Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Romantic Valentine's Day Look~~

It's the time of year again, Valentine's  Day<3
I love Valentine's~ It's a fun day where I can make lovely things for those I care about and also wear a sickening amount of pink and no one bat's an eyelash.

So I thought it would be fun to a romantic trendy look for Valentine's, inspired by the recent Larme 008 magazine that came out.

For the eyes I used the Naked 3 palette~

 First, prime your eyelids, I use Urban Decay's primer potion.
Then apply a matte light pink eye shadow on your eyelid and up slightly past your eye's natural crease. I used 'Strange' mixed with 'Limit'.
Into the outer crease I buffed a light pink shimmer to diffuse the matte shadow. For me, that was 'Burnout'.
  Using an angled brush, I lightly swept a medium taupe, like 'Nooner', over my eyelid. Then built up the colour closer to my lash line.
With the same angled brush, I then started packing a darker mink colour, 'Liar' and 'Factory', along the lash line.
 I wanted my under eye to look heavier, so using the dark mink colour, 'Liar' and 'Factory', and my angled brush, I lined my outer corner, under my eye, which I taper off at the edge of my iris.
Then, using a white pencil, I line the inner corner, also, ending where my iris is.
Using a smaller brush, I tap some matte white, like 'Strange', over the white pencil.
With my ring finger of my non dominant hand, I tapped some light pink glitter in the space right under my pupil, and in the space between the light and dark eye shadow.
As a final step to making the under eye look a bit heavier, and using a blending brush, I buff a bit of my pink shimmer under my dark mink eye shadow. That will give more volume and size to my eye and also make the darker shadow softer.

Instead of tight lining my top lash line with black, like I usually do, I line it with a brown pencil, to keep the top portion feeling lighter than the lower portion.
 After, apply a thin winged liner and a coat of mascara.
Since I use false lashes, my winged liner is quite long. If you don't use falsies, I would recommend keeping the liner at a bit shorter, maybe only extending .3-1mm past your lash line.

If you wish, you can also define your under eye pouch with an angled brush and taupe shadow.
If you chose, add false lashes<3 As always, since I do a gyaru look, I put on a dolly top lash, Jewerish #2 lashes, and for bottom, Dollywink #5, so not to completely over power my eyes.

I finished up with a rosy pink blush, swept high on top of my cheek and apple of my cheek. I used Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in ' #7 Rose Sugar Macaron'.

Then a glide of light pink lipstick like my Etude House lipstick from the Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips collection, in the colour PPK001.

A romantic makeup look with a bottom heavy smokey eye.

Now for hair!

The three styles I've tried on all incorporate ribbon, so it created a romantic feminine feel with an effortless appeal.
I repurposed ribbons that came with packaging and gifts I received from others. If you buy your ribbon and cut it to size, it's helpful to run some hot glue down the edge so the fabric doesn't fray and you can use the ribbon without worry, multiple times.

 First look is a side fishtail braid.
For more volume to the braid, take hair past your hair part to include into the braided section.
I took a 3-4 inch width of hair in a rectangle section and lightly teased the crown.
I then took messy pieces and started fishtail braiding my hair~
This was my first time trying to do a fishtail braid and it was REALLY easy! Easier than a normal braid<3
I used this tutorial to help me.

Then, using a small hair elastic I tied the end of the braid.
After the braid is secure, I started pulling sections of the braid to make the braid fuller and look a bit messier, which adds to the effortless feeling it evokes.
To top it off, I tied a small ribbon to over the elastic.

Then, I curled the bottom half of my hair in alternating directions with a curling wand and hand combed the curls.

The second look is an easy relaxed up do or modified ponytail.

Take the top 1/3 of your hair and using a small hair elastic, put it in a pony tail.
Then, take the tail and bring it up and through, behind the elastic, threading it through the hair, tucking it under.
Then take the following 1/3 of hair and repeat the above process.
If you have long hair, then do a third pony tail lower on your hair and tuck it through like the aforementioned steps.
Finish it off by tying a bow on the first and last tailed sections.

Lastly, a romantic and very easy modified side pony.
Using 3-4 inches of hair in a rectangle area, put your hair in a side pony with a bit of room.
Take the pony, and bring it up over the rubber band, pull it through so it gives the tucked look to it.
Finish off by tying a ribbon to where the exposed rubber band is.

I then curled the bottom half of my hair with my curling wand and brushed it out with a paddle brush.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorials and have a beautiful Valentine's day, whether you spend it celebrating yourself, with a partner, with friends or with family!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Light Eyebrow Tutorial

So, I changed my ever changing brow shape again, and how I fill them in~ 
Fair warning, this brow tutorial is a bit more extreme than my older ones because I'm basically trimming my brow hairs quite short and is definitely for the more brave at heart...

Tools you'll need:
Optional, razor
Depending how short you want your brow hairs; a fine tooth comb or brow comb
Optional, face bleach
 So my brows are already slightly trimmed and bleached~ I bleach them with face bleach for roughly 10 minutes, if you choose to bleach your brows make sure to keep an eye on the bleaching process to lighten them to your preferred colour.
 Tweeze your brows to clean them up. You can also use a razor to clean up little baby hairs around your brows.
Using a fine tooth comb or brow comb as a measuring tool, bring it through your brow hairs and use the scissors to cut the hairs that peek above the comb. [I used a brow comb above and it is way too short for me since I can tell my brows are very sparse, so I will stick to the fine tooth comb next time I trim my brows]

So trimming down is done, and are perfect for making them pretty and light.

[[With my brows like this, I do have to put on my brows on 'natural/ no makeup' days~ ]]

Tools for brow application:

Taupe/blonde brow powder or brow pencil 
Optional, slightly darker powder [brown or black for darker hair or pink for pink hair]
Angled synthetic brush
Concealer brush
Optional, powder brush
Brow mascara in a blonde colour
Face powder
Btw, I wanted to try this cheaper Ardel brow palette against my Urban decay brow powder and surprisingly/happily I like this a lot more than my Urban Decay one! [I've also been using it for my contour and it's perfect~ ]

 Using the taupe and the angled brush, I sketch out the shape I want for my brow.

With a bit more product, I fill in the brow. I then wipe off the excess powder and using the same brush I blend out the front portion of my brow to give it the softer diffused look. If you need help with blending you can tap a bit of your face powder with the taupe on the angled brush to help you out.
Then, if you want you can add some of the darker brown or [colour] to the tail of your brow to amplify the blended out look of the brow. I use a mix of brown and pink to match my hair.

Then, using some concealer on you concealer brush, clean up the shape of your brow to make it look more defined. I outline the top and bottom of my brow and keep the lines sharp but blend out the concealer to blend into my already applied foundation.
Then using my brow mascara I coat my short brow hairs, which lightens up my brows a ton! Especially since there's not a lot of brow hair that can keep the brows looking darker than I prefer~

While my brows are still drying, I use my fluffy brush, tap it into my face powder and tap it over my brows to make them even lighter.
I then buff a bit of the powder to the start of the brow to make the transition point even more diffused~

Then that's it!

Pretty, light brows~
Sometimes if I want my bows a bit more pink, I'll take my angled brush and tap a bit more pink over my brows. I use my naked 3 pallette  and the colour 'Limit' as the perfect neutral pink colour for my eyebrows.

I love light eyebrows for gyaru looks or for thick brows that don't overpower one's face.

I hope that this was helpful for anyone who wants to get a nice light eyebrow, especially if your brows are very dark!