Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cat Ear Hairstyle~

 Tired of boring hairstyles? Why not switch it up with a hairstyle reflecting the elegance and playfulness of a cat!
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 What you will need:
4 or more bobby pins, depending on how thick your hair is
Small toothed comb, for teasing
Hair spray
Alligator clip to keep your hair in place before pinning..
Bow [mine is from Bowkuma, enter code Carisse for 10% off orders over $5]

1. divide hair into 2 small parts, mine were roughly 2 inches around.
2. Take one side and tease near the roots well.
3. [optional] Hairspray near the roots.
 4. Comb out the part facing the front to make it look smooth.
5. Bring hair to the back, almost like a half loop to create the ear shape.
6. Pin it in place.

That's the basic steps! Really easy and fast!
 Then repeat to the other side~
 This is how it looks like from the back.
 Then adjust how the ears look like from the front.
 For me, I like to add a bow to one of the ears for a cute touch.

 ^^Different angles of the hair style.

 Wow, so easy right!
 The look cute and elegant~
Will you try out cat ears hairstyle?
I think they're my favourite way to finish off an outfit to give it an extra omph!



  1. Super cute! And I love that it doesn't require long hair like most hair styles.


    1. I wonder if I can find more short hairstyle friendly type things.
      If I do I will try remembering to post them~
      I have short hair too<3

  2. Such a pretty look! I'll definitely give this a go! >.<

  3. So pretty! Love the pic quality too. Do you mind me asking what is your background?

    1. Thank you! Hmm. My background is just my room, but I the lighting was wonderfully bright and overcast and made my room brighter than it usually is~ Also we took pictures in early morning rather than how I usually do photo sets during afternoon...

  4. I wish I had long hair so I could do that! T n T Soooo cute ♥

    1. Depending how short, you can still do it! I've seen girls with bob hair cuts with the cat ear style and it looks super cute!

  5. Your hair just looks so amazing and the fact that you did it yourself just makes it much more impressive. I love girls that can do their own hair instead of always going to a professional. But hairdressers adelaide do have their purposes in times of need.

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  7. I love your hairstyle~ It's wonderful~!


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