Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ariel inspired tutorial, Urban Decay Naked on the Run

Happy belated New Year! I started this year off with a very drastic change and dyed my hair auburn.
So, I decided to kick off the new year with a fitting tutorial inspired by The Little Mermaid.
 So, the palette I used for my whole look is Urban Decay's Naked on the Run kit.
 The palette comes with a bronzer, blush, highlight 50/50, Perversion mascara, Stag 24/7 eyeliner, Naked lip gloss in Stesso and five new eyeshadows:
Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare and Stun
Below I have swatches of all the colours.
Like everything UD, all the products are well pigmented and have luxurious consistencies. It's my fave brand for a reason haha.

So, let's get on to the tutorial.
The look is very easy, and a typical 'natural' look with amplifies your natural features. For easy application, I applied it all using my Urban Decay duo brush, but you can easily use your finger pads in a pinch or if you're 'on the run'.
1. Mixing the highlight shade, 50/50 and the light rose colour, Dive, I pat the product onto my lid.
2. Using the matte taupe shadow, Fix, I blended the shadow into my deepest area on my lid, my socket. You can find this easily by lightly feeling through your lid where your eyeball is. You will put the colour and blend right above your eyeball into that slight indentation. 
3.Using Fix, blend the colour under your lower lash line. I also applied a touch of the highlight colour 50/50 around my tear duct area.
4. You can deepen the look of your eye by blending a bit of the darkest colour, Stun, on the corner of your eyes. Then, using Stag, line your eyes with a thin line and gentle wing, then blend out the liner a bit to soften up the look.

Then, finish with a coat of Perversion Mascara, and your favourite falsies.

Apply contour, blush, highlight and a bit of the gloss and you are good to go!
[I don't usually use bronzer as contour but I tried it out for the sake of the tutorial, and the colour is way too warm to be a decent contour shade.. So, be wary of that. I ended up deepening my contour with a darker foundation powder of mine.]

Time for hair~
I based my Ariel hair inspiration on the look from The Little Mermaid musical. I thought it looked magical and simple enough for a cute and simple hair style that still translates as Disney princess.

You will need to start a few hours or even a night before hand by pin curling your hair. 
I started mine with a 1 inch hair wand then rolling those curls and securing them on my head with alligator clips.
When you take your pin curls out your hair might look a hot mess but trust me it'll come out fine.
After I smoothed my curls by gently brushing them out, I teased the crown of my hair a ton, and smoothed it out into a deep side part, it looked a lot better.

So, the main basis of the look are two rope braids on both sides of the head. A rope braid is really simple~
You just take two strands twirl both strands in towards your face, just to define the twists, then twist  the two strands together, away from your face. It's as easy as it looks.
 The side of your hair near the part will have a shorter strand, and you just bobby pin that in place.
The side of your hair with more hair you will make a longer rope, then pin it with a few pins in a curve like a shell shape~ It's a lovely style that keeps hair off your face but gives a nice touch of dimension to the hair .
 When you get your hair all combed and sorted, even using your fingers to help shape the curls, you should have nice bouncy curls and waves that should last all day~

Voilla, relatively easy Ariel inspired look!

I hope you enjoyed!