Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yes Plaza, friends and fun~

 Well, before I start~ my 2ne1 tickets came in the mail this morning!!! asdfghjkl~ I'm SO excited!
Now that that's out of the way, my friend's cousin, Boho is down in SoCal for the week so we're doing something fun every day!
We started today going to Half and Half tea in Rowland heights, which is hands down the best boba place my friend and I have found south of Malibu. I think today was the first time we've gone and there wasn't a line wrapped almost to the door, so I was glad to be able to just hang out and not be squished in the store~
 Yum yum yum... I ordered the Rose green milk tea with aloe instead of boba because the past 2 days my jaw has been locked~ I have TMJ so my jaw won't open all the way so it's quite painful to chew things... It makes me super sad, but the aloe jelly was super good!
 While my friends ordered, I was just snapping selcas of myself. Every time I go, I find that the lighting in the sore is superb for camwhoring~ Though I found myself being embarrassed because I had this one guy just staring at me oddly as I was snapping away so I kind of stopped...
 Oooh lala, look at the delicious drinks!
 And then here's a picture my friend took of me... Seriously, look at how fat the boba cups are~ They make me laugh...
After enjoying out little treat, we went down the street to Yes Plaza, which is home to SO MANY beautiful shops like Tokyo Girls which sells gyaru/japanese brands, a UFO catcher arcade that has really cute plushes you can win, a lovely K/J music cd store and cute accessory stores and other places~
So if you can get your booty to Yes Plaza in Rowland Heights, I recommend it!
My favorite shop to stop into is Miss Q, which has a TON of pretty clothing that you can find in many magazines! The prices are affordable and they always seem to have a bunch of sale or buy one get one free offers, which I took advantage of~

I ended up buying this lovely floral dress/top~ It's like 4 inchess too small in the bust so I'll be keeping it as my goal dress, which is a habit that I've learned to do to drive me to hit my goal weights [I want to lose 20 more lbs btw...] But the fabric is lovely and in person the dress is so romantic!
I also hear that this week they're getting in a new shipment of clothing~
I want to go back because the clothing is so trendy and gorgeous, it's hard to keep myself from buying loads of clothing in one trip!
I also got a free clothing item with my purchase so I got a white lace peplum romper for Boho who really wanted it<3 It looks so amazing on her and I wish I took a picture of it but as most of the stores there, they have strict no photography rules.
 I also love going to the UFO arcade, the things are so cute! They even have an iPhone 4g and Louis Vuitton purse up for grabs but I wan't able to get them... I kind of suck at UFO games...
 Look how cute! The aliens are in a claw machine!!
 I also really REALLY wanted one of these cute kittens, and I was SO sad that I wasn't able to win one...
 Also, look at the cute Totoros~

The second place I purchased from was MVP Cube, which sells a good selection of makeup goods, beauty goods, phone accessories including the bling 3D cases, jewelry and just a lot of misc cute items!
I'm SO glad that the girl in the front was so attentive and nice, They had a good selection of collagen face creams and systems and she recommended for me to try the Sana by Noevir system because she said it'll make my skin more elastic and youthful and moisturized. I had no clue what it was or what to do and the assistant kindly told me what to do, what the product did and without prompt put a label with the steps on each bottle! Like, how sweet is that, I was so speechless and thankful for the kind help!
I also bought my normal K-Palette 24 hour Tattoo liner, but they had a special edition one that has pink packaging! So, I had to buy that one... I also found that it's one dollar cheaper to buy makeup there then at Mitsua for some reason.. [right after, we went there and I noticed the difference.. not to mention MVP Cube has hands down a much larger selection].

Boho bought this really pretty iridescent blue/purple/pearl iphone case and skull earphone jack charm for a really good price! I think she spent roughly $10 total~
 In the plaza there's a really nice selection of food places and they even have a Gaten Sushi, which is a well priced conveyor belt sushi place. Gaten is my favorite cheap sushi restaurant and I go there when I want good food and I want to spend under $10.

 Yum, I only spent like $9 with my iced green tea~ Mmm... SO good.
Well, afterwards we went to Mitsua to pleasantly find that the Meido shop in San Francisco that sells the Alpaca plushies set up their new location in the Mitsua Costa Mesa location!
So, Boho came home with a cute Ponyo plush~

Yepp, that was a nice rough outline of our fun day and a little mini haul!



  1. AAAAAH, SO MUCH FUN!!! You look so pretty and stuff ; n ; <3

    I wish I'm there! So much asian stuff o_o