Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Filler post~ A month of OOTD and MOTD fall edition

Seriously, now that posting straight from my phone onto instagram has made posting my outfit of the days and makeup of the days sooo easy!
Like, it's taking away a big chunk of blogging abut outfits from me~ way too distracting and to darn easy to pass up.
But I thought I still need to share them on my blog because I'm really loving this cooler weather and my current wardrobe, I also think I'm getting better at styling too!
So let me share<3
F21 'plus size' knit stripped top
Skirt from a local farmers farket
F21 heart tights
Mitoo Cloth ring
 Also my makeup for fall has been getting darker to fit well with cooler weather~

 My outfit for Kawaii International filming [check it out on NHK World Nov. 23rd]
F21 sweater
Skirt from local farmer's market
F21 pearl collar
Hot Topic Adventure Time Slippers
 Close up of my current makeup styling.

 My birthday dinner outfit.
TopShop knit top
Skirt from a local farmer's market [I always love that skirt and wash it so often!]
F21 pearl beanie
TopShop pumps
Spoon ring from Red Apparel

 My birthday outfit, I just turned 23 btw<3
F21 lace sweater top 'plus size'
American Apparel chiffon skirt
Vivienne Westwood heels
Earring and headband from Red Apparel

 The following day was my best friend's birthday dinner~
Dazzlin' tiger sweater
American Apparel chiffon skirt
F21 pearl collar necklace
TopShop pumps
Antique diamond ring
 My face because I like cam whoring <3
I love my Sweet Eye brown lenses, I reordered another pair because they're the perfect brown lens on me...
 Lazy day outfit.
Knit batwing heart top from Shibuya Closet
American Apparel Leggings
Taupe thigh high socks from Yesstyle
F21 scarf
Thrifted thigh high boots

 Birthday breakfast for my friend
Juicy Couture cardigan
F21 bunny sweater
F21 pearl collar necklace
Yesstyle thigh high socks
Yesstyle pleated skirt
Topshop pumps
Wee, selca. I felt like a little girl but a cute one at least<3

Wowow, what was a lot of pictures!
But I love fall weather, I feel like I dress better in cooler weather because I love layers and knits!

Do you love cooler weather as much as I do? What season is inspiring for you?

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  1. you have such a unique style! It's different from the gyaru fashion I usually see ^ ^ it reminds me of a princess ~<3

    and your birthday outfit is absolutely beautiful.


    1. I'm glad!
      I think I've been going from blogger style to a more himekaji influenced style I'm glad that it's showing though!
      Thank you so much, I've really been trying my best to up my styling this season!

  2. I like the lacey skirts a lot, so cute, the first outfit is my favorite of what you're wearing ^_^

  3. Girrrrl these cordis are CUTE! Looking great ^^

  4. Love the striped top!! And that spoon ring omgg

  5. The cat sweater is so cute! <3
    I really like all of these outfits, you have a lovely style :3

  6. Thats so awesome we have the same bunny sweather from f21!!!

    shared blogger love with a follow, hope you'll do the same :)


  7. I love your blog so much. I started my own but I can't get good pics ever, any advice? I do the same with my gyaru style to where I try to make it unique?

    I adore your style a lot. :3