Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's in my bag~

 So, my birthday is past and I received a cute new bag as one of my presents<3
A I was transferring all of my items from my usual purse into the new one, I thought that I should share what I usually carry with me.

 I'm kind of glad how everything fits so nicely into the new bag!
 What I usually have on hand in my bag:
Keys, wallet, coin purse thing, pen, oil blotting papers, watch, hair tie, cellphone and dolly wink lash case. I also keep my camera in my purse too, but I can't really include that in the picture...
 In my dolly wink case I have some mini tweezers and lash glue for touch ups.
 Instead of a normal wallet, I keep all my cards and bills in a cute coin purse.
In the other small coin purse I keep Dramamine because I get really bad motion sickness when I drive/am in a car, EOS watermelon lip balm, Clinique lip tint and a random light pink lip gloss.

Also, I took a picture of all the birthday gifts I received the other day<3
I also have an instagram now where I post a lot of my #ootd and #motd 

my name is CarisseIris

That seems to be it!

I also have another Pinkyparadise lens to review and a now sponsor I'm in talks with so keep your eyes peeled.



  1. What brand is that bag? :O I love the colour!

    1. I believe it's "Smoothie" it's from yesstyle<3

  2. Oh gosh. I really want them purse, but I can't seems to find them on yesstyle :'c there's too many!

    1. I found it in the satchel category I think... Or in the messenger bag section~

  3. hey, can i tell you a sensitive question if you don't mind. Umm whats ur real weight. Please tell.....I'm sorry if this question hurts you....^~^.

    1. It's fine~ I've been struggling with weight and lost a large chunk so I am fine being real with my weight.
      The other day I was 150 lbs~<3