Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What’s on my Tech~ iPad Pro & Note 8 [+ backgrounds]

Over the past few months I’ve done a full tech overhaul! I’ve been using the iPad Pro 9.7” for almost a year now and recently upgraded my phone to the Samsung Note 8. So I can happily share all my favorite applications and themes on my devices~

Before I share what’s on my iPad I want to share what’s actually on my iPad~ I’ve been using the Pink Marble Swirl vinyl skin from Clique Shops for a few years and have had the exact same style on every iteration of apple tablet I’ve had. 

Application is pretty easy and self explaitory, but getting proper placement is the most daunting part of the task and the most time consuming part. Also, once it’s down it’s tough to remove/fix without ripping or stretching the vinyl. 

The skins from Clique feel amazing, stay clean and don’t fade at all. I easily keep them on a tablet for a year or more, I don’t even usually need to replace them~ I just wanted to share what I have been using because it’s something that’s ended up becoming my staple look. 
(So not sponsored but I just love this product so much.)

Now on to what is actually in my iPad! My iPad is themed Legally Blonde for the start of the Spring school session and looks cute and romantic for Valentines to boot! 

I am keeping my apps clear of distractions since I’m using it purely for school and work. Because of that  I don’t have social media or games on my iPad.

On my home row I keep the apps; MyFitnessPal, Camera360, Gallery, Chrome, LINE messenger, and Gmail

I have 4 main folders: home, study, editing, and things.

Home holds apps; Google home, Google, Phillips Hue and Settings.

In the “things”catagory is; my banking app, Google Maps, Google Translate, and Sketches Pro.

In my study folder I have;
PDF Expert- I use to read, and write on PDF files.
iBooks- I have a few recreational books on and one textbook for school.
GoodNotes- My go to note taking app! I definitely love that I’m able to have my notes and textbook on the screen at the same time!! It’s seriously such a game changer for me!
Power Point
My school’s app so I can stay connected and see any campus news or activities.
Play Books- Another book app that has some of my textbooks for class
Quizlet- A digital flash card app that some professors also use sometimes
Canvas Student- Where my teachers post assignments onto and my classes have group chat on.
Google Drive- Online file storage and sharing.
Onenote- a highly recommended app by people online that I actually ended up deleting since I love GoodNotes more.

^ good notes and my textbook on screen share

My last folder of importance is editing;
Photoshop Fix- The main app that I edit my HD/ DSLR photos on.
Photoshop Mix- Where I can layer photos and collage items. I use it to put my watermark on my pictures.
Adobe Sketch- An app I can easily make transparent images to layer onto my photos.
LINE camera- The app I usually edit selfies on and apply cute stickers onto my pictures.
Google Photos- I use to store my photos online and to keep my iPad free of clutter. 

^Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, and Adobe Sketch screen grabs. 

My iPad isn’t super exciting in terms of applications I use but everything I have is extremely useful to  being productive and I’ve found a way to completely replace my laptop, which I really didn’t think was possible before this.  


On my phone, I’ve decided to match my iPad’s Legally Blonde theming to keep me motivated.

I wanted to keep my screens looking clean so I removed the App labels.

On my home row I keep the contact function, standard text messenger application, the home key, LINE messenger, and gmail. I keep these as the base because they’re my most used tools. I also have Camera360 as my main camera application (I use the ‘sweet’ filter on every photo I take fyi) that I access with a double tap on my screen which is super convenient for brining up instantly. 

On my left screen I have the apps; 
Google Maps
Chrome Browser
Play Music- My go to music service that I store all my old music too (I upgraded my revive on it too)
My bank’s mobile app

My main screen is the middle screen which houses;
MyFitnessPal- Where I like to record what I eat daily and keep track of my intake.
Fitbit app- connects to my Fitbit and is easily accessible to input my water intake and check my activity levels.

My right screen I keep the apps;
SNOW- My favorite app for selfie filters and I like to use to shoot photos I know I’l want to post on Instagram stories.
LINE camera- My staple on the go face editor/shopping program.
Instax Share- Connects to my Polaroid printer for when I don’t want to take my Polaroid camera around with me.

If I tap on my home key, I’m brought to the rest of my apps. I like to keep things here organized as much as I can, and hide the systems apps. 

Misc apps I like having around are;
LINE play- The only mobile game that I have and have played consistently for 5 years, haha;; 
DropMix- which is one of the best electronic/board game hybrids I bought last year! 
My college’s app
Canvas Student- For checking my assignments, and access to my classes group chat function.

For customizations to my Note 8 I use the apps;
Dodol Launcher- That I use for my phone’s standard auncher and completely customizes my phone’s look/layout.
Dodol Locker- Which I use for a custom pink lock screen.
Dodol Pop- Has lots of cute system and text tones that I use to make my phone sound like a fairy.
Ringtone Maker- I used to turn my music into a ringtone for my phone.
PrivacyStar- Blocks scammer calls and telemarketers. 

In terms of customization I have two themes as my center. 
I customized my phone’s main theme on the Samsung theme shop which customizes call screens, the text messenger, contact list, and Samsung’s standard keyboard. I’ve found it helpful to customize the main base rather than add more applications since there’s no glitching from the standard system.

Right now I’m using Cartoon Hearts by Gabriel Santana

For my main launcher, I use Dodol Launcher which only takes over the main home screens and app icons. The launcher makes customization super easy and I’ve been using it for years, so it’s become my comfort zone for customizations.

The Dodol theme I’m using is cute.rabbits

Since I use LINE messenger for my main source of communication, I have a theme from Yayoi who is my favorite artist right now, her aesthetic is so on point and she’s the creator of all the phone backgrounds I put together! You can see more of her work on her website [here

^Yayoi’s bakery LINE theme + themed Samsung keyboard 

So, talking about Yayoi’s art she’s put up her own phone backgrounds for use on her Twitter account, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites! 


Yayoi also makes movie fashion boards for Laurier Press and I wanted to turn some of my favorite school movies into some inspirational phone backgrounds to share~ 

I’m partial to Clueless, House Bunny and Legally Blonde so those were the three I honed in on. 

^ Yayoi’s twitter def recommend following for aesthetic inspo

I hoped taking a look into what’s on my tech was helpful for anyone maybe mind opening into new ways on using a device too?!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Jill Stuart Pajama Party 2017 Holiday Collection Review + Tutorial

One of my Christmas gifts this past holiday was the Jill Stuart Pajama Party Holiday Collection set. Which was one I was extremely excited to open up and play with! I’ve actually just started collecting and buying Jill Stuart makeup items and it’s quickly become one of my favorite brands not only because of the beautiful packaging but the quality of the makeup has been consistently well worth it’s price point.

The set I received was one of 2 possible colour ways. Set A mimicking lacy and more sexier pajamas and set B, which I have, reflecting a sweeter satin pajama set. Both perfectly matching the title of the collection. 

The makeup inside the pouches also matches the set chosen, one with lace packaging and the other a more playful pink packaging. Both sets seem to have the same products just the outside look differs. Each set contains an eyeliner, eyeshadow set, highlighter and lip gloss. All which are full-sized products and all containing enhancements to pamper the skin like peach extract, apricot oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. Also, all of them have a light vanilla cotton candy like scent. 

The eyeshadow palette has 6 shades;
A light beige with pink shimmer and some gold glitter.
A warm pink with some hot pink glitter dispersed throughout.
A warm reddish brown with pink shimmer.
A pearlescent peach shade.
A pearlescent cocoa shadow.
A pearlescent cool toned baby pink with large chunks of lamé throughout.

All of the shades are extremely pigmented but the light beige shade is quite chalky and tends to leave a lot of fall out. The best application for the most pay off is with the included sponge tip applicators. I really appreciate this palette because it has a good amount of shades I don’t own and is so beautifully complimentary to each other and has the right shades to create a completely cohesive eye look. 

The highlighter is extremely cute! But, it’s also the item I really didn’t care for compared to the rest of the included makeup. It really is more like a brightening face powder/ setting powder. I already own a face powder I adore, so, in comparison this does nothing for me. The finish is basically translucent and imparts no colour or even any type of improved visible finish to the skin, but it’s very soft to the touch after application but I didn’t experience anything that really impressed me. 

The eyeliner included is the Kittenish Look liner in 08 Black Negligee which is a deep deep brown or warm black? Its a pretty unique shade that I think I’m obsessed with now. The liner is super precise, surprisingly firm despite the felt tip and extremely thin! My friend even commented, “Why would anyone need an eyeliner pen that draws that thin!” The formula is a bit liquid so on surfaces with many lines it can bleed, like on my hand. On my eyes though, I had no issues and it glided like a dream with no dry spots or pulling. It also lasted ages even with my super watery eyes. (I just looked it up, but it’s also water proof!) 

Look how thin and precise it gets though!

This is actually my first Jill Start eyeliner and I think I found my new favorite eyeliner brand!

The gloss included is a super moisturizing lip jelly. The colour is sheer with a hot cherry pink base that depending on the lip product used under it can read as a fuscia gloss or even orange toned. The gloss has small chunks of cherry pink/orange glitter and isn’t blatantly obvious but enough so that it really amps up the shine on the lips. Like all the other products it has nutritious additives and a vanilla candy scent. 

So, I wanted to try making a less obvious look with the palette and really wanted to try using the pink shade since it’s the only pink eyeshadow I’ve ever tried that didn’t give me an allergic reaction! (also wanted to try experimenting with a different tutorial layout, similar to magazine styling, so input would be great;;) 

The overall look is very beginner friendly and actually super quick to complete. It also looks surprisingly natural dispite the use of excessive amounts of glitter. I really think the use of brown false lashes adds to the light feeling of the look. 

I continued with the pink theme on the rest of my face with a hot pink lip tint, YSL Glossy Stain Lip Color in 206 Misty Pink, patted lightly on my lips and cheeks and a smattering of chunky cosmetic grade glitter on the highlights of my cheeks to really amp up the playfulness of the overall feel. Then I finished it off by applying the gloss to my lips.  

Overall, the Holliday set was a wonderful item to receive and through it I found a new all time favorite product and two that I will be reaching for quite regularly! I am definitely a fan of the collection and it really hits the sweet spot of the aesthetic I’m loving at the moment.