Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ooh la la~ Dusty Rose Perfection

Ever since Trinity Styles got in their Rosebullet shipment, I've been drooling over the clothing.
So I decided to go ahead and buy the angora bubble top set [here]

 Wow wow wow~ The top is so soft, it's like petting a super soft bunny and wearing a cloud! It's one of my winter staples and I've really been enjoying the warmth is gives me now that the weather is getting cooler~   I really enjoy the shape of the sleeves too, very flattering!
 The skirt is cute and short and a good companion to the top but as it gets colder and if I decide to wear it, it'll have to be layered as it's quite thin.
 Also the set comes with a cute angora bow, it's a good size to just throw in my hair and it doesn't draw much attention but gives the outfit a more complete feel.

 I can't wait to wear it during spring season with some pastel pumps instead of trying to cover my legs with boots, though they work well with my beige boots too! Ah, such a worth it buy<3

I also bought the Peace Dove lace cardigan available [here]
I think I found another closet staple, I've worn it in a fancy way, to a business setting and dressed down, it's been very versatile for me. I really love anything pink and lace and it looks so effortlessly classy. It's also amazingly soft and light weight. Funnily, my friends like petting me sleeves whenever I wear the sweater out with them<3

The detailing is nice and delicate~
I really love Trinity Styles, and they're so great with communication and shipping details<3

Also, if you use the code 'carisse', it'll get you a 5% discount off your purchase and a free gift!
I highly recommend them, sponsored or not!


  1. Your clothes are just too cute~! ♥♥

  2. Lovely outfit! I love your hair in here :) I am really in love with the detailings on that skirt..

    1. Thank you~ It really is a pretty skirt, I'm very happy with the quality~

  3. Is that collar necklace from f21? You're so pretty! I love all the photos here. :D