Saturday, January 25, 2014

Molang Haul from Official Retailer~~

Finally working on my Molang collection <3 I might have a slight addiction to this puffy little rabbit~
Luckily, this cute mascot is gaining popularity around the world so it's getting easier to find him abroad.

Due to the demand for international shipping for items from the official Molang online shop [here],
They opened an official eBay store that has international shipping [eBay shop], which is great news for those out of Korea.

The eBay shop lists new items every other week and sells all the items, depending on availability, carried on their normal shop~
Shipping ranges from $7 USD to $25 USD, which is pretty affordable.

My items came in two packages, one priced at $25, which was the necklace and the rest all together for $20 shipping in total. Shipping is decent and takes 5-20 days to receive your parcel depending where you live.

 With my package I received a free Molang fan and a set of 3D Molang stickers.

The most expensive item in their shop is the Molang and Nano+o Meter necklace. Which is slightly over $100 USD.
It's made of Silver 92.5%,red copper etc 7.5%,Rhodium Plating and is hand crafted.
The necklace is roughly the size of my pinky nail bed and comes on a silver chain.

It should be noted that I have a sever metal allergy when it comes to items that aren't silver or gold and I've been wearing the necklace for almost a month now without removing it and I show no signs of irritation. So I can attest that the item is very pure.

The necklace looks very delicate and lies just right under my collar bone and does a beautiful job of accentuating my neck and is a great universal accessory for all my outfits.
I debated for awhile if the necklace was worth splurging on and after putting it on, I have no regrets on getting it for myself.
The next item I ordered was the Molang neck pillow. It's very well crafted, very soft but firm enough to nicely support my head and neck comfortably.

It's so very cute and an item I use quite often, especially when I'm in bed reading.

 The last Molang merchandise I purchased was the Molang cloak/house blanket.
It's a decent sized blanket, it's roughly 80cm long from top to bottom and has a plush hook that closes the cloak around your shoulders. It's very comfortable, warm and secure~ Perfect for the cool nights we've been having recently.
 The cloak even has a cute tail on the back and mittens for your hands to keep snug. Which, for some reason, I forgot to take pictures of;;

 Details of the beautiful stitching/details.
Also, you can roll up the blanket and tuck it into the hood for storage and it looks super cute, like a plush~

I'm so glad that Molang is becoming popular and is more readily available to an international audience. All the items of Molang I have are great quality and are a joy to own.

I hope you enjoyed the information and a peek at my haul.
I'm starting to live up to my given nickname, 'Molang Princess'~


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Turning Heads, Rose Wholesale [Sponsored] Shoe Review

 I'm very glad to introduce you to a new online retailer and partner, Rose, is a fast growing online retailer offering high quality products at amazing prices. There are many various clothes, bags, shoes, etc... They update their stock regularly, and there's always some kind of deal going on!

The kind people at Rose Wholesale sent me these lovely wedge heels [available here]
The shoes came in quite quickly, I believe in 2 weeks~ Which isn't bad when coming from across seas. They came nicely packaged and with it's own box.

Details on the shoes include: cross straps with adjustable hook, which is also detachable; and a cute gold heart charm.

The height of the shoe starts at 3 cm in the front  and 10.5 cm at the heel. The incline of the shoe isn't that steep since it is a platform.

At first, I was a bit weary since the first time I would be wearing the heels out, I was going around shopping and before hand I forgot to wear the heels in or stretch them, which I always do when I get shoes... But surprisingly, these shoes wore in quite quickly and didn't give me any problems. Admittedly, my heel was a bit sore at the 3 hour mark but that's kind of a given but no blister, which is always a good thing!

The shoes are relatively comfortable, I didn't have any issues walking around for an extended amount of time but I probably wouldn't wear them say to an amusement park. They're a very good casual heel for a day or night out.
They are casual enough to be dressed down and elegant enough to dress up~ I feel like I'll be able to get a lot of wear out of them!

Above, my shopping outfit and how I chose to style the shoe.
I am really excited to wear them with a ruffled sock or patterned stockings, they will really make a great compliment to the design of the shoe.

Also, the shoes come in two other colours: tan and black~ It's very tempting to stock up on the other two colours, I can envision outfits for them already;;

I'm very happy with my item from RoseWholesale, and content with the service and the professionalism of the staff behind it. Thank you Rose Wholesale for the lovely product and introduction to a new place to shop for multiple occasions and for others.