Monday, August 26, 2013

Molang goods from Fancy Box

Fancy Box is located:
13311 Artesia Blvd
CerritosCA 90703

I've been going there since I was like, 15 years old? And I really love going there because of not only the purikura machines but the owner and her family. She is so so so so kind and always helps me out and we just always have good talks....

ANYWHO! She had a biiig old surprise...
[well, at least for stationary and school supplies... she doesn't know if she'll be getting the plushes or other items any time soon...]
I got first pick before it went out and I bought a lot of items for school....


^^memo pads

^^Pens, pencil case, pencils, erasers...
All my molang stuff with my phone<3
We're going to keep our eyes peeled for the plushies and I'm hoping to have them in my room sometime this year...


Welcome to my obsession!


Friday, August 23, 2013

All That Glitters~ Jewelry Haul and a little something extra from Trinity Styles [Sponsored]

Yay, new goodies from Trinity Styles! I honestly love TS because I've come to expect quality clothing and accessories from their store and I always know they have something cute and/or unique in stock. Plus, there's always a passion and excitement driving it that in turn makes me super pumped when I see they have new items in store~
This time around, I want to showcase a more glamorous side of what Trinity Styles sells: Sparkly statement jewelry!
 First item is the Jeweled Earring Cuff [found here] I've had ear cuffs before but never one that connected to an ear piercing! It's so cool, I spent a good few minutes so intrigued by it! I've seen them before in magazines and online but I've never owned one before so I was pretty excited by it~ The stones are so shiny and big and really grab ones attention, everything was well made and put together and it's very secure~
 So, how the cuff works is that there's an ear piercing thingamajig at the bottom that you put in like a normal earring and then at the top is the ear cuff which you slide to the ridge on your upper ear. It sits very comfortably and feels secure but isn't very tight that it's uncomfortable or pinching.
 I love it! I actually wore it out with a very casual outfit; black leggings and a grey top. Kind of leaving it as a piece that dressed up my outfit and elevated the styling.
Though, I WISH I had an all white outfit [which I've seen was a big trend this summer], cause it would look killer paired with white cigarette jeans and white crop top with like, red ballet flats or white platforms.... Even a little black dress would be a good offset to it!

 The next item is this gorgeous vintage pearl necklace [similar items here]
 The necklace is wonderfully made thought I did have one stone pop up, but that's just something that can happen via transit but no big deal, a little drop of glue and that baby is back on and won't come off, no worries. A sturdy clasp holds the necklace together and I haven't had any issues with it, even when I tugged my hair from it later in the evening, didn't break on me, so it passes that test haha;; The stones are very shiny and because of the black gems, it give the necklace a more edgy and younger vibe.
 I didn't expect when I put it on how 'sexy' and 'sultry' it looked. It looks very classy as a statement piece especially over a white maxi dress like I paired it with first, but when I put it paired with a little black dress the whole look of the necklace changed which was pretty awesome. [especially with the red lip!]

I found my favourite night on the town look!
 Oh how I love sparkly things and Trinity Styles!
Like always, Trinity doesn't let me down and has great packaging during shipping and items come quite quickly, I think mine only took 2-3 days? Also, customer service is awesome and questions are replied too in a timely and pleasant manner and they always take care of you.

Like always, Trinity Styles is so kind to give a 5% discount + free gift if you purchase with the code: 'Carisse'

Now, for the something extra Trinity Styles has in stock and I'm so glad to share.
 MOLANG PHONE PLUGS, cause I'm sure everyone knows my molang obsession...
Trinity Styles actually has them in stock: [here]
Yeah, official molang goods are always a good thing, good construction, cute little guy and guess what?

Trinity Styles is kind enough to let me give away this little guy to you readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There's 6 points maximum to earn in the giveaway and it will be ending on September 14th 2013
Thank you Trinity Styles for the opportunity to do this!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Before summer ends; Haul

 Went out with my girls today and due to peer pressure I happily bought a heavily discounted bikini and trucker hat! I believe the top is Ripcurl, same with the hat and the bottoms are Quicksilver.
I am kind of in love with how the set looks on me.
Whe I got home, some items I ordered not even a day ago were on my rood step. That's why I love Nastygal, shipping is amazingly fast to me!

 I purchased a cute pair of JC wedges [very comfy].
Also, a cute denim dress with a skater skirt.

I'll be using both items for a concert this weekend. I really hope to find some cheap knee high white socks or lace socks before hand...

Short and sweet,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mermaid Hair

 I finally have my dirty pink mermaid hair! Basically, crazy 28"/30" extensions which I purchased from Dirty Looks. [a bit on the pricier end and found online]
 I love the packaging because it's pastel and so cutely put together, everything's organised, labeled and ready to wear. I got mine in California Highlights.
 Full collection on the left, example for comparing to your real hair on the right. Separated for convenience and so if it doesn't match you can return or exchange them with no issues.
 So, what do I do to upkeep/transform my extensions and my hair to my dirty baby pink?
I've been using Ion hair dye in Rose [on my real hair I add a touch of lavender from the same brand] and mix is with any conditioner... Today since I was doing a lot of hair I used cheap conditioner from Costco...
 I mix the dye and conditioner in a bowl I can toss out... Roughly the ratio of dye to conditioner is 1:3.
For the extensions I coated them quite thickly in the mixture and let them sit for 2-3 minutes [not that long because I just want it to be just a touch of pink], on my actual hair I let it sit for 5-10 minutes...

Then I just rinse it out in cold water and let it air dry, same for my real hair...

[I'm taking all my pictures at night, so the colour is slightly off but I tried to edit the colour to be as close to the actual colour in daylight...]
My hair is multi tonal and has so many shades of dirty baby pink!

^^the closest I could get my picture to the colour in person~
 Super duper long mermaid hair... My hair touches the top of my butt, it's so lovely!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mini haul~

Needed some makeup essentials so I bought:
Isehan Heroine Make, lengthening mascara
Jewelove lashes in #3
Dollywink #12 lashes
K palette 1 day eyeliner

Saturday, August 10, 2013

[End of] Summer Giveaway

So, just like last year, I wanted to say thank you for following me and supporting me and just being great people/friends! Thus, I'm holding another fun little giveaway~
 This time, the theme is more on the creepy/cute side since I've noticed that' very popular and it would have things that many might appreciate or like... I've included pictures of included items below~
 Strawberry bento box, chopsticks and bento wrap cover.
 Sweet stationary pack that comes with pencil and ruler and a creepy cute notebook.
Giant red bow/headband, sweet erasers and cute bear hanger.
 Previously owned, twice used Gloomy Bear kigurumi [S/S] made of terrycloth fabric and has been dry cleaned to ensure that it's in good condition for a new home.
 Creepy and cute demon panda bear named Tei.

Terms and conditions:
This entry isn't sponsored by anybody but me. All items were purchased by me. Items total roughly $100 USD. Giveaway is open to those living in US or Canada. I am open to international ONLY if those entering  internationally are willing to help pay shipping [usingpaypal]. Entrants MUST be 18 or older or have consent from a guardian. Entrants must be okay giving out a mailing address. To win, entrants must not have reblogged the entry more than twice. There are 6 ways of accumulating points, each way resulting in +1 point. The only way to enter is through rafflcopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends Sept 13 [aka; Friday the 13th<3]