Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall/Winter Fashion Inspirations~ Where I Shop

As per requested, now it's getting chillier~ 
Where I buy my winter clothing and what I would wear for cooler weather. 
[I will soon do a post on what's in my winter wardrobe, but I'm still waiting for some of my stuff to ship in. I actually have some of the items underneath~]

I'll also be listing places [online shops] in order of price range...
I'm also not linking specific products~ It's more fun to go through the online shop and explore because I didn't even put all of the other lovely things I came across! [Ah, all the clothing I put down is making me so happy! They're all so pretty<3]

~~this blog entry is NOT sponsored~~

Forever21 [link
 I feel like it's only this season I've been loving F21 apparel! The sweaters are soft,cute and fit surprisingly well! I went into a craze and bought a big handful of them in store because of it<3
 I also came across a lot of cute cardigans and pretty jackets for staying warm!

Trinity Styles [link]
 Trinity is selling a bunch of Korean fashion themed winter wear! They're all so cute and warm looking~
 Besides the sweaters, they have in stock Liz Lisa jacket, Rose Bullet clothing sets and ASOS tights. Besides that they have pleather skirts and shorts [so in trend right now] and these awesome fleece lined "sheer" looking stockings! How perfect for looking stylish and yet staying super warm!
I even ordered a Rose Bullet angora sweater set from them that's shipping in! I'm so excited!

American Apparel [link]
 I love AA<3 I think for me I'm loving their circle skirts, and the corduroy ones seem perfect for cooler weather! I also think that a maxi would be wonderful for really chilly days and you can wear layers of thermal leggings under them for maximum comfort while staying in style~

MinkyShop [link]
I'll just say this. Brand.
They have branded clothing, and lots of sweaters and cardi's in stock! Same with cute shorts and skirts too. I'm also awaiting clothing from them [it's on the way], as I'm restocking on cooler weather wear for myself!

I'm also a fan of hand warmers, this one from strapya [product link] is reusable! I'm pretty close to purchasing one for myself, but I'm waiting for the pink one to come back in stock..

I also want to direct you to


They have tons and tons and tons of adorable and fashionable winter clothing/shoes/scarves/accessories and very large inventory... They are a bit on the pricier side, but if your picky and can't find something to your taste, they'd probably have something for you. I've ordered from them a few times and have always had a good experience<3

 Now for a spam of winter outfit inspirations [all lovingly taken from tumblr..]

I own no right at all to any of them...
@                     m                   @;;;

Ah, so much clothing I want! I love winter because wearing layers is so lovely!
I love a short skirt with a sweater, and boots! There's something so wonderfully feminine about it and it makes me feel so pretty going about.

I hope you enjoyed!


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    1. Bwuahaha<3 I think my blogging slump is diminishing!

  2. MinkyShop sells Taobao fakes... :(
    But Forever 21 has really cute Stuff tho! ♥

    1. Boo. Hmm, I bought an item there not expecting it to be branded, but it came to me as Liz Lisa and compared it to my other Liz Lisa clothing and the tags and label seemed to match perfectly..

      Oh well. As long as my stuff looks nice, I'm a happy camper. Not as happy if it we're real brand but meh...

  3. Thanks for posting these shops, I had never heard of minkyshop or trinitystyles before!