Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yummy Bows!~ [Sponsored]

 I was so excited when I was able pick out my choice of 3 bows to share with you all from Bowkuma [link]<3
First of all, their customer service was prompt and friendly when I was emailing them questions and it was an absolute joy speaking with them. Also, my package came in in lightning speed, not even 3 days after I placed my order which was lovely! Then they even gave me some sweet candies which I inhaled as soon as I saw them, and they remembered that I absolutely love Sentimental Circus and they gave me a little gift of a few stationary pages which I put into my little memory box!
Like, I'm just so enamored with how much they put into their work and how much they care for the people receiving their products, like it makes my heart warm<3

Anywho, sorry, I got a bit side tracked with my sentiments;;

On to the bows themselves:
I got a large floral bow 'Cotton' [link]

 When I say large, I mean large. The bow is larger than my hand coming it at roughly 6 inches!
It's attached to an alligator clip which I really prefer over the snap clasps, and it doesn't slide down which always is a problem with snap clasps for me because my hair is so fine.
I also find the craftsmanship is impeccable  no exposed seams, I can barely see traces of glue on the underside and it's just very well done.
So far when I've been using it, I've been wearing it high on my head to create a foux cat ear look, in a way that's subtle but remaining cute.

 The print is very elegant and beautiful, especially with spring coming around the corner~
 I also chose the super cute 'Smores' bow [link]
The Smores bow is wonderfully unique with cute little graham crackers, and chocolate shavings on drippy marshmallow... Though they might look quite realistic, it's not edible but made quite solidly and shows no chance of having anything come lose or falling off.

I have gotten so many compliments on this bow when I'm out, and how amazing the detailing is and how unique it is.
 Also, since the colours are quite neutral, it can go with a lot of my outfits without looking overdone or out of place~
 The last, and my favourite bow I received is the 'Japanese Leek' bow [link] inspired by this little guy here~

The inspiration behind it was so quirky, I had to get it! Who can say they have a bow with a leek on it!
 I don't think people get why my bow has some vegetable on it when I wear it, but when I wear it out it puts a spring in my step, because I always have in mind the little running leek ~
Plus, it's really cute! My friends always have a good giggle when I wear this bow and it makes me so happy that even something as simple as a bow can make those around me smile<3

Thank you so much Bowkuma for letting me share your amazing bows!
Not only do they have quirky fun bows, but they have an assortment of regular plain bows, accessories  phone cases and more~

Also, you can purchase your Bowkuma bows [here] AND use a discount code they gave me to pass some saving onto you<3
If you use the code: Carisse, you can get 10% off your orders over $5, before shipping!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Beauty Diary 2 Step Autumn Repair Mask- Review

 A month prior I was perusing through this cute beauty store and came across this face mask system.
Because I had $15 to spare, I thought why not just try Snail infused mask because it sounds interesting and it's been kind of a rage as of recently..
[plus, you get 8 packs so it's good for 2 months of care]
 The system has 2 parts, the facial mask, and a follow up moisturizer attached for afterwards..

Lovingly copy and pasting the description of the product off of Sasa: [which it's currently out of stock of on the site]

My Beauty Diary 2 Step Autumn Repair Pack - Snail Mask includes a mask and a cream. It contains mucus secreted by snails. Rich in protein, the ingredient effectively increases skin’s elasticity, and strengthen moisture-locking and repairing effects. My Beauty Diary 2 Step Autumn Repair Pack is highly moisturizing and nourishing.Wonderfully moisturized, deeply nourished and plumped, skin emerges infinitely regenerated. The cream has a fresh and lightweight texture which glides smoothly on your face, pampering each and every inch of your face. Applying it both day and night and it will nourish and moisturize your skin around the clock. Your skin can be renewed, refined, resilient and radiant upon using it.

how to use it
After facial cleansing, attach on face and leave on for 20-30 mins. Remove and lightly pat down any remaining essence.

Rich in mucus secreted by snails , the ingredient effectively increases skin’s elasticity, and strengthen moisture-locking and repairing effects.

suitable for
all skin type

 The packaging is cute and self explanatory and is easy to open.
For me, I love doing a face mask after I shower, wash my face, and apply my toner.. Usually when I'm prepping to go to bed, and relax with a good book.
The mask is on this plastic sheet that you peel it off of, which makes it easier to open up and pull apart. Though the mask is very thin, it's dripping with serum which I gather and spread on my jaw, neck and chest, so not to waste any of it, and surprisingly the mask is very strong and doesn't rip easily.
 Like, above, you keep the mask on for roughly 30 minutes but I tend to leave mine on for maybe an hour...

I decided to try the mask for a month, so 4 applications and I can say that the description is accurate.
I found that the mask calmed the redness in my skin, reduced time for healing on my breakouts, even had some of my new acne disappearing. I also noticed that my skin became less cracked and peeling, which it tends to do during cold weather times. 
Next comes the cream. Now, the cream is very very thick, and it really scared me because I'm easily prone to break outs...
 But, thank goodness, no breakouts from using this cream.
Though the cream is thick, I wouldn't describe it as oily but very creamy and it make my skin slightly firmer, and so very moisturized. I even started applying it on my eye area which tends to have regular excema, and I haven't had any appear this month, which is very exciting!
Also, for some reason, my combo skin was less oily in my T-Zone, and my dry areas okay... I want to attribute it to the mask because this is the first time since ever that my skin's been this balanced out..

So, I find that this 2 Step Autumn Repair mask is highly worth it!
I will be repurchasing it again as soon as I run out, probably from eBay, because it seems to be sold out everywhere, even the store I bought it from originally is sold out, maybe that's a telling sign of how good it is;;

So if your looking for a mask to help clarify your skin and existing/healing acne [yes, even zits you've popped, and you skin is irritated and just not good], or looking for a mask to help firm your skin~ this one is for you<3
Would you try anything with snail essence or have you tried anything with snail essence?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Current Winter Makeup Tutorial

I'm always switching up what my face looks like every season depending on my mood and the weather~
So, I thought I'd do a run down of what my current look entails and how it can be recreated!
First and for most, I apply my foundation [currently using Etude House Anti-Aging BBcream, review to come later] ,my contour; talked about [here] , and face powder [Etude House setting powder, also will be reviewed ;3]

Then I work on my eyes.

1.Using Urban Decay's 'Twice Baked', I apply it on my lids and blend up just above my crease.
I keep applying more power along my lash line and blend up so that it creates a gradient effect/ smoky look.
2. Then using a vanilla shadow, Urban Decay's 'Foxy', I apply it under my eyebrow and blend down making sure that my darker shadow is even more blended.
3. Then going back to 'Twice Baked', I gently apply it to the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line, connecting it to the shadow blended on my lid.
4. Going into a shimmery white eye shadow, Urban Decay's 'Zephyr', I apply it to the remaining inner1/3 of my lower lash line. Doing this brightens up my eyes and makes the outer corners of my eye appear a bit more sunken and mature.
How I applied my shadow so far for reference.

5. Then taking my liquid eyeliner, I created a dramatic winged line to elongate my eyes and make them appear wider.
I then apply a bit of kohl to my upper water line. I am currently using Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner in 'Zero'. I use this to make my lash line appear thicker and to make the winged liner blend better with my lash line.
I then apply my false lashes. I'm currently using Decolash in '#1 Play Sexy', and lower lash in '#4 Play Cute'.
I apply my top lashes roughly 1mm extended past my natural lash line and .25mm above the outer section of my lash to make my eyes appear larger. [Mind that I keep the section of false lash near my inner corner as close to my lash line as possible.]
I also just use a short set of bottom lashes just short of my outer lash line and apply them almost horizontally, leaving the lower outermost section of my lower lash open to create a more doe like eye, round and large.
For a visual aid, I drew this~

Finally, I finish up my contour, and add a bit of Tarte 'Tipsy' cheek tint on the apple of my cheek and Clinique lip tint 'Flirty Honey' to finish off my look.

For me my makeup is pretty simplified because I don't really feel like going crazy with so many brushes, shadow pots and misc products.. Though I'm sure what I may use seems like a lot, it's a lot less than it usually is~
Up close shot, but I may have been a bit too close to the light;;
I hope I was easy to follow, and I hope that it's something that was helpful to you.
[circle lens: Geo Nudy Grey]


Friday, January 18, 2013

Contouring 101

What is 'contour'~
Defined as the edge or line that defines or bounds a shape or object.
Well, for makeup, contour does just that. But, it can be used to enhance a face's natural boundaries or to create new ones...
[original picture belongs to someone that's not me]
For example's sake, I lovingly drew the contour created with makeup on the model.
Not saying that's not all natural but if you look in a magazine ALL of the models and stock photos and ads use contouring a highlighting.. Because flash washes out most of it and contouring makes the
 model’s face pop and shapes it perfectly<3
[for note: the green is the highlights, and the blue is the contour]

As for me, I contour my face every time I apply makeup.
Though, not as heavily as above but enough to shape my face.
Above, is my contouring map for myself.
Let me start with the nose. What I'll be doing is drawing in a foux nose bridge and making my nose slimmer.You pretty much shape and create a fake shadow like if you had a thinner and more defined nose and trick the eye to thinking that that shadow is real and that your nose is smaller than it is~You contour with a shade 1-4 darker than your skin tone and it can be with a foundation, concealer or powder.. I like powder personally but foundation tends to look more natural and subtle~
The green means taking a highlight colour like 1-2 shades lighter than your skin colour and creating the illusion of height to the contour and making it more believable~
That’s a pretty good rough outline of it…. It really does take practice and there’s SOOO many ways to contour depending on the look you want~

For me lately, I find using my eyebrow pencil creates a good base that's easy to blend out. I apply my pencil after my foundation and concealer...

One side blended for comparison~
Then, after both are blended out how I want it, I set my makeup with powder.
After that's done, I can go more dramatic with powder contour which I use a taupe eye shadow, even a bronzer will work but I find shimmer/warm colours will make the contour look less believable. So, settling for a cool taupe is a good option.

As for noses with a bridge you can correct bumps, dents or even create more definition by playing around with how you contour and highlight your bridge and nostrils.
It's actually easier than contouring say my Asian nose because it's flat...

Really make sure to blend out, and start with a light application and build up. It's easier to just keep building than applying too much and having to lighten it up.

Do mind, you can choose to do one or the other, I just prefer to do both for more dimension.

Next I'll go over cheeks~
Cheeks are pretty simple and I prefer to do it in powder.
Using a brush, or pencil~ Something cylindrical, roll it horizontally down the side of your face and over your cheek bone, where it rolls under the cheek bone is where you will want to apply your contour.
You can envision it as a long triangle or more linear as long as you go along that line of your cheekbone and blend down and out well. Once again, building it up lightly.
Don't extend it too far, hitting just under the apples of your cheek and blending it out is perfect.

^^ example above~
Brown is contour, pink is blush and yellow is highlight.
On my face, my contour looks like this^^
You also have the option of applying it with a darker foundation and blending it well, then sealing it with a translucent powder and not having to deal with the brush and powder contour.
If you chose the liquid route, your contour will look much more natural and flawless~
I do choose to highlight slightly with a nice golden shimmer eye shadow to create more shape.
The goal is to create your own cylinder out of your cheek bone.
If you look closely to my cheek you can see the shading that creates the three dimensional shape~
You can also choose to contour your jaw line which is basically, shading right under your jaw and blending down to your neck to create a more defined or sharper face shape.

The big thing is once you see how contour and highlights are used and how they work, you need to practice practice practice.

Try different mediums if you must, and just play around with it!

I love contouring because it takes my face from flat, to 'BAM'~

Highlighting for pouty lips~
If you throw a bit of highlight, be it a line of white pencil, or white shimmer/powder above you cupids bow [upper lip]
^^dotted green line is where you chould place the highlight. 
It will create a more pouted and voluptuous lip and I should clarify, make the line fairly thin, as thin as a well sharpened pencil and blend it out~
Then apply your lip colour as usual and voilla!

I hope I was able to explain all of that thoroughly enough to be applicable...
If there needs to be any more clarification please feel free to ask me!
I hope that you can use contour easily in your makeup routine and that it's not intimidating but something easy that can instantly boost your look~ OR even transform the whole shape of your face!

[your resident certified makeup artist.... in case anyone's wondering what my actual job is, it's makeup]