Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bye Bye Oily Hair, Hello Gorgeous Volume~

I guess today was one of those days where I had a lot to do, and people to see and places to go, but no time to wash my hair.
And boy, did I need a good hair wash! My hair was SOOOO oily because today was also my 'shower' day.. So, I needed a quick fix, one that perfume and body spray just couldn't mask...
Long story short, I rushed to the kitchen and saw corn starch and remembered that it absorbs oil... Well, my hair is oily, it should work.. But it's white, so I decided that since I'm brunette I should add coco powder.
Well, low and behold... The combination worked!

What you will need for DIY dry shampoo:
2 oz corn starch er, roughly 1/4 cup
(optional) 1 spoonful of coco powder (if your a brunette)
(optional) seive
(optional) funnel
(optional) pepper shaker
 So, to start you should combine the corn starch and coco powder if you're using coco powder. After it's combined, I recommend sieving the mixture to make sure there's no clumps.
If you're going to put it in a pepper shaker, create a funnel with the paper, or use an actual funnel and put the powder into the shaker.
You don't really need a shaker but it's a good thing to use if you want to use the contents more than one time.. Otherwise you can just pinch the powder onto you hair....
^^My super oily hair

Now, on to how to use the dry shampoo.
You should put on a dirty shirt or towel over your shoulders and step into the bathroom because it may be a bit messy

 You will sprinkle the powder onto your hair focusing on your roots, then keep parting your hair in different places and making sure to sprinkle a good portion of your roots around your head.
Next you will then use your fingers and start tussling your hair and rubbing the powder into your scalp and dispersing it around well until you can't see the powder.

 Low and behold, right after tussling my hair, my roots were oil free and SUPER volumous! Like, what is this witchcraft!

Afterwards, give your hair a good brush through, and your hair should be oil free and super bouncy!
^^Look at this after set, and how nice my hair looks!
 My hair seriously looks like hair in  those hair commercials! [It also smells like chocolate.. I want to eat my hair]
It's even gif worthy... Or at least I think so.. hahah~
Any ways, I hope you enjoyed this little DIY dry shampoo tutorial, I know I enjoyed learning it!
Also, it's not a shower replacement, it's just for those days when you don't have enough time or days when you need 'dirty' hair but not 'dirty' roots~



  1. New follower here~ This is so smart! lol I don't know when I'd use this but it's definitely something useful!


    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you found it useful!

  2. The results are gorgeous! I've heard of dry shampoo before, and it definitely sounds like a good way to go. I'm guessing it's going to be a bit weird at first, but the pumped-up volume will surely help from time-to-time. Thank you very much for sharing! Mattie @