Thursday, April 24, 2014

My pretty laptop~

If anyone's been curious on what my laptop looks like.
It's a Pink Sony Vaio, E series.
I've had it for two years, recently it broke, and Sony replaced it free, since I had warranty for it.
Like everything else in my life, it matches my personal aesthetic.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EOS Ice Pink~ Review [Sponsored]

 I received a second pair of lenses from Maple Lens, which is one of my favourite lines, the EOS Ice series.
[Ice Blue review] [Ice Brown review], also from Maple Lens.
 This time I got my first pair of pink lenses.
This is the EOS Ice Pink lenses, available [here].

Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal
I have to say, I have been converted to pink lenses. The lenses on my eyes are not shockingly pink but enhance my eye colour with a highlight of pink. It creates more of a pink glitter to my gaze. Admittedly, I did fear that the lenses would look cloyingly pink and make me look comical, with my pink hair and all.
Rather than being too pink, I got many compliments on how pretty my eyes looked. My friends actually didn't notice they were pink from afar until I pointed it out and they looked closer.
With the EOS Ice series, the lenses have a beautiful seamless blend into my natural eye colour, something I will always appreciate aesthetically. 
The lenses are 14.8, which is obviously larger than the natural eye and gives a very doll like look. I find this size is my go to size for the perfect large eye, and doesn't take over my eye like those that are 15mm.
The lenses have a wonderful baby pink halo to the eye, which is when the you can see a small halo effect from the white of your eye peeking from behind the coloured part of the lens. Some may not like the look, but I think it looks magical and love the look very much.
The lenses so slide around slightly, but not as much as the Ice Brown lenses. At most, the lenses just slide down slightly, but it stops doing so once the lenses get a bit drier. The lenses get a bit uncomfortably dry around the 5 hour mark, but is easily fixed with a few drops of eye drops.

^^ How the lenses look in different light settings.
The Indirect sunlight picture is the closest to how they look in person, and in most settings. 
 For comfort, I give the lenses a 3/5 more so for the sliding and I do have to keep eye drops on me
Design, they get a 5/5

I wear these lenses a lot, especially because they look great in selfies and really give me a dolly eye in pictures. They also look great when I use my Naked 3 palette, really set off my Dollywink #2 lashes since the pattern and the lash pattern look quite similar.

I easily recommend MapleLens for your circle lens needs~
With the code: Carisse

You can take 15% off your purchase price~

Friday, April 4, 2014

EOS Briller Brown~ Review [Sponsored]

My long time sponsor, Maple Lens, kindly sponsored me a pair of circle lenses.
Each lens, comes in this cute packaging, and with my proved code, they include a cute circle lens case with purchase!

 I love EOS lenses, and Maple Lens has an ever growing lens inventory with many different EOS series, plus more~
Maple lens provided me with the EOS Briller Brown lenses, [available here]
 Here's the stats:
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

 The Briller series is one I haven't looked into before, and I'm so regretful I haven't! The lenses look amazing in person. They're very natural and give my eyes a dreamy and shining look. I appreciate that these lenses don't look pixelated in any way, which can be one of my pet peeves. They also have a very pretty halo effect when in sunlight.

How the lenses look in multiple lighting^^

The size of the lenses is just right, which is a given of 14.5 size lenses. They are very natural and just a tiny bit enlarging, which is great for beginners and those who wear light to no makeup, and for those who wear heavy makeup, the lenses are a great lens that doesn't overpower one's eyes, but enhances.
Like most EOS lenses, the contacts are very comfortable and I have no issue with irritation, which is why these lenses have become my 'everyday' contacts. The only problem, is that they get dry quite quickly.. But that's easily remedied with eye drops. The most I can wear the lenses before they get dry is 4 hours but with a few moisturizing drops, I can go 6-7 hours with no problem.

For comfort, I give the lenses a 4/5
For design I give the lenses a 4/5
 Pretty natural lenses~
Maple Lens has great customer service and I would get my questions replied to under a 24 hour time period, and the shipping took less than three business days, and everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged nicely.

Maple lens, is my longest sponsor, and I happily and easily recommend them.
With the code: Carisse
You can take 15% off your purchase price~

I hope you enjoyed this review, and will go check them out, and get a pretty pair for spring!

Also, sorry for the long hiatus;;
I've been kind of busy lately~

But, I'm back now!