Monday, November 5, 2012

G&G Dolce Hazel Lens~ Review

Part of my order from Pinkyparadise, I ordered the G&G Dolce Hazel lenses [for purchase here]

 Here's what they look like on the site and the stats:
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal
What inside: One pair of lenses and one cutie animal lens case

 I don't know if I just have the misfortune of getting defective lenses from pinkyparadise or what? This is my 3rd pair that are extremely painful for me to wear... I had to lay off lenses for a week after because my eyes were so red and irritated after and after removal I even had a weird clear film come off my eye balls.. So ultra painful just after just over 4 hours...
And yes, I was wearing them the correct way, checking that they curve correctly before putting them in.
Besides that, one lens had a sort of air pocket and wouldn't lay down correctly and kept getting caught when my eyes closed and popping out.
It's too bad they hurt so much because the look of them look so nice with a heavier eye makeup!
With my normal lighter makeup they do seem a bit to heavy looking because of the thicker limbal ring, so personal preference I don't really enjoy the all over look of them, they're not that natural looking like I thought they'd be looking at the picture of them on the site...

For comfort I would give them a 1/5 and look wise they would be a 3/5.

I tossed them out after the first day of wear. It was torture and I'm scared to go to the optometrist to see if it caused damage... Not fun.

Seriously though, I'm not sure if I got a defective pair.... I feel like they were..



  1. Such a shame that you're having bad luck with your lenses! D: I also had to throw out a pair because they were just too painful (but only about 50% of the time- other times they didn't hurt at all ><)!

    They look absolutely stunning in the last picture, though! What lashes are you wearing with them? ^^

    1. I know, they did end up cute in pictures!
      They're 2 Ardell lashes a fairies black lash on top of a really fluffy natural pair.

      As for the bottom, they are dolly wink bottom lashes~

  2. They look beautiful. But I hope they didn't damage your eyes.

  3. Oh no.. Good thing you chucked them out! Defective lenses can cause so much damage to your eyes D: They were nice though, how unfortunate :(

    1. I think I have bad luck this year... Just this year I've been getting defective lenses.. So sad..