Monday, January 30, 2012

Unlucky day;; but on the other hand....

I was so happy to wear my Dazzlin' sweater top today so it made everything okay.
Todays outfit

Oh yes, thank you so much Emy! <3<3<3
I'm so in love with the sweater like, it's insane. :3

Yeah, I'm getting used to taking pictures in the mirror in my room... I don't know why It feels so awkward to me, er, why I'm awkward..
Oh yeah. So when I went to dinner, the pavement was uneven right in front of the enterance and I ate the floor pretty hard and my leg and arm is all scraped up. To make things worse, my food had hair in it and they didn't even compensate me some extra food, a new plate or a discount or something... So, I didn't tip...

Don't go to Hokkaido restaurant near Fullerton College...
Plus the wait staff has an attitude and it just got on my nerves..

Yeah, oh and I'm done with my personal training today...
So, I'll just pull a pouty face.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's bed time

I really love fluffy fabrics... Jsyk

Oh, and taro/ube polvarone
Apparently, one piece is 60 calories, well, according to the box..
Sleep well my darlings!

My New Room~ Tour and Ootd

It took one full week, but my room's finally complete!
I designed it with the white rabbit's house in mind...

I am soooo happy with it!

My Miss Bunny kigu fits in pretty well with the theme.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Bunny Nail Tutorial

This is my favorite nail decoration that I use constantly because it's so easy and cute.

Colours you will need:

Step by step:

1. Use white and create a circle [I prefer at the tip of the nail]
2. Make 2 smaller circle above the larger one, this will become the ears.
3. Connect the smaller circles to the larger one with a tapered curved line meeting near the middle of the larger circle.
4. Using black, dot in the bunny's eyes and you can create blush using pink polish, which is optional.

Voilla! The bunny's done! You can place them on every nail tip as a variation of a french tip or at the base of the nail as a type of bunny crescent french... Or even sporadically like the bunny is playing hide and seek..
I hope you enjoyed my bunny nail tutorial!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi new me..

I wanted to make a entry about weight loss and my journey...
I wish I had better pictures to share of me before, but I deleted them because I was so ashamed of myself but I was able to get into my old photobucket account and found a few pictures.

Now, if I've been trying to remember when my weight journey started...

Well, I was always over weight even as a child. It doesn't help that I have bad genetics either, as my dad was morbidly obese and died of a heart attack when I was 4 and my mom is currently obese and is borderline diabetic.

In high school my weight fluctuated from 180-198 but after my graduation when I was 18, I finally reached 200 lbs and a size 16, maybe even more than that because I rigged my scale to tell me lbs lighter...
After that I was desperate to lose weight. I tried diet pills, but I was so desperate I over dosed and was rushed to the emergency room and had my stomach pumped. In the pills I took, they were filled with caffeine and my heart wasn't taking it well. Long story short, it was pretty bad. When I was released, I begged my mum to get me liposuction. Which my mum let me get because she too was worried for my health and wanted me to get my weight under control.
So, I ended up getting lipo on my legs and thighs, where most of my fat was accumulated. The thing is, lipo 'shapes' you're body and doesn't really mean weight loss, which I learned the hard way... After the surgery I only lost 5 lbs and didn't see any difference except I was in pain and had scarring..

When I noticed my 200 creeping back on me, I was so disappointed because my 'quick fix' plans all failed.

By the end of summer, I was finally in the right mind set to lose weight the healthy way. I exercised once or twice a week and ate healthily...

September of '08 crept by and I remember hitting my first goal, to fit back into my size 12 pants. When that happened, I knew that I could finally accomplish my goals and it was all within reach.
But, I reached my first plateau. What I learned was it's easier to get rid of excess weight when you're heavier because any little change will melt pounds right off.

So, for my 20th birthday, I started Weight Watchers. On weight watchers I would bike to the location I got my food from, which is 1 mile from my house and hit the gym once that week. On weight watchers I got down to a size 10, another goal reached. I haven't been a size 10 since 6th grade and it was amazing.

Again, I hit another plateau and I started getting frustrated. I tried Lindora with no luck and stayed a size ten until I went on Nutrisystem and lost 5 lbs but that was it...

Then, summer came and I got my heart broken. That became my new push to keep going. This time I started counting calories, 1500 calorie intake and hitting the gym 3 times a week. By the time my 21st birthday came I was a size 8 at 160 on the scale, 40lbs lost.

It was exhilarating! I reached my ultimate goal at the time. Now that I saw how my face was getting more defined, I could see definition in my arms and I had a body shape, I decided to set a new goal. 'Reach average for my B.M.I', which would put me at 120 lbs [my current goal].

Over this past summer, I went down another 20 lbs to 139 lbs and a size 5, all through calorie counting and exercise.
But, I reached another plateau brought on by depression. I gained 10 lbs since my 22nd birthday.

Today, I am 149 lbs and a size 6. I'm still working towards my goal and I will reach it.
I count my calories, drink a lot of water, eat healthily and hit the gym 5-6 days a week.

Weight loss isn't easy and it's a never ending battle. I know that I can never stop counting my calorie intake or stop exercising or else there's a possibility of me gaining it all back.
It's a lifestyle change.

For the past year, I've been using myfitnesspal and it's been really helpful. I'm also being helped by a personal trainer since my 10 lbs weight gain this fall.

I think health is a great thing to have, I'm so proud of myself and the things I can do. It makes me feel like anything is possible!

before and afters..

I hope that my story may inspire someone...
I've learned that all you need is patience and perseverance and you can accomplish anything.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

90 Miles in a Day

Today's outfit: Ugh, I was so lazy so I threw on my knit dress over leggings and furry uggs... I did wear my faux glasses because I had an acne break out on the bridge of my nose and I didn't want to put makeup on it...

Anyways, my friend decided to come with me to Mitsua to buy some eyeliner while I bough groceries. I ran out of mayo like, 2 months ago so I really needed to stock up.
Blah, we passed through some of the cute stores and for the first time they had a huge supply of Stitch, Angel and Scrump goods! I wanted everything but the ones I really wanted were well over $39... So, I had to pass on them sadly.

Oh yeah, they had this really super cute Stitch Jinbei for kids~ Seriously, I want it SO badly or at least a few yards of the fabric..
Oh, and the remodeling of the Torrance mall was finally complete and they had a mochi bar that looked amazingly delicious.
Any who, my friend and I split an order of takoyaki after grocery shopping. I think it was the most delicious and cheapest order I've ever had! We even got a complimentary red bean taiyaki. Nummy.
After that we ended up going to my local music store and bought a few sheet music and Disney piano book.
Well, after resting out tummies we set out to Culver to get some Cool Haus [website]again.
I ended up getting 1/2 Green Tea and 1/2 Strawberries and Cream on Snicker doodle cookies. Yum! My friend got Cereal Milk ice cream on Snicker Doodle~ the ice cream was made from Fruit Loops.

Yeah, today was fun and productive! Not to mention a gas tank emptier.
Now it's time to burn some calories and hit the gym.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Lalala.. I really wanted to wear blue tonight to feel a bit like a princess but I only have mint in my wardrobe which was slightly disappointing. I started out in a long skirt and Juicy cardigan but it made me feel fat [for some reason that cardigan isn't flattering at all on me but I love it so much that I always insist on trying to wear it...] Well, I guess it's another reason to lose more weight.
Well, when I stepped outside it was freezing! So, I changed into leggings and boots and wore my fluffy bunny coat over it all...
I really love how soft the sweater is, it's made of cashmere. It's seriously so delicious feeling. Enough about that...

My friends and I went to see Beauty and the beast in 3D! I was so excited, even though I own it on VHS... But the last time I saw it in theaters I was 2 so, it probably doesn't count.
I usually hate 3D because it gives me a terrible migraine, but this was just SO well done. I ended up just watching the background because it was so amazingly detailed...
Any who, I just realized the Prince Adam/Beast was 11 when he was cursed... That's kind of ridiculous! Of course kids can be rude and arrogant... Well, when I realized that it made sense why the Beast acted to immaturely and was kind of awkward with the relationship. Yeah.
Ah, on another note, I've always had a crush on Gaston and he's even better looking in 3D!
The only downer was that this gaggle of girls next to me kept squealing and singing loudly out of key and quoting the movie... My friends and I were able to resist the urge to do that so not to annoy everyone and we could do that at home so they should too... Erg, I just think it's super inappropriate to do that in a theater...
Oh sigh, the movie is so magical and it just makes me want to sing and be in France quickly!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Scrump Nail Tutorial

Colours needed:

Step by step:
1. Simple circle near the tip of the nail with the mint green colour.
2. Yellow yarn hair, I like to start at the top of the shaft and bring it into the circle to make the ends more blunt.
3. Two pink triangles to form the bow atop her head.
4. One large blue dot and one slightly smaller black dot to make the base of her button eyes.
5. Using black, make a squiggle as her mouth.
6. The next step, using red, place in vertical stripes as the seams on her mouth.
7. Making sure the eyes are dry, go in with yellow and mark an 'x' into the black circle.
8. Followed by 4 white dots in a square shape on the blue eye.

You can stop there or add another accent nail that would complete a Scrump centered nail theme.
You can also form her body by painting a mint base, forming her pink necklace as a crescent shape near the base of the nail followed by a light blue dot to make her button and another 'x' shape to form the thread.

I think these nails are cute as accent nails. I would paint the rest of you're nails a light purple or a sea blue to off set Scrump and to contrast her even more.

I hope you enjoyed this simple Scrump nail tutorial.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Picture Spam

Besides getting my ring flash in the mail, my Minnie hat came in too. I'm a bit too excited with all these things coming in the mail.
I am still awaiting a few more things so this is going to be a pretty fun month because getting mail is like opening presents.


Lilo and Stitch nails

My favorite character in existence.
-Pudge is a cutie!