Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flower Crown~ DIY

I know, I'm a bit late to the flower crown trend, but with pretty things like this~ It's better late than never, right? Haha..
But I've been eyeing flower crowns since spring, but I kept putting off buying one because the really full and pretty ones are so expensive, and I don't have that cash to just spend on a seasonal accessory like that.
So, after watching so many tutorials on youtube, I decided to just make one myself since it will be cheaper, I have more control on what my flower crown looks like and I learn a new skill to put under my belt. It's a win win!
So, let's get started~

What you will need:
Thick floral wire~ mine is wrapped in a natural coloured twine.
Scissors [strong enough to cut your wire and the plastic flower stems]
Fake flowers~15-30 flower heads per crown, is a good estimate if you want a very dense crown.
Hot glue gun

Items like crystals, pearls [or starfish] to further personalize your crown.

Step one: Behead all the flowers. So, just take your scissors and cut off all their heads, or pull them off the stem if you can. 

Step two: Take your wire, and wrap it around your head, once you get that measurement, leave an extra two-three inches and cut it. 

Step three: Cut two other wires the same length as the piece you just cut~ You will want three wires of the same length.
Step four: Braid your wire, to form a secure base for your crown, when you're done, use your pliers to wrap the ends around each other, and tuck all remaining wire around it's self so you have no sharp pieces sticking out.

[Optional, you can cut a small 3-4 inch piece of wire to wrap around your end to make it look neater and to cover any sharp wire ends you can't conceal~ It can also serve to make the end even more sturdy.]
Step five: Now is the fun part, you can lay out your crown design, and map out how you want your crown to look!
Step six: Hot glue your flower heads to your crown~ This step takes the most time, and it's a lot of adjusting and probably burning yourself every so often.
I like to start where my crown is the most dense, which tends to be near the front, then work out.
I put my main flowers down first, then, if I fill it out with smaller ones, I do that after the crown is mostly covered.

Step seven [optional]: decorate your crown with bling or other accessories~ I attached all my extras with hot glue since it's fast to dry and pretty stable. If you want more stability, you can use epoxy, but that takes time to fully cure.

That's it!

It's a fairly simple process, but it can be a bit time consuming depending how voluminous and/or how detailed you want your flower crown to be.

I ended up making two crowns with how many flower heads I had. 

My mermaid crown^^

Then, my massive flower crown, with lots of embellishments^^

I am a bit more biased to my mermaid themed crown~ It makes me feel absolutely magical!
I think it goes quite well with my mermaid tee from Brandy Melville, haha..
Flower crowns are a pretty and delicate accessory for any season [probably with seasonal blooms and colour schemes for times like fall and winter]~ They can take any look to another level, and are real attention grabbers. Not to mention, they are pretty easy to make by yourself and to fit any budget.

I'm so happy to finally have a flower crown to call my own!

I hope you could find the tutorial helpful!
Make a flower crown, not just for yourself but for the lovely people in your life, everyone enjoys a fun flower crown~~