to buy dolly wink's new eyebrow mascara. :)

    1. It's no issue, I'm glad that you fond it of some use<3<3<3

  2. I do my eyebrows with nyx eyebrow powder in taupe and a taupe pencil also. Hmm, i always wanted to try a brow mascara, but they all look warm tone in the pictures i have seen online..

    1. Majority are warm toned... [sucks for asian colouring...]
      I've found what brings it to a more neutral tone is to lightly brush a bit of my compact powder on top of my brows... but it also mutes my brows a bit...

      The best bet is to either melt a bit of your pencil with a lighter and use a spoolie to bush the product on to your brows or to just stick with brow gel to set the hairs...

    2. Ah thanks for the tip. I'll try that soon. ^ ^*

  3. That was a great brow tutorial!Your eyebrows look pretty awesome!I have incredibly uneven eyebrows and I have to spend awhile each morning trying to make them as even as possible. I have Dolly Winks eyebrow powder and mascara.I have the Mocha mascara and it looks so coppery when I put it on.Its a little bit odd and way lighter than I thought it would be.I really want the pencil too!

    If you don't mind, please follow my blog :)

    1. Thank you so much~ <3
      I really dislike that the colours are so brassy... I wish they'll make one more toned down and neutral.. :/

      And I'll check you out<3<3<3<3

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