Saturday, July 21, 2012

This week's nails~ How to do Alpaca nails!

 Cute pink alpaca nails inspired by my plush~
They're super easy to create with just white, pink and black polish and a bit of patience~

What you'll need:
White or any pastel polish you want the alpaca to be
Pink or your choice of colour for the bow
Black polish to outline and detail
White polish [for the eye]
Optional, light pink polish for blush

[it's easier of you use one of those lining polishes but you can easily use a pin with a round ball tip or dotting tool for the head and the head of a needle to draw and colour and outline, which will work well]

1. Create a cloud shape in the middle of the nail bed [works well with the a rounded top of a pin or dotting tool], and leaving a small thin empty space [for the bow] fill in whatever type of body you'd like under the head to the tip of your nail.
2. Using the colour for the bow, fill in that empty space between the head and the body and to the side, make a small triangle and a thin triangle like shown above~
3. Outline the head, bow and body in black polish.
4. Create alpaca ears in black then fill it in with the same colour you used for the body. Alpaca ears start with a straight line up, then a curved one back into the head, almost like a triangle or 1/2 circle.
5. Using black polish make 2 round eyes [you can use the rounded pin or dotting tool to make the eyes], and using a head of a needle create a small 'Y' shape for the nose/mouth~ Then go into your white colour to add a highlight to the eyes
6. Take a light pink polish and using a the rounded tip of a pin or dotting tool, put a a cute blush on the alpaca's cheeks.

Then you're finished!
Paint your other nails pink or some matching colour or do something different for every other nail to make a lovely set.

It's really very easy and quick to do, at least personally, it's been one of the easier designs for me...

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