Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wee! San Diego Summer trip~

 Sorry, this is another picture heavy entry~ Haha, I guess I really like snapping pictures<3
Any who, my friends and I go to San Diego every summer ever since I lived there for 1/3 of a year... I can't lie, SD is a gorgeous place full of gorgeous people and lovely things. I always love going back and basking in the sun there.
We took the 1 1/2 hour drive down and stayed for 4 days and 3 nights at a hotel which is directly across from the San Diego fair in Del Mar.

 The suite was so nice a roomy, and we even had a lovely kitchen, which came in very helpful! There was also a pretty pool right under our balcony which we luxuriated in for a full day! Ah, so relaxing!
Our first full day, we went to the SD fair! I love going to the fair, the food, the rides, the sights~ It's just such a 'summer' thing to do, and a great way to spend a sunny day!
It was really cute, the theme was 'Out of this world', and there was a lot of outer space/alien themed places and rooms.

 My friends are so lovely and stylish! I was taking sneaky pictures of them, though most of the pictures were them glaring at me... :[
 ^^Yay, my ticket! Now get ready for the picture spam!

 I really wanted one of those kitten balloons, but I didn't want to waste my money on something so frivolous...

 Seriously, look at that amazing blinged out cash register! LOOK AT IT! I was flipping out, even their mannequins were blinged~ It was amazing.
 We also went on the sky transport thing... I hate heights, but my friends and I always go on it. No matter what, I'm still clutching on for dear life and shaking like a leaf. But, I look nice pictures just to post on the blog.. I'm pretty impressed with myself.

 Oh, also I thought it was pretty funny that this cheesy-fried food stand randomly had carrot sticks, like that the heck?!
 My friend also won a pillow pet on the darts game<3 She's pretty awesome!
We also rode an elephant names 'Kitty'~ So fun and the workers were really nice!
 She's really cute, and I wish my eyelashes and eyes were so pretty and doe like, like hers!

 We all split an 'onion bloom' which is a deep fried onion and ranch, fried calamari which was crazy expensive but yummy and an extra large lemonade... We could not finish it at all, it was so filling and delicious!
 We then found a dipin' dots kiosk and I got a 'birthday cake'  ice cream. I really love dippin' dots, it's so cute and yummy and so great on a hot sunny day!

 Also, I wish we rode this ride, but were 2 tickets short from  being able to all ride it together.. So sad.
It was so beautiful, yet alone it was Michael Jackson's...

 Wee, I was seated by myself on a ride behind my friends, so of course I took out my camera and snapped a few pictures... ;3

 The following day, we went to Cafe 222 [link here]
It's kind of an annual thing we do/go to every time we're in the area..
The food is amazing and just down right drool worthy! It's the best place to go for breakfast/lunch and you can bring your puppy friend with you too!
 Look how many certificates and awards they have! Mmm..
 My hair was curled so nicely too~
 My pretty friends waiting for our table to be ready, oh! Be aware, there is usually a wait to get in, but it's nothing crazy... It just means they're delicious!
 Cute little salt and peppers~
 My regularly ordered cappuccino...
 My friend's milk chocolate~

 Look at the lighting, it's so cute!
 It's always so packed, but the humm of the chatter is so lovely and enjoyable.
 Yum yum yum... My 5 grain waffle and eggs with pesto!
 I'm just drooling looking at the pictures again!
[By the way, they're known for their granola and pumpkin waffles, which one of my friend's ordered, which are AMAZING]

 My friend's cornbread waffle which is super yummy!
 Wah, till next trip~

After brunch, we decided to go to Fashion Valley because one of my friends has never been there before.
 We were really entertained because these 3 princess dolls looked like the 3 of us as little kids, at least feature/expression/face shape wise~ Eventually, we may purchase them.
 I also really wanted these shoes^^ in both of these colours, ugh... So pretty.
 ^^My thrown together ootd, really thrown together and unimpressive... But anywho.... After out long and drawn out window shopping, we went to get Starbucks and low and behold we all got roughly the same thing but just slightly different!
 Great minds think alike~ I guess....
Eventually, the day we were to leave creeped up on us. But, with the tip back ahead of us, meant that we could stop by Poway to my favorite Mexican food place that I think has the best California burritos and Jamaica <3

 If you don't know what a California burrito is, it's a carne asada burrito with french fries. It sounds crazy, but it's amazingly and surprisingly delicious! It's a must have burrito if you're in San Diego~
 Yum yum yum yum! The pictures do not even do it justice!
And with that, we continued back to Orange County and home, and not being able to wait until our next trip to San Diego.