Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Summer Molang Nails~

New nail set done at Atlas Studio by Yoko, who is just amazing and is great at detail and is the sweetest woman to exist<3
 Seriously, I'm so impressed with her work it's unbelievable what she can do and with such efficiency!

Thank you so much Atlas Studio for great customer service and all around amazingness!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Geo Mimi Cafe Latte Brown~ Review [sponsored]

Just as I was thinking that I needed some new circle lenses, I got an amazingly sweet email from loveshoppingholics for 2 sponsored pairs of lenses of my choice<3
I've been seeing a lot of people using the Geo Mimi Cafe series and they looked so amazing on other people that I really wanted a pair of my own. It was so hard to pick which one I wanted so I went with the Latte 'flavour' haha~ Happy to say, these lenses are my current obsession! I have been wearing them every day last week and the look amazing with and without makeup on~

So, here's the stats:

Origin: Korea Diameter : 15.0mm
 Water Content : 38%
 Base Curve : 8.6mm Life Span : 1 year disposal
 And here's how they look in different lighting!

So these lenses are very comfy though they do get a bit dry around the 6 hour mark, but I've worn them for close to 11 hours with no issue or discomfort. They look insanely natural but have an amazingly unique latte art design which makes such a nice unexpected pop in my brown eyes. [not to mention latte art is so big right now, why not have that look amplify your eyes!]The enlargement is enough for big dolly eyes and make my eyes look glassy in all the right ways~ I'm always scared of 15mm being too large or overtaking my eyes but these don't which I'm quite happy with.
As for the customer service of loveshoppingholics, they are very friendly and personable and answered all my questions quickly and readily.
The shipping took approximately 15 business days and came very cutely packaged [with cute animal cases!]~

For comfort, I give the lenses a 4/5 [just because of the dryness after a few hours of wear]
Look wise, can I give them a 6/5? because I am...

You can find these lenses [here]

So glad I learned of this site because they have so so so so many brands and types of circle lenses that I'm sure they have a lens for everyone~
Thank you so much loveshoppingholics, you are awesome!


Thursday, May 23, 2013


So, I'm sure everyone has seen my before pictures by this point, if not and you're interested in my weightloss journey you can click [here] for a previous blog entry on it...
 Funnily enough, last summer I found the skirt in the above picture and put it on and this is what it looked like...

But, I actually thought it odd that on my tumblr I will freely talk about my weight struggles but I barely talk about it on my personal blog and this is a very personal and real struggle I have daily..
I do struggle with BDD, Body Dismorphic Disorder, which greatly impacts how I see myself and has my self esteem see sawing very often.. I  really can't see the changes in my own body and truthfully always see myself like in the very top picture. No this does not transfer to other people but just solely on myself and effects my self perception. [which also adds to why I take so many selfies because it's easier to see my changes on my screen than in my mirror but it doesn't associate that that's really me....]

Okay, besides all that I'm okay at my weight right now and at my highest point [weight wise] my current weight was my goal weight~ But as my BDD gets more distorted and my need to be able to see some change in the mirror I want more.
As a stat report let me just do a run through~
Height: 5'3"ish
Weight: [this morning 5/23/13] 158lbs
Pant size: 6/8US

And according to BMI calculators, I'm still in the overweight classification.

So this is kind of the heaviest I've been in a while and it terrifies me. I just keep thinking one more lb and I'll be 200lbs again or that my smaller weight was just a figment of my imagination or that I've deluded myself that I was relatively thinner.. Please note, I can be very vicious to myself sometimes...
But when I snap a picture, it doesn't look as bad as I see myself in the mirror. It's very frustrating and something I wish I knew might happen with weight loss...
But it doesn't negate the fact that I'm healthier...

Continuing on, I want to stop slacking where I am weight wise and get to an average weight this year and maybe be content with my body. [which I can be most of the time but to be 100% happy would be ideal!]

Thus, I snapped my current body as is, and this is my new before shot.
I will bump up my 2 hour work out routine from 3 days a week to 5 days and stop munching on random snack foods over salad and stop with my 2 binge days a week and cut back to one binge day weekly, and we'll see what happens... [plus I started drinking juice again and drinking random empty calories, ie; alcohol..]
So, I need to stop doing those things and really concentrate on my weight loss and health, because in a reality, health is the most important part of it!

So, I should start sharing more of my struggles and wins regarding my weight/health here with you on top of all the fun lifestyle beauty things that you expect!

Anyone who has thought of even losing 5lbs or more or has wanted to get healthier or get a bit more fit, I'm calling you out and stop saying you'll start tomorrow or next week.. Let's start reaching for our goals today!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's day fun~

We went to my god mother's house for a nice lunch and hung out with my god sister, Pepsi, and her cousin, Boho~
I brought along my polarood and we fooled around for a bit and pigged out on macarons<3

 My god sister's other cousin for a family picture^^
Picture with my besties and my puppy<3


Monday, May 13, 2013


 I went to Studio 70 in Rowland Heights and got my hair coloured!
 'Cherry Bomb' hair!
It took 2 session, one to bleach my hair and the second to colour my hair and Head Kandy extensions, which I shall review later... [They have a purple tint and I'll talk about it in a later blog entry]
My experience at Studio 79 and hairstylist Aaron was amazing, and my hair was treated so well and feels so healthy still!
Everyone was very nice and welcoming and so very very friendly!
The salon itself was very minimalistic and clean~ Because of the huge window in the front the place was very bright and airy with natural light.
Also it was very clean in front because the washing stations are located in the back where it's calming and dim and you can really relax while your scalp is massaged!

My cherry bomb hair is so cute and unique!
Thank you so much Aaron and Studio 79!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nom nom nom~ Huntington Beach Food Porn

My friend drove me to Main St. in Huntington today for some new places that opened up there~
 First we went to Bruxie, which is all waffles and yummy rich food<3
 The atmosphere is open aired and really chill~ We went around 2 on a week day before the Huntington Highschool crowd was released and after the lunch rush so it was really peaceful and laid back.

[They have a green eggs and ham waffle sandwich! Sounds so good!]
 Some delicious fresh brewed tea<3
 We sat outside and ordered to go, so we could easily eat and leave if we didn't finish and we didn't!
The food is so filling and scrummy!

 My smoked salmon lox waffle~
 My friend's sausage, egg and cheese waffle~
 Yum, yum yummy!
We then walked across the way to Banzai Bowl, which my friend never tried because it's always packed and super busy and it intimidated her~ But since it was an obscure time before the summertime or weekend rush, it wasn't too hectic, but there was a good line of customers!

 The place feels very much like Hawaii, and has a very hole in the wall shack kind of feel!
 My yummy diamond head~
 Look at all that nummy goodness!
 My friend's very... uhm... interesting bowl....
At least it looked nice???


But ah! Today was lovely!


Trinity Styles~ Cute Spring Day Ootd [Sponsored]

 It's spring! That means warmer weather and cute transition clothing for the increasing temperature~
Thanks to  Trinity Styles I greeted the day in a cute and versitile outfit for the season!
Today I went to the beach and wore this cute sleeveless lace blouse [found here]
I layered it over a thin and unstructured dress for a more free look and it looked really cute!
As the night grew chillier and I headed inland, I donned a lace cardigan and it looked quite nice and dressed up my look a bit more.

The structure of the top is so nice and simple and can go with anything. It's so very well put together and the flower lace is very pretty and makes the top more feminine. I'm also looking forward to using the top during bonfires over my bikini and tucked into some high waisted boyfriend denim shorts!
So many outfit ideas!
Also, using the top tucked into nice black pencil skirt and worn with a more fitted cardigan would be great for interviews or business kind of looks<3
 Along with my top, Trinity Styles also provided me with these AMAZING foux thigh high tights [found here]! Not only will I never have to pull up falling thigh high socks again, they fit snuggly and look so very classy~
The top is a sheer tight and the thigh high part is truly opaque.
 They're very comfy not bunching or rolling and withstood my long talons<3 Which really takes a lot!
I wish I had these during winter, but I will happily be using them throughout the year~
 As a little bonus, Trinity Styles included this cute little double finger mustache ring [found here]~
It's the cutest little accessory and fit my outfit really well! I got a few compliments on it today because it's so quirky! The bands are adjustable and will fit any fingers you decide to put it on.

I highly recommend checking them out!
They have new stock in and some really cute summer dresses and sexy heels in their store right now~

Also, because Trinity is amazing~~
I have a discount code that will get you 5% off and a free gift with your order!
All you have to do is enter the code: 'carisse' and you are good to go<3

Check them out at

or their facebook at

I hope you enjoyed and may your spring be cute and fashionable!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Super quick lash application Run Through....

Sorry, my posting might be a bit compromised by a bit because I've joined the workforce again<3
I did enjoy being a freelancer but having a constant job and paycheck is a bit more fun for me~

But, I did a quick run through of how to apply false lashes, and I hope it can help someone out...

False lashes [Ardell, Wispy lashes]
Lash Glue [I like DUO]
Nail/bamboo stick

Please keep in mind, practice makes perfect.. That most certainly applies to makeup application<3

I will try being as regular with blogging as I possibly can, thank you for your patience and kindness.
I really heart you!