Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was part of a music video~

Just like the title says, I was able to be in a music video yesterday. It's been a good 2 years I believe since the last video I was in was filmed? I believe this one is my 12th video? I'm not sure any more because it's been quite awhile.
I am kind of really excited for this one to come out because I think I may be visible for a good portion, also unlike most videos I've been in... Honestly, it may be because of my weight loss and that I am wearing camera friendly makeup.... Meh, it's still all good.

 Well, here's my makeup. It's actually quite different than what I usually wear as it's all matte and dark brown and black based rather than bronze.
I also super contoured my whole face, and looking back, I may have gone a bit contour crazy haha.
Oh! And this time, instead of drawing my lips smaller, I decided to just outline my full lip, so far I've been getting a nice response from it and may continue doing so.

 So, above is what I wore to the video shoot, but the stylist had me change and I realized it's because a lot of girls were already wearing something similar.
Oh! I am wearing something from F21, which is crazy because I don't really like that store/brand. Honestly, I just needed a cheap purchase to break up my white blouse, if anything, because pure clean white doesn't come up on camera well. [I'm kind of glad my outfit was switched because how the girl styled me was really cute!]
 Ah, yes, more weird faces. Smiling pretty for the camera feels so unnatural and odd to me still. I'm also sure in the video I made a bunch of crazy faces too.
 All my clothed for set. I may have brought too much, as they gave me a clothing rack for my stuff.. Actually, I was the only one to bring hangars but that's because most of my clothing is super wrinkly.
 Yeah, making our way to the Valley through rush hour traffic if most definitely not one of my favorite pastimes.

Any who, we got there and oh my gosh, it was so shady and we parked in this weeded dirt lot with a paper sign that said 'crew' and we had to walk to set which was like, a block away?
I was so used to being picked up by a shuttle bus that would pick us up from parking to arrive to set, even if set was a few houses down, so this was an utterly new experience.
Well, we arrived safely on set and the stylist chose this outfit for me. Can I say that I LOVE this outfit, if it were me styling it would have been a completely different look in all honesty. 
In my outfit I'm wearing:
Guess vintage denim jacket
RED floral cut out back dress
RED abstract necklace
Topshop flower clasp belt
Urban Outfitter oxfords

Before filming though, I was told to wear my Litas, so yeah. My shoes in the video are my taupe JC's.

 Here are some unattractive pictures of my hands, but it's for a purpose of showcasing my accessories.
 So, on to what I can tell you. We shot at this super cute and creepy motel, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I am in love with the pink colour of the building.

Uhm, I'm trying to think of what I can tell you guys, as I signed a non disclosure agreement[?] I believe it's called...
Hmm, I'm part of the clubbing night time scene.
OH@! The video is for a band called, 'Midnight Red' and the song its self is like a pop, dance, trance summer anthem.
The cast of actors on set were super sweet, minus these tweens that smelled really bad and kept taking pictures, which you're not supposed to do. I'm almost positive they sneaked on set because you had to be 18+ to be on set.... Whatever.
Hmm, I want to say that I might be on camera a bit, but with my experience with how it's edited, you may just be able to spot my hair, hahaha.
Oh yeah! I got freaking burned by sparks from this smoke flare that was used and I was told to go 'party' and dance around the guy waving it around and sparks started landing on me, but I'm a trooper and didn't complain while the camera was rolling, durr, that would be super shitty and unprofessional. But, I did tell someone after and stuff and yeah. I'm okay it looks worse than it actually is to be honest.
The band guys are pretty chill, and super short. But that might be because I was in my litas, but I'm 5'3" and so that would make me 5'7"? in them, and I towered over them... Can I state my mind? Well it's my blog so I will, I thought the singers/band, whatever, would be cute in real life, but they're uhm, how can I phrase this, did't reach my expectations look wise??? Haha, I sound like a superficial meanie, but I guess I was imagining like, 90's boy band cute? Something like that.... [though, some of the skater guys on set were super hot and sweet!]
Yeah.. Well, I guess to know more, we'll just need to wait until the video comes out.

<3Carisse Iris

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 So, I went to Easter Vigil at LMU campus on Saturday evening. It was a really lovely service with amazing lighting and music. So, to be appropriate, I decided it would be best to go sans the wig. It was actually my first time styling my natural hair and I'm so glad that heat curling it didn't ruin my hard work of healing my super damaged hair. Also, the biotin pills really helped with growing my hair out quickly!

What I wore:
Pink vintage linen blazer
Urban Outfitters button chiffon dress
Top Shop thin floral clasp belt
JC Litas [nothing new there...]
RED sachel
 Oh yeah, I forgot how much I love my Pink hoop earrings from MetroPark.
I also painted a cute Easter Nail set for myself~

Well, after the vigil, our group was super hungry. Thank goodness that the campus is in La, so only a 12 mile drive to Little Tokyo for some AMAZING ramen. It was my first time to go to  'Shin- Sen- Gumi' unlike the rest of the group and oh my gosh, it was just so amazing and delicious!

 A few rounds of beer and a few shots of sake for everyone!

 Honestly, it was really fun cheering and toasting in Japanese with the rest of the cooks and waiters. Not to mention I felt like we were from a drama because we were all in what look like 'business attire'. It was just a really nice atmosphere.

In all honestly, I have no clue what I got. I asked someone to order for me, seeing as I've never been there. What ever it was was just amazingly delicious!
It was also the first time that I decimated just the broth! Like, I ended up giving some of my noodles to my friend and downing the soup base because it was just so yummy~

Oh yes, we also ordered really delicious takoyaki <3

I really can't wait for the next time I have the opportunity to bring some my my friends for ramen! I'm sure they'll enjoy it too!
I also think it was the best Easter I've had in a really long time!

If you guys are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh me, oh my! I was tagged~

Oh dear, I think I'm just horrible at getting to things, because I was tagged a good while ago, but at least I'm doing it now!

First, the rules of the tag:
1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

Eleven things about myself...
  1. I have a really bad hair twirling addiction... It makes me look super ditsy.
  2. I am a really bad judge of person and I tend to get into really bad situations because I tend to trust everyone.
  3. I have a lot of bald patches in my hair because I have Alopecia Areata, yet I still dye it. Honestly, it doesn't really bother me if I loose my hair because I love wigs so much!
  4. I was one of the first groups of invirto babies born into this world.
  5. For a large chunk of my young adulthood, I was a groupie and roadie and went up and down the coast and to other states following bands.
  6. I am super deathly afraid of heights and have passed out because of it.
  7. When I'm at home, I don't talk and try not to make noises to stay as quiet as possible, I don't know why, but I do... Though, if I'm out with friends, I am crazy loud and super chatty.
  8. I dance and sing loudly when I drive my car, with or without passengers.
  9. I am really insecure about my looks, but it's okay because I'm really good at faking confidence.
  10. I have really bad commitment issues and when things start going really good in relationships, I tend to bail out really quickly.
  11. I sometimes want to have a 'baby daddy' just so I can get whatever I want and shizz, and have a type of relationship that's not straight up romantic. And sometimes I feel like that's the best option for me...
Eleven questions from April Fool Romance...

1. What do you think of when you look up at clouds and/or stars?
When I see clouds, I name their scientific name for their formation and when I see stars, I always look for constellations and if I'm with other people, I will tell the story of the constellation from mythology, if it has one...

2. If you could have a pet of any kind (real or not, extinct or not), what would it be?
Hmm, I would want a digimon, but that's not really a pet though.... Haha, uhm yeah, I wouldn't even care who just as long as I had one...

3. Let's say you meet this mystical being and they know how you're going to die and what age. They offer to tell you, would you accept their offer?
HECK NO. Knowing me, I would just await my impending doom and just live in fear the rest of my days...

4. Be honest, how well do you think you would do in a zombie out break?
Sadly, pretty well... I'm the type of person that wishes would die immediately and painlessly, but I'm too scared to die so I would run and hide, which is something I'm really good at. [At Halloween scare events, I'm always so surprised how quick my reactions are at running at slight noises or trying to duck into bushes or under things]

5. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Or lead female character?
I really have a soft spot for Roxanne from 'A Goofy Movie', just because I tend to have the same idiosyncrasies as her, so her character is very comforting and familiar to me. Plus I tend to always get compared to her...

6. What helps make you calm when you're stressed out?
Bubble baths and acoustic music...

7. Have you ever been bullied?
Not really... I was usually in the 'popular' cliques in school or had a ton of friends around me.. Though I did have someone dislike me for being too nice and happy and someone because we 'looked similar', and it was apparently and insult to her... I mean, other than that Disneyland episode from a few months back, there's been no bullying in my life...

8. Who is one person that has changed your life or thinking in some way? And how?
Hmm, I'm have to say, that taking people out of my life has changed me for the better and that I'm not as bitter and my heart and soul feel lighter without them around and I feel more 'in my skin' than ever before, so I guess that influenced me? Honestly, I don't get super effected by one person or at least in an extreme way.

9. When I was young, I thought we had two pipes that went down our throats. One for liquids, one for solids. It just made sense to me. I had a friend that told me when she was young, she thought the world revolved around her like it was her world. When you were young, what was one of your kid logics?
I used to think that If you rotated your ankles back and forth, you could fly and I spent years thinking that and believing that... Idk, or that like, I would always say loudly after entering a house 'You are not allowed to enter!', because I read Dracula at a young age and since they [vampires]can only enter a household if they're invited, I thought that if I said that, that I would be safe from them entering the household?? 

10. What made you start liking makeup or fashion?
This boy I liked, liked girly girls, and since I was like, punk or something? I decided to change myself 180 degrees to get him to like me and after I changed myself, I started liking taking care of myself and trying to look better.. Yeah, it's a pretty shallow reason.

11. If you met your 10 year old self, what would you say to her? And what do you think she would think of you?
Oh my gosh, she would hate me! Like from age 10-18, I was so rebellious and anti-everything and was more interested in theater and being unique to the point of ridiculousness. Yeah. I'm pretty much the thing I used to hate most... Though, I would tell her to stop being so one track minded and to take better care of herself and to be more conscious of rules and regulations and to stop 'fighting the man' and stuff...

Eleven people to tag!

Weh, I am like super awkward and shizz, and like asdfghjk, and I don't know people on here that well or at least I feel creepy just tagging you and you'll be all like, "Who is this girl tagging me, I don't know her!"
If you're reading this, than you're tagged!
Like, legitimately, pretend that this is some chain letter and you have to do it or I'll appear at your window with like something horrible and stuff if you don't do it... 

Yeah. So, go on!

Eleven questions I want the ones I tagged to answer...

1. If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass on to your children, what would it be?
2. If you could fill a pool with anything, what would it be?
3. What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
4. If you could only play one song on repeat for the rest of your life, there is no choice, what song would it be?
5. You're skydiving and you realize your parachute isn't opening. You're definitely going to die when you hit the ground.
What would you think about/do for the last 5 minutes?
6.Would you change your name if you could, and to what and why?
7. What is the scariest experience you've ever had.
8. Do you tend to ask for female or male doctors, which are you more comfortable with?
9. If you had to live in any childhood cartoon world, which show would it be, and what would be the first thing you do?
10. What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
11. What is within reaching distance of you, and please write about it in haiku form.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clinique Haul~ Spring 2012

 Oh happy day! My mum 'stole' my BB cream and liked it, so as reimbursement, she bought me a new one and some concealer and powder [all which I ran out of]. Also, seeing as it's spring, Clinique has their annual samplers, so I got to play with those too! So, on to the haul~
 Clinique 'All about eyes' concealer.
 I like to use them for spot correcting and under eyes because of the consistency and the tube. application. I have them in 'Medium beige' a more yellow colour for under my eyes, and 'Medium petal' which matches my skin more and I use that one for spot correcting.

My Clinique BB cream in Golden, but I guess they call it '02' now? Any ways, it's still the same shade and I'm so addicted to this stuff.
Funny thing, on the directions I love how it says it's 'Formulated for Asian skin'.
Finally! I have my Foundation powder to set my BB cream! I will have perfect looking, matte, flawless skin again! This time it's also in my correct shade [Me picking a colour online was better than having some girl swatch me.. Ugh, seriously, counter girls shouldn't freaking underestimate my colour matching skills....  But it's not like I tell them I'm a M.U.A either...]
Anywho, my shade is '07 Matte Neutral (MF-N)'

Now, on to the testers that I did test out today~

 First is the blush and eye shadow palette. Included is a highlight, colour wash and contour colour with a coraly blusher.
The colour names [from left to right] are:
'Single shade from 'Like Mink' duo' 
'Single shade from 'Pink Chocolate' quad'
'Chocolate Chip' matte
'Fig' blusher 

So, I really love the highlight, it's a perfect match for a highlight for me, which is a good 1-2 shades lighter than my skin colour and has a very subtle sheen to it. I think it's something I would like to purchase in the future.
For the pink colour, it's not for me. It's very glittery, which I don't like and very sheer and took a while for me to apply it enough times to get the full colour pay off.
'Chocolate chip' is nice, with high pigmentation and blends really well. It's just average, but very nice all the same...
As for the the blush, it's very similar to NARS 'Orgasm' but without the glitter, which means that I absolutely love it. I always wanted a colour like that for blush but sans the sparkle dust.

 I also received a 'Long Last Glosswear' with SPF 15 in '04 Sunset' and a 'Different Lipstick' in '62 Tenderheart' amd when I first saw it It looked frosted and golden brown and just screamed early 2000 and I wasn't too happy with it from appearances. But 'OH my goodness!' I was wrong~
I have never found a lipstick or gloss that was my exact natural lip colour and here it is! The lipstick felt like lip balm and was so moisturizing and has like this really good colour payoff but with just the right opacity that doesn't cake the colour on like you would want from a bright or pale lip colour so it really keeps the lip looking natural. And the gloss has just the right 'stickiness' that doesn't goop on your lip but gives it a nice shine and the colour isn't frosted at all it's just the right compliment to the lipstick it's paired with!
Like, I'm so happy with these that I want to stock up on it in bulk!
 As for Clinique samplers, they always include the 'Dramatically Different Moisturizer', which is my daily moisturizer, and some type of random skin care. This time, it was 'Moisture Surge'. I ended up using it last night as a night cream which I slathered on quite thickly. Now, night creams and I don't have a very good relationship because they tend to break me out. Now, it's not specified to be a night cream but it was pretty thick and gel like, so I thought it would make a good one.
So, when I woke up this morning, my skin was super supple and clear looking with no new break outs to be found! So, maybe after a longer trial period, I may go back to invest in it.
 Now on to the Mascara... I didn't like it. At all.. It gooped up my lashes and really badly clumped them and it didn't thicken nor did it lengthen.. Thank goodness it's a sample and one I'd never invest in...

Now for pictures using all the clinique products. [for liner, I used my 24 hour Tattoo Liner]

Room lighting~
 [For my false lashes I used a pair given to me by Maple Lens, that I received with my circle lenses.]
For the first 5 minutes, I really hated them, beacuse they were so long and dramatic yet natural. Which is a rally odd combination, but after seeing how pretty they look on camera, I kind of really like them....
My Clinique makeup in natural light.

Seriously, the foundation setting powder makes my skin look super flawless!
I hope you enjoyed my haul~

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fay 3 Tone Violet, EOS Circle Lenses [Sponsored]

 So, this really awesome circle lens site called Maple Lens contacted me and asked me to do a review for them and after checking them out and talking to one of the staff, I knew they were really quality and really sweet and just the perfect fit for me. So, a little more than a week later and deciding on a pair of lenses, I got this pretty little package in the post!
I also got this really adorable 'Thank you' card from them, they're too kind. Also note that everything is in lavender! I was so happy with that small little touch. I also received a little special something via email from them too, but I will share that later~ 
 Also, look how well packaged everything is! It's sealed shut and it made me feel very secure that my lenses were in good care while being shipped to me.
 All of the lavender goodness! I think the elephant cases are too cute, and I keep playing with them.
Now to the good part~

The lenses!
So, I ordered the Fay 3 Tone Violet Lenses

SKU: Fay Violet
Brand: ( E.O.S )
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Weight : 0.100 kgs
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

 I really like them, and I think they look magical! This is actually my first unnatural coloured lens I've owned, and I'm so happy that I chose violet because it really goes well with my features.
I think I like these more than my Gossip Aqua lenses that I have not to mention they're way more comfortable than them, and I can wear them for well over 10 hours without discomfort.
With these lenses, I find that they actually feel better after the 3 hour mark and they don't slide around my eye and I actually forget they're there.
Now, for the design, I think they have a very natural look despite the bright colouring and it blends well into my eye. My friends have told me that they look like they are my real eye colour from afar, even as close as 3 feet from my face. Alas, from really up close they are slightly pixelated [which my be the only downside], but who really gets that close except for myself when I'm fixing my makeup?
The colour may look quite bright, but I assure you that in real life, it gives the impression of clarity like lighter eyes tend to have so I find that effect really awesome and pretty~
The enlargement it just perfect for me, as I've stated before that I love lenses that are 14.5 because they are bigger than my natural iris and make my eyes look larger, but not too much that they take over my whole eye.

My rating:
is a 4/5 [just because of the pixelated look near the center of the lenses]
They really do look pretty from a bit farther back~
 Now, as for the special email. They told me that from here on out, if you guys order from them with my code 'carisseiris' you get :

+15% discount coupon 
+mystery gift

I am so excited to finally have something awesome an applicable for you guys~~
And I wouldn't send you off into some really shady place, trust me.