Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's in my Closet: Fall/Winter 2012/2013

 So, I've been slowly updating my winter collection by selling and donating things I wouldn't use this year and purchasing things I loved for this year... Even though it's still pretty warm in California.

[I also didn't include a few items because I kind of forgot, basically a few tops from Forever21 and my Angora set from TrinityStyles.]

I guess with the picture spam I'll put a description of the items to be helpful<3
 Skirts: Wool Knit from Yesstyle, Beige chiffon from American Apparel, White lace from local farmers market, Pink tiered from eBay~
 Shorts: Lace frilled with pink bow from Shibuya Closet,  Lace layered from Snidel, Furry ruffles from Liz Lisa, Tiered lace from Shibuya Closet and Furry lace 'Liz Lisa' from minkyshop
 Liz Lisa floral top and Floral knit with lace from minkyshop
 Topshop lace shoulder knit from Nordstrom and 'Snidel' bow top from minkyshop
 Striped top with lace shoulders from RED apparel and Lace sleeve top from Forever21
 Rose and mint knit slouch tops from Forever21 and Mint cashmere knit from metropark
 Dazzlin tiger knit, WC tan knit, Heart knit from Shibuya Closet
 Really bad 'WC' fake knit from ebay, Cat sweater and bunny sweater from Forever21
 Olive bunny knit dress with chiffon accents and cream bunny knit dress [unknown]
 Stuffs for layering:
Rose high low dress and Blouse dress from RED Apparel
 Juicy Couture varsity sweater and Pink Dove sweater from Trinity Styles
 Pearl berets from Forever21, Bow beret from Yesstyle and bunny bow headband from RED Apparel
 My miscellaneous cluster of scarves~~
Liz Lisa fur coat

 Mint blazer from NastyGal
 Bunny Coat from eBay
And my shoes I tend to wear for winter<3
Furry boots from eBay, Light pink pumps from Topshop, Liz Lisa knee high boots, Jeffery Campbell Litas and Thrifted taupe thigh high boots.

Basically, that's what I'm working with this winter.
I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe this season!

I hoped you liked having a peek at what is in my closet for winter!



  1. Everything is so beautiful! I'm so jelly!
    My favorite items are probably the mint jacket and aaaaaall the skirts. They're so pretty ; 3;

    1. <3<3<3<3<3
      Every time I look at the bomber jacket, I tend to always think of you.
      If you were a clothing item you would be a coloured leather jacket with studs and like lace....

  2. OMG! I lovelovelove your style so much. <3

  3. Omgee everything is so cute! And comfy looking to the max!!

  4. Wow I love ALL of your frilly skirts! Your cute sweaters probably pair with all of them easily, cute cat, bunny, heart, etc!

  5. omg such a cute collection!!! love ur style! <3

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! for all The Links. I love your blog.. I have been reading it for two hours now.. I love your clothes & nails. I want mine Like that But I live in Texas so we don't have any Japan area here.. :(
    Xo Pam