Thursday, October 29, 2015

Second Start to the Right, and Straight on to Disneyland

So, once again, I'm starting with apologies, but I'm still neck deep into my studies. I'm currently studying for an entrance exam to the school I want to go to, so that's my main focus right now. So, I haven't abandoned my blog. Just a short hiatus of sorts while I focus on my schooling.

On to happier and much more fun topics!

Like, every year, Halloween is my favorite holiday and one I throw myself into with a gusto!
This year, my friends and I were too busy, collectively, to focus on a cohesive group costume. So, we all did our own thing. For myself, I chose to do my own version of Wendy Darling, from Peter Pan.

My idea, was very simple~ I really wanted a Wendy inspired outfit in a similar styling as Secret Honey's Disney fashion items. With that in mind, I sketched out a rough idea of how I wanted my costume/coord to look.

From the above sketch, I knew I would need to reach out to alternate sources for items, so I went to etsy to look for small business owners that had or could create what I envisioned.

My dress was created by BbeautyDesigns

I purchased their Wendy Darling dress and requested for a shorter hemline to modernize the look, and to create a cuter silhouette like I envisioned.
They owner was extremely efficient and my dress came out perfect! It was surprisingly comfortable too.

My cape was created by Capeandcrown13
I ordered a custom cape, which is just gorgeous! I'll have a separate blog post on my cape because I ended up wearing it a few times and have some pretty photos I want to share.

My ears were made by CaleighsCrowns
I ordered the perfectly fitting Wendy Darling inspired Mouse Ears Flower Crown 
The ears are extremely sturdy, and withstood 3 coaster rides and a long day of wear and tear. It's full of adorable details which adds to it's charm.

My outfit came together just as I envisioned, which, I absolutely adore!

I topped off my outfit with pearl and star accessories that I bought for cheap off eBay~

Of course no Peter Pan related outfit would be complete without Pixie dust, and seriously, I was slathered in my MAC Reflects Pearl!

Relatively, my outfit was pretty simple and easy and I could have fun with it, which I was definitely glad for.

This was the first year all of us could just go with the flow, ride whatever ride we wanted, and not feel pressured to take a perfect group photo and worry over costume details, wigs or props. So, it was a nice break!

It was also a nice break from studying, and a good excuse to see my girls and forget about life for a few hours!

I don't know if  I'll do any Halloween night look, but I have plenty of past tutorials and looks.
So, if this ends up being the last Halloween post for me this year~
I want to wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!!