Friday, November 29, 2013

Belated; Went to the Frozen Pre-screening

 Oh gosh, I'm so behind;; I got the flu and blah!
I really should try getting back to blogging on a more regular schedule hopefully I'll be getting on that soon!

Anywho, like the title says~ I went to a Pre Screening of Frozen last week, I got the tickets as a birthday present so that was pretty awesome!

The even started at like, 9am?? But the first portion was a brunch with the princess but my friend and I missed it because we didn't want to wake up that early.

The event was really awesome, we got free popcorn and refreshments, special edition 3d glasses, a little magazine with cast interviews and free chocolate!
 Before the show there was ice carving and a little introduction of the princess from Frozen.

 The whole theater was decked out so wonderfully and they even had snow falling on us at one point and it was just really magical!

I really enjoyed Frozen, so much that I watched it opening day again and invested in the soundtrack!
The movie really reminds me of the Disney 'golden age', and was one of the best Disney movies I've seen maybe in the past 8 years~

[Not to mention, the cherry on top was Idina Menzel was in the cast, she was one of my favourite people back when I was in middle school...]

Eventually, I got to the point that I wanted to do a makeup to closely resemble Elsa, the Queen, who is my absolute favourite character!

My pretty makeup~

My take on 'hipster' disney princess Elsa~
Theeeen, this is the angle you're not supposed to see the makeup aka; look at all that contouring!
It's actually been awhile since I've done a makeup that is on the more challenging side, like changing my facial structure...


So, have you seen Frozen or are planning on it?


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sponsored: Winter Princess Giveaway!

Officially, the holiday season is upon us!
Happily, I get to announce that with the merriment quickly approaching, the lovely online shop, SAMMYdress has partnered with me to go a wonderful giveaway for all of you, my beautiful readers!

Sammy dress is an online retailer that specializes in fashion at a warehouse price. They have hundreds [if not thousands] of items in their stock, and they update new items in their inventory daily!

They carry everything from jackets, dresses, makeup brushes, home accessories to wedding dresses and tuxes. [I even spotted a few maid dresses and school girl outfits, if that's your thing~]

Their page is available in multiple languages and they ship world wide! Which is awesome because it's available to everyone!

So, on to the giveaway!

Generously, Sammy dress is going to give away one of the items I picked [under] to the winner of said giveaway! So, whoever is chosen gets to pick one item from my little 'wishlist' or if one of the items isn't to the winner's choosing, they're free to pick one item under $15 of value~

[layered  necklace]     [bell choker]       [sweet ribbon necklace]        [queen collar]


[pearl knuckle ring]              [5 piece ring set]              [sweet rhinestone ring]


                         [strawberry tote]                     [puppy purse]                 [seashell satchel]

                                [bow flats]                   [bow rain boots]                    [alpaca slippers]

There’s 7 points maximum to earn in the giveaway, and it will be ending on December 13th 2013
Thank you  Sammy Dress for the opportunity to do this!

Giveaway is open internationally. Must be 18 or older to enter or if under said age please have permission from a guardian. Must be fine with sharing a mailing address. Please no ‘giveaway only’  blogs, accounts must appear to be a real person~
Giveaway is hosted by Rafflecopter and will be announced on here and on my blog.
Have fun!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elegant Autumn Gyaru, Current Makeup Tutorial

 Finally up and running again! This time, I have a new lighting set up to help me!

It seems my makeup changes quite often, so I will update you on my newest make style~

1. Moisturize and prime your face [I use Urban Decay's anti-aging primer ]
2. Apply foundation. I use Urban Decay's Naked Skin in 3.0 and I use the Urban Decay Blurring brush which is AMAZING!
3. Concealer time! I use my fingers and pat on areas I need more coverage then gently tap the concealer into my skin to blend. I use a mix of Makeup Forever's concealer and Clinique's under eye concealer for no real reason I just like how it covers when combined...
4. Set. I set my under eye area first with Etude House's Magic compact because it gives a nice coverage and colour to my under eye area. Then I go all over my face with Urban Decay's Naked Skin powder in Medium Light [which broke so I put it in a diff pot;;] 
I use the blurring brush for powder as well, which I clean before use~


Brow tutorial [click]
After I fill in my brows [with my Urban Decay brow duo], I go over them with my Dolly Wink brow mascara in shade #1, then when that dries, I cover my brows in a light layer of my foundation powder to make them even lighter~

1. Prime your lids. [ I use Urban Decay's primer potion]
2. Apply bronze colour all over lids then blend up and out. I use my finger to cover the lids, then a clean finger to blend. Above, I'm using Urban Decay's Baked.
3. Again using a finger, tap a chocolate colour to the outer corner/crease of your eye, then blend. Once again, I use a clean finger to blend. Above, I'm using Urban Decay's Twice Baked.
4. Along the lash line apply more of the chocolate colour for more opacity. I use a generic angled brush.
5. Using a light colour, use a clean finger and apply it under the brow and lightly blend it down. I used Urban decay's Foxy.
You can easily use any quad or trio to emulate the same look. I tried to pick colours you could easily pick up in Urban Decay's Naked palette.
I've also done the same look using Dolly Wink's palette. Their #2 palette [not pictured] is a good dupe for the Urban Decay colours I've used..
6. Using the same angled brush in the chocolate colour, starting at the middle of your under eye, shadow lightly to create an extended line that is similar in shape to a comma. It extends roughly 1mm past your natural eye and at the largest width is also roughly 1mm.
7. Using a white eye pencil, I use Pa's eye pencil in Pearl. create the same shape but the chubbier end will be under your tear duct.

For example, please look to the diagram.

8. Create an elongated wing lined eye. I try to keep my line thin and quite straight. [not flicking up at the tail] I elongate my wing roughly to the same length as my eyebrow, which is 2mm longer than my eye. I use K Pallete's 24 hour tattoo liner pen. Another eyeliner I like and use is Kat Von D's Autograph liner.
9. Using eyeliner pencil, line your top water line. I use Urban Decay's Zero eyeliner.
10. Using the same pencil, line your lower water line but only the space right under your iris.
11. Apply mascara. I use Heroine Make's lengthening mascara.

Eye Smile:
1. Using my eyebrow powder [Urban Decay's eybrow duo] and my angled brush [which should be clean], I enhance my eye smile. The little pouch under your eyes that puffs when you smile really big. Roughly, it's 1.5mm- 2mm under your eye. I extend mine to the halfway point of my winged liner.

Accentuating this has become quite popular this year! Not only does it look youthful and happy, but makes your eyes double in size!

1. Apply top lash. I extend mine roughly 1mm past my natural eye and apply it along my winged liner. I've recently been Using Jewerich lashes in #6.

2. Apply bottom lashes.I apply my bottom lashes along the bottom edge of my chocolate eyeshadow I applied earlier. The end should meet close to your top lashes to create your larger eye effect. I use Dolly Wink's lower lash in #5

My contouring tutorial [click]
I use Tarte's bronzer in Park Avenue Princess for contour, Buxom's blush in Breathless. For highlight I use my light eyeshadow. I used the golden shimmer from my Dolly Wink palette.

1. Apply lip balm, or chap stick.
2. Using my white pencil, I highlight above my cupid's bow. [The area you should thinly line is the tippy top above your lip and should be naturally highlighted]
3. Apply your lipstick. I'm using NARS lipstick in Cat Fight. I also apply my lipstick in a smaller shape than my natural lip. [my natural lip is outlined in purple in the diagram above.]
4. Use concealer to line around your lipstick for a clean finish and to cover your natural lip that you covered.
5. Apply lip gloss.

Dun dura dun!!! 
The finished look!
Cute, elegant with just a hint of sexy<3

What do you think?