Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lashes stacked and ready for action~

 As most of you are aware of, I love false lashes! I usually love going for the dolly look, where it's fluffy and spikey and a little bit more naturally shaped.
Well, if you're looking for similar lashes to mine, you may have noticed that I plainly say it's a basic set, just to simplify my life and yours...
But, I do give it a kick by layering them [usually for days that I seriously camerawhore/get pictures taken]
So let me give you a run down of how I customize my lashes~
You will need:
A base lash- I am currently using 'Decolog's Who series in, Dolly'
A volumous lash- I'm using 'Pa' brand in a natural criss cross style
A lenghy lash- Also 'Pa' brand and the spikes are very long
So, you will take out all of the lashes and organize them.
You will take the volumous lash and align it with the base, and using a VERY thin strip of lash glue [black lash glue if you have it] and glue it to the strip of the base lash.
Then taking the lenghy lash, you will cut a one of two segments from the inner corner, like so...

Then break in the band by wrapping the lash around your pinky or an eye pencil and then kind of wiggling the band a bit....
Then line it with a thin strip of lash glue and place it and align it with the outer corner of the base lash.
Voilla, it looks beautiful!
 Look how beautiful the top lash looks compared to the plain base~

 To see how the lashes compare worn, there is a slight, but I think noticeable, difference~
There's less gaps and the lashes have a slightly longer winged edge.
 I hope you enjoyed this mini lash post~