Sunday, December 6, 2015

Recent Disney Nails

I love getting my nails done, it's one of my vices, just like fake lashes and hair extensions~

Since July I've been in such a Disney mood, and my nails are definitely reflecting that.
Back in October, I had my nails done to match my Wendy Darling inspired costume.
 I like to call them my mermaid lagoon nails. They feature one of the Neverland mermaids, watercolour style nails in a colour scheme taken from the aforementioned scene in Peter Pan and detailed in gold trails of fairy dust. They looked quite magical and it was sad to part with them.

Back in July, I had Rapunzel inspired nails that actually glowed with NFC led lights that triggered when I received a phone call or text message or activated the NFC function on my phone. Details included parts of Rapunzel's dress, the Disney princess herself, golden hair, and of course lots of flowers.
I have a video of the lights in action [here]

My latest set for December is on the more muted side, being inspired by Cinderella.
I wanted something pretty, sparkly and feminine.
 Some key details are holographic pieces all throughout the nails, open space designs, and silhouettes of a waltzing Cinderella and one of her pumpkin carriage. The light colours and pearl details are also befitting of winter and remind me of snowflakes, and look so pretty and bring the look full circle.

A fun little touch is the hidden Mickeys on the underside of my nail. I never usually see under nail art, and the  little hidden gems are a nice touch of something unique to my nail set.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my recent nail art.

All my nails are done at Atlas Studio.
I've been going there for almost 6 years now, and I'm always so impressed with the work and atmosphere.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Magical Disney Themed Mobile Backgrounds

As a fun treat, since I've taken such a long break~ I thought to share some backgrounds I made for my phone this year.

Usually, I tend to share on my tumblr, just the ones I didn't end up using, but I decided to compile all those and the actual backgrounds I've used, for fun.

If you have a samsung phone, I have a run down on how I customize my phone [here] and [here]

As an example here are few examples of my phone setups

 The last one is my current phone set up for winter~ though I think I need to mess with the tone of my keyboard to be more on the blue side now I see it on my laptop...

Anywho; here are the backgrounds I put together~

Little Mermaid
 Mermaid Lagoon


 Daisy Duck/Floral
For funzies


Monday, November 30, 2015

Capeandcrown13~ Cape Review

I was going to wait a bit till I compiled more photos but I've gotten more inquiries about my cape so here is my review on my cape from the etsy shop capeandcrown13

So, to leave off from my previous blog entry, I was in the market for a cape for my Halloween costume of this year~ After a lot of searching and looking at the different option in regards to purchasing a cape I decided to look towards smaller business' for my purchase. 
The most convenient place for me to search is etsy. For those who may not know, etsy is basically like an online market for small business or crafters to sell their wares. It's a reputable site that not only makes finding items and browsing goods easy, but makes the purchasing process a breeze and provides a way of communicating with the seller that makes asking questions to the maker extremely convenient. 

By the time I found capeandcrown13's shop, I knew immediately that that was the place I wanted to order my cape from. 

To be sure I had enough time to order a custom cape, I reached out to The Cape Maker, who owns capeandcrown13, inquiring weather it was possible to create and ship the cape I had in mind within a month, and immediately I was given and answer and told that she was booked with orders and that if I wanted my cape by my date I needed it, I would need to go though with a RUSH fee, which was very affordable and I had no issue with.
The cape maker answered all my questions when ever I asked and had all her information for me to help assist her in what exactly I was looking for in a cape. She had swatches of every colour available for me to look though, examples of cape lengths on mannequins of different heights and the process was extremely easy and fun with her guiding me.

So, very quickly, by the following day she had a custom order on her page for me to purchase and get the transaction started. 

Roughly 3 weeks later, I received notification that my order was shipped! Which happily surprised me since it was actually a week earlier than I expected.

My cape came in a large box, so not to wrinkle the cape and it was nice and neatly packaged. [I'm quite annoyed at myself that I didn't think ahead and take a photo, so sorry I don't have that to share~]
So, onto the cape it's self~
The cape I ordered is a 27" powder blue satin cape with ivory satin lining inside and with a faux fur trim.
I am just under 5'4", and the cap sits perfectly past bum, and covers just to my fingertips. So, my top half of my body is nice and covered. The cape has a nice weight to it so it does a good job of keeping me warm in the oh so chilly California weather, which is at the low to mid 50's recently and dipping down to the 40's in the evening~ I'm measuring in Fahrenheit, so I believe it would equate to roughly 10 Celsius.

The cape's fit is nice and loose, I like to think it's universally flattering, especially since it has this beautiful flare to it, and moves so wonderfully around the wearer. It's also the first time I find a hood sits nicely on my head+hair~ it has a lot of room for movement in the hood so my hair isn't trapped and made to go flat, which I hate and why I don't wear hoodies..

The seams and ties are well attached and invisible, so the cape is very professionally crafted and for such a delicate look, is quite sturdy and strong.

I'm not to well equipped with satin fabric but I notice it is hard to wrinkle so the cape stays nice and crisp looking when I wear it or when I have it hanging in my closet.

Visually, the cape in STUNNING, it's just like I envisioned it, and exactly like The Cape Maker showcases in her shop. Like, even though I questioned if spending a bit more on a coat would be worth it, California weather and all, I was just so happy with the outcome that I have zero regrets in my decision.
Like, from the easy communication, to the product it's self, it was a joy.
I definitely would recommend capeandcrown13 if you're in the market for a cape for winter wear, or for a costume, even for wedding wear.
I rarely rave about one item, yet alone a piece of clothing enough for me to just post it's own blog post, but I'm just so happy with my purchase, that I had to share!

Also, it looks so nice in photos~ Like, I feel like a princess just putting it on.

Have a few candid shots, since the cape still makes the feel of the photos so magical, haha.

Also, I'm going to try getting back to normal blogging.
I'll probably start getting more personal on my blog again, so probably expect a few blips about my life, rants maybe? Then I'll post some misc selfie sets for the heck of it.
I feel really bad that I'm on? I've been? on hiatus for so long.

Mixed with studying for my exam, weight gain and life in general, I've felt so uninspired, so I'm trying to just get back into the swing of getting back on my laptop.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Second Start to the Right, and Straight on to Disneyland

So, once again, I'm starting with apologies, but I'm still neck deep into my studies. I'm currently studying for an entrance exam to the school I want to go to, so that's my main focus right now. So, I haven't abandoned my blog. Just a short hiatus of sorts while I focus on my schooling.

On to happier and much more fun topics!

Like, every year, Halloween is my favorite holiday and one I throw myself into with a gusto!
This year, my friends and I were too busy, collectively, to focus on a cohesive group costume. So, we all did our own thing. For myself, I chose to do my own version of Wendy Darling, from Peter Pan.

My idea, was very simple~ I really wanted a Wendy inspired outfit in a similar styling as Secret Honey's Disney fashion items. With that in mind, I sketched out a rough idea of how I wanted my costume/coord to look.

From the above sketch, I knew I would need to reach out to alternate sources for items, so I went to etsy to look for small business owners that had or could create what I envisioned.

My dress was created by BbeautyDesigns

I purchased their Wendy Darling dress and requested for a shorter hemline to modernize the look, and to create a cuter silhouette like I envisioned.
They owner was extremely efficient and my dress came out perfect! It was surprisingly comfortable too.

My cape was created by Capeandcrown13
I ordered a custom cape, which is just gorgeous! I'll have a separate blog post on my cape because I ended up wearing it a few times and have some pretty photos I want to share.

My ears were made by CaleighsCrowns
I ordered the perfectly fitting Wendy Darling inspired Mouse Ears Flower Crown 
The ears are extremely sturdy, and withstood 3 coaster rides and a long day of wear and tear. It's full of adorable details which adds to it's charm.

My outfit came together just as I envisioned, which, I absolutely adore!

I topped off my outfit with pearl and star accessories that I bought for cheap off eBay~

Of course no Peter Pan related outfit would be complete without Pixie dust, and seriously, I was slathered in my MAC Reflects Pearl!

Relatively, my outfit was pretty simple and easy and I could have fun with it, which I was definitely glad for.

This was the first year all of us could just go with the flow, ride whatever ride we wanted, and not feel pressured to take a perfect group photo and worry over costume details, wigs or props. So, it was a nice break!

It was also a nice break from studying, and a good excuse to see my girls and forget about life for a few hours!

I don't know if  I'll do any Halloween night look, but I have plenty of past tutorials and looks.
So, if this ends up being the last Halloween post for me this year~
I want to wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!!