Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pink Collection nail polish set and mini haul

 Hi, so a few weeks ago I went on a little mini shopping spree and decided to try the little Japanese nail polish set things that I've been eyeing for a bit.
 They come in different colour combinations too, I am blind or something but I can't figure out the name for it for the life of me...
 But the polishes come labeled in order of use~
 And with instructions on the back on how to layer the polishes for an elegant effect.
 [ugh, I need to bleach my nails again, sorry...]
But this is how it turned out!
 I'm not a big fan of the frosted/pearlescent pink polish, but it looks more neutral and translucent in sunlight so it makes it more bearable for me.
I really do like how natural the polish combination looks. It's very youthful and innocent looking, something nice and simple for work, school or social event.
 I'm not sure I'll be using the 'a' pink colour in the future though, but I love the glitters.
The polishes are of good quality and are still in tact on my nail near 2 weeks later.
It was a pretty worth it purchase but the price was a bit steep for my tastes.
 I also couldn't resist this lip gloss...
Perfect duck lips anyone?

 The packaging is so cute, and so far it's the best lip gloss I've ever had! Repurchasing it when I'm out.
It is high shine, but not sticky or gloopy or watery,  and doesn't bleed from my lips and it really makes my lips look pretty! It even smooths my lip stick or stain and almost gives it this doll like effect where my lips look shiny and almost seamless.
 I also purchases a new lipstick, Heavy Rotation, Milky colour lips in #2.
Wow! So glad I took a chance and grabbed it! It's by far the best nude lip I've had. It doesn't make me look sickly [I have a very yellow complexion] So finding the right nude it kind of challenging at can wash me out or make me look sallow.
Not to mention it's really moisturizing. It feels better than my EOS lip balm... Also I can apply it without lip liner and it gives great coverage and doesn't feather.
 I also decide to try Decorative Eyelashes, Playgirl in Cute and Sexy. I really really like them! They're almost as feathery soft as Dolly wink/Jumily but feel very sturdy like the Diamond lashes or Ardel*sp lashes.
I think they might be my new favourites, plus they come in packs of 5<3
[I'll take pictures of them maybe later this week, if I remember]
 But this is how the lipstick and gloss look~

And above I'm wearing some lashes from Daiso [yay for crazy cheap lashes] and the lippy...
I'm not sure if I like the picture but whatever. [Taking pictures at the end of a long day around 10pm never really come out nice...]

But yeah~ I'm getting behind on a lot of stuff but I'll try to post as often as I can to catch up.


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  1. Now I want to try the lippy products, the color looks gorgeous! I am totally into pink nails, so I like your mani a lot ^_^ I'm glad you wrote about these because I was not familiar with these brands at all.