Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bunny Color Brown Lenses from Klenspop~ Review [Sponsored]

 Introducing a new shop I've been invited to try out called Klenspop.
Klenspop is a lens seller located in Korea, this actually the first lens shop I've tried with lenses originating from Korea. The shop is organized very cleanly and is very easy to navigate so you can find the type of lenses that you are looking for simply and without fuss.

They even have physical branches you can purchases lenses from if you are located in Korea~

The shipping for the lenses is pretty good, with an average of 1-2 weeks if you're in North America. They actually deliver to many places which is great! [They have a list of places they ship out to here]
 First thing's first~ The packaging is so cute! I was perusing other reviews and there's different box designs you can receive, and I'm seriously infatuated. If you've been on my blog for a bit, you know I'm a total sucker for cute and well organized packaging. Bonus points to lens shops that have information guides for new lens wearers, it gives those who are new to contacts in general a better idea on care and application.
 To make sure you see the guide, it's helpfully located on the box~ and instructs you on how to put in the lens, adjust it, and even remove the lenses. Perfect and simple diagram.
 With the lenses, you get a lens case and even these plastic tweezers[?] that I've seen before but never used because I've never had them come complimentary before and never felt the need to buy one. But oh my gosh, if you have long nails like me, it makes fishing out lenses from the case so much easier. Plus I don't have to worry about scooping out a lens and accidentally ripping it with my nail.
 So, firstly, here are the stats of Bunny Color Brown circle lenses
Diameter: 14mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Country of origin: South Korea
 The Bunny Color Brown Lenses have a natural pattern that has multiple layers of  brown that blend very well into my brown eyes and further intensifies it's colour. It does have a bit of pixelization  if you look close enough, but I kind of like it, it makes the lens look less harsh at a normal view point.
Up close photo, so you can see the detail of the lens pattern and the slight pixelatation near the edge of the lens.
Here is an up close comparison shot of the lenses in different lighting. I was quite shocked with how consistent the lenses looked in colour and depth on my eyes in all the different lighting, usually flash+lenses looks pretty fake but this time around the lenses still looked relatively natural which was a pretty nice surprise!  
The lenses are kind of my obsession right now since they are on the warmer side, [I've been wearing them all week, even in last week's blog post] I guess a good contrast would be Princess Almond Brown lenses, which I do like but I find them too cool to blend in seamlessly on me, and because of the more neutral-cool brown they make my eyes look darker. With warmer toned lenses they do make eyes seem brighter, and if I am totally biased I think look livelier because it's a pretty nice combination with my hair colour.
 The lenses are 14.0 in diameter, which isn't as 'dolly' as most of my lenses, but it does mean I can easily wear them without makeup and I get that boost of colour and definition without looking like an alien. Yet with my full makeup on, I still get that appeal of wearing circle lenses, just not as enlarging. So it's a good size for people who like that natural look or who are beginners just starting to experiment with circle lenses.
I've actually been wearing these lenses daily because they're just as comfortable as my 1 day disposable lenses, plus it kind of gives me a personal confidence boost, like I feel like I'm putting effort even at 8 am at the gym.. The lenses aren't drying in the least, and I've been able to comfortably wear them 6-8 hours, and this is even after having a bout of super dry eyes about a month ago, and in that period I wasn't able to wear contacts for almost a full month because my doctor put me on eye medication [btw, this wasn't caused by me wearing circle lenses, I've been apparently sleeping with my eyes open for awhile now], but since then, I've been having problems wearing some of my older lenses for even 4 hours, but I've been pretty comfy in these lenses for a good deal of time, even without using re-wetting drops to hydrate my eyes.
Oh, also I know some of you are curious if a 14.0 lens still gives off a halo effect, if you don't know what that is, it's when some of the white of the eye is a bit visible under the coloured part of the lens, and it gives off this gorgeous ethereal halo effect, some might not like it, but I absolutely adore it when my lenses have that, and these lenses have a slight baby halo when I look to the side, and it's adorable. It might not be extremely pronounced, but it's enough to satisfy me. 

Honestly, I'm a convert and I am kind of loving 14.0 lenses right now~ Maybe cause of all the no makeup gym days I have lately, so I kind of need more natural lenses, but they really are naturally pretty and maybe I just needed some kind of natural lens to play around with and figure out they're pretty darn nice! Especially since I've never tried out a pair before~

So~ I'll give the lenses 
5/5 for comfort
5/5 for design [but if you're into lenses purely for enlargement, these ones might not be for you since the diameter is on the low end.]
Thanks Klenspop for the opportunity and for introducing me to your site, it's been a pleasure and I'll for sure be a return customer.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Night Market and Wandering Around Costa Mesa~

 So, my friends and I are trying to do something every weekend we can, cause it's been hard to meet up the older we're getting~ so working harder to make time for each other nowadays!

One of our friends has been itching to try Honey and Butter macrons, so I told 'em we need to get there early then if we want the specialty ones, cause they were almost sold out last time;; So we arrived an hour before opening, but there was still a line of people before us!
Tbh, their macrons are okay [I'm not a big fan of butter cream fillings], but the specialty character designs are so worth it to get! The day we went was Adventure Time, and even though we were 5th in line they already sold out of some characters;; 
 This time around, there was a new rule, instead of everyone lining up and crowing in the Airstream trailer, the line is now outside, and there's a capacity limit so only 1-4 people in the car at once. That made it a lot more comfortable and easy to peruse and order honestly, cause it's so tiny..

^^ Macrons of the day! I'll post pictures of them in a following blog post, just a head's up.
 After grabbing our treats, we went wandering around the Anti-Mall/ The Lab, which is where Honey and Butter is located, it's a pretty hipster mall with a Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters, vegan restaurants and little boutiques and vinyl record stores. I used to shop in the area a lot a few years ago. It's a pretty cool area if you're into that kind of scene. Across from it is The Camp, another hipster-y area with unique food, an American Apparel, more vegan places and bakery and a really good boba tea place called Milk and Honey. Just for a heads up if anyone reading wants to make a day trip up that way~ [also there's a Mitsuwa a street over]

After that, we wanted to go to Boiling Crab, a crawfish place, but since they don't open till 3 we needed to waste some time, so we got on the freeway and wasted some time at the Irvine Spectrum, just a few exits over.

 Finally 3 o'clock hit and I got to gorge myself on 2lbs of crawfish. Bib, check; hair up, check; tummy empty and ready for the feast, check!

Tbh, every time I go with new people who haven't seen me go down on crawfish it's super hilarious! Cause I'm always dressed up in pastels, full face on and super long nails and I apparently eat quite ferociously and get super messy. I think I should hit Boiling Crab next time I meet a guy for a meal for the first time, it would be pretty funny;; 

[Psst, if you want REALLY amazing macrons, on the same street as Boiling Crab, there's a place called Le Petit Sourie and they have the most bomb ass macrons just an fyi]

Afterwards, we swung by South Coast to go window shopping.  A new place popped up a few months ago when I was working at the mall and I was finally able to go in and explore the shop. 
Sugarfina is the cutest shop I've seen in awhile, and they have so many unique and downright delicious candies. I decided it was the best place to buy a mother's day gift for my mum.

 I ended up buying her alcoholic drink inspired candies. She really wants me to go back and get her the rum and martini olive treats too~ She let me eat one of each treat I got her and holy heck, they are seriously delicious!

 When the sun finally started to go down we made our way to the OC fair grounds for the 626 night market. At the opening was the Pocky truck, they were giving out a shit ton of Pejoy, and by the end of the night I think we had over 30 boxes total;; I ended up giving them to my mum to give to patients at the hospital.
 The night market entrance was pretty impressive~ Art work, craft stalls and all kinds of fun nick knacks to peruse though and purchase if they interest you.
 The front even had a dance area full of bboys and bgirls showing off their skills~ It was lively all night!

The market had so many stalls of games, food, shopping and so many more things it was a joy to wander about!
Also, free beer slushies from Kirin. 
There was also a stage of performers from what my friends told me were from Youtube, so that was pretty cool!
 I ended up with fresh sugar cane juice and giant squid on a stick. I also stole a bit of my friend's young coconut haha;
The rest of my friends had sushi burritos and other goodies, I took pictures but honestly they were all so blurry, I should have used my flash, oops;
At around 8 it got o crazy packed though, and we waited in in our longest line yet for bubble waffles, I wanted to get some to drop off to my mum. Tbh, I was kind of glad we left early it was getting so packed it was even hard to walk/wade through the people.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome day with my girlies! 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mermaid Bling, My new fave accessory [Sponsored]

 So, if you're a frequent visitor to my blog, my big obsession for awhile has been mermaid themed items and looks. While I was surfing around Trinity Style's page, this beauty basically jumped out at me, saying I needed it in my life.
The Aurora Starfish Keychain came in super fast, which has always been a consistent with Trinity Styles, but this time in really cute pink packaging.
The keychain is pretty sturdy, clasps are secure and all in tip top shape. The keychain comes with 7 pretty baubles including two golden shells, and a pretty iridescent starfish, which is probably why it's titled Aurora Starfish;; [while writing that I finally got that, and how it's title correlates, oh man....]
The accessory is actually a pretty big size, the starfish roughly the size of my palm, which basically means it's a real eye catcher because of it's shine. 
 After having it on my bag for a week, it's still in very good shape, which is great because I seriously abuse my bags, so that means it's a pretty sturdy piece of bling. It also looks great on my bag! [also with my Q-Pot tote bag, cause it's seashell shaped]
Pretty sure y'all will end up seeing this charm a lot in future photo sets, especially because I just really love the look of pretty and feminine mermaid type things. 
Honestly, I haven't had a keychain in forever, like since high school.. I forgot how nicely they can add a personal and stylish flare to a bag or onto keys. I'm feeling pretty sassy lately with this bling on my bag. Even if I don't look like a celestial mermaid every day, I have this touch of magic on me all the time so it's pretty nice.