Sunday, December 6, 2015

Recent Disney Nails

I love getting my nails done, it's one of my vices, just like fake lashes and hair extensions~

Since July I've been in such a Disney mood, and my nails are definitely reflecting that.
Back in October, I had my nails done to match my Wendy Darling inspired costume.
 I like to call them my mermaid lagoon nails. They feature one of the Neverland mermaids, watercolour style nails in a colour scheme taken from the aforementioned scene in Peter Pan and detailed in gold trails of fairy dust. They looked quite magical and it was sad to part with them.

Back in July, I had Rapunzel inspired nails that actually glowed with NFC led lights that triggered when I received a phone call or text message or activated the NFC function on my phone. Details included parts of Rapunzel's dress, the Disney princess herself, golden hair, and of course lots of flowers.
I have a video of the lights in action [here]

My latest set for December is on the more muted side, being inspired by Cinderella.
I wanted something pretty, sparkly and feminine.
 Some key details are holographic pieces all throughout the nails, open space designs, and silhouettes of a waltzing Cinderella and one of her pumpkin carriage. The light colours and pearl details are also befitting of winter and remind me of snowflakes, and look so pretty and bring the look full circle.

A fun little touch is the hidden Mickeys on the underside of my nail. I never usually see under nail art, and the  little hidden gems are a nice touch of something unique to my nail set.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my recent nail art.

All my nails are done at Atlas Studio.
I've been going there for almost 6 years now, and I'm always so impressed with the work and atmosphere.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Magical Disney Themed Mobile Backgrounds

As a fun treat, since I've taken such a long break~ I thought to share some backgrounds I made for my phone this year.

Usually, I tend to share on my tumblr, just the ones I didn't end up using, but I decided to compile all those and the actual backgrounds I've used, for fun.

If you have a samsung phone, I have a run down on how I customize my phone [here] and [here]

As an example here are few examples of my phone setups

 The last one is my current phone set up for winter~ though I think I need to mess with the tone of my keyboard to be more on the blue side now I see it on my laptop...

Anywho; here are the backgrounds I put together~

Little Mermaid
 Mermaid Lagoon


 Daisy Duck/Floral
For funzies